195 First Encounter 2

    "Cleric, don't stop your healing."

    "Mage, use your single target spell."

    The leader of the party commanded the members. He arranged all of his party's members' positions. In the middle of the fighting, the leader saw a man approaching them. He became wary.

    "Hold right there!" He stopped the man. A kill stealer was somewhat common in a game. And, he felt that this man would be one of them.

    Auron, who was stopped by the party's leader, didn't advance any further. He asked, "Can I join your raid?"

    "Sorry, pal, we are full," The leader said to Auron. "Please leave at once."

    "Pay attention to the boss' skills!" The leader turned at his parties and commanded them once more.

    "Wait! Can I join just for the experience point? I don't need the loot!" Auron tried to negotiate with the party's leader.

    The leader's halt his step. He thought for a brief second and asked Auron to wait while he asked his party's members. It took only a few seconds before Auron got his answer. They still didn't let Auron to join the party.

    Auron looked at the boss' situation. The boss's health already went down to 75%. It was so quick. Auron concluded that this party consisted of high leveled players, maybe around level 300. If Auron tried to kill steal this boss, he would not be able to escape from this group's chase.

    With nothing to do, Auron just shrugged his shoulder and left the scene. He began to fight against nearby gremlin. One, two, three gremlins began to die under Auron's sword. However, the experience he gained was like a drop in the ocean.

    When Auron began to fight with his fourth gremlins, he heard a shout, "Careful! The boss has 30% of his health left."

    It was the previous party he met. Just like he thought, they were strong just like Auron had predicted. In no time, the boss almost died. However, Auron did not think much and focused back on his gremlin.

    "What is that thing?" One of them raised an immediate question, followed by a huge roar.



    There was another shout from the party. It was like a desperate shout from the party. Auron knew the previous roar was not the roar from the gremlin's boss. And because from the follow-up shout, Auron knew there was something weird going on.

    He quickly killed the gremlin he was facing. Then, he went to look at the party's situation. When Auron arrived at the location, what Auron saw was chaos.

    From the original eight members, two of them already dead while the other six were on their critical condition. Meanwhile, the gremlin's boss, who had less than 30% of his health left, was getting ignored by the party.

    All of the party only looked at one direction scared. Auron moved over his sight to where the others looked on. Auron found a creature stood still. No, it was not an ordinary creature; instead, it had a humanoid shaped and held with two feet like a human.

    However, besides, it stood like a human, the creature has two long ears and a short bunny tail. Suddenly, It pounced at the other party's member. The attack from that creature immediately eradicated another three members of the party.

    The creature was so weird and fast. Auron knew danger was coming soon. When eight players who leveled more than 300 died so quickly, then what he means nothing at the face of the creature.

    Auron didn't care to know more; he turned back and quickly fled the scene. The creature attack once more and killed the rest of the party's members. After it killed all of the party's members instantly, it roared as if it was laughing happily.

    Then, it looked at the gremlin's boss, who had little health left. Being looked on, the gremlin's boss shivered in fear. However, the gremlin's boss didn't dare to attack or run away. Instead, the gremlin's boss only waited in tremble as if it had already left his life to the creature.

    The creature looked at the trembled gremlin's boss, and then it left the trembling monster disdainfully. The creature looked at his front. It turned out; the creature had sharp eyesight; he found Auron, who was running away.

    The creature yelled once more and began to chase at Auron's direction. The speed of the creature was so quick. It quickly shortens the distance between Auron and the creature. However, since Auron had moved first, there was still quite far distance between them.

    Auron looked back and saw the creature chasing him at a quick speed. He began to feel nervous. Aura of death began to seep into Auron. He began to use all of his movement's speed skills.

    Auron's speed boosted. The creature who saw Auron suddenly increased his speed, yelled once more. However, it didn't raise his pace as if it gave a free advantage for Auron. The creature kept on chasing Auron with its current speed.

    The distance began slowly widen once more. However, Auron knew it would not be for too long. When his buff ended, he would lose his speed. A few minutes in the chasing, Auron saw a sight of a small town up in front of him.

    Auron quickly went into the town. He passed the town's gate and immediately shouted, "Enemies attack!!!"

    With Auron's shout, a commotion began to spread out from the town's gate up to inside of the town. The town's guard quickly closed the gate and sounded the emergency's bell.

    The bell began to yell. With that bell, the town's people began to come inside their home. Meanwhile, the player looked at the opportunity. An attack means a chance to earn more. They began to flood the town's gate.

    Auron, who had already come inside the town, still running non stop at the direction of the town's head's place. When he arrived at the town's head's home, Auron saw several people outside the building looking at the situation.
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