197 Defend the Town 1

    It's been over a month since Auron and Julia last met. Both of them looked at each other. They knew that each of them grew stronger since the last time they met. Both of them could understand it from the equipment they wore.

    It was a rare coincidence that the two of them could meet here. What surprise Julia more was the fact that she met with Auron in front of the town's head's place. There was chaos in the town right now, which means one place that knew the answer should be the town's head's place. And, he met Auron at that place. Julia deduced that all of this had something to do with Auron.

    Before Auron could answer Julia's question, a noisy sound began to sound in the direction of the town's gate. The players threw many spells and ranged attacks outside of the town. Then, the town's shield began to be activated and slowly circled the town.

    Not long after, there was a huge, loud sound produced as a result of the demonic monster attacked the shield. The attack was so strong that it took one-hundredth of the town's shield's durability immediately. Another 99 attacks with the same weight would make the protection crumbled down.

    Julia, who was waiting for Auron to answer, immediately shifted her focus to the town's gate. She didn't wait for Auron's answer and began to set out in the direction of the town's entrance. Auron, who was left alone, also didn't want to stay idle.

    He also followed Julia from behind. However, as their level differences and equipment were significant, Auron's speed could not keep up with Julia, who had already used her movement speed. Auron could not help but continue going in the direction of the town's gate at his own pace.

    During his journey to the town's gate, Auron could see the townsfolk was walking in a line following an elderly who led them towards the town's back's gate. They walked in an orderly manner. It was like they had already trained when there was a situation like this. However, a hint of nervousness and fear on each of their faces could not escape from Auron's eyes. He also could see some kids were crying because they didn't want to leave their home, or they didn't want to let go of their toys.

    Auron pitied them. However, he could not let that feeling clouded him. Instead, he wished that they could move faster so they will have more than to escape safely, and all of this could over as soon as possible.

    Auron arrived at the town's gate. And, he could see a massive amount of players and guards at the entrance, and all of them looked in one direction. They followed the movement of a single creature outside the town's shield.

    They were not just standing there and doing nothing. All of the players kept on throwing their spells and range attacks toward that creature, which was the demonic monster. Meanwhile, the demonic monster agilely dodge all of the incoming attack with minimal effort.

    The demonic monster could successfully dodged some of the attacks, but not all of it. However, even if the attack landed on the demonic monster, the damage it produced was in a hundred. With the highest out of them, it was around a thousand. When the demonic monster had way more health, the hundred and thousand were nothing to it.

    It was like a mosquito bite to the monster. With all of its might, the demonic monster began to charge once again to the shield. Just like before, they could hear a huge, loud sound in the area. This sound was already the tenth time since Auron heard it for the first time.

    However, all of the players kept on using their attack. Some of them attacked while cursing at the demonic monster. Meanwhile, some of them also cursed but not to the demonic monster. Instead, they were cursing at the Black Sheep for giving them such an overpowered monster.

    When the demonic monster was about to launch the eleventh attack, a spell hit him. A huge five thousands floated above the monster's head. The monster who got hit also staggered a bit and failed to launch its attack.

    That huge number also made the players who were throwing their attack searched the owner of the attack. Finally, they found the one who was responsible for that damage, and it was Julia. As this was a town, most of the players here low leveled and leveled around 300 up to 400.

    Their damage to the demonic monster only reduced the demonic monster's health for around a hundred up to five hundred. One of the women who followed Julia before had her attack ranged from four hundred up to more than seven hundred, and it already garnered a lot of attention since the one who attacks was a cleric.

    And now, there was someone who produced a huge five thousand to the demonic monster. All of the players were surprised as well as became more motivated in exterminating the monster. With a wand in its hand, Julia chanted another spell and launched it toward the demonic monster.

    That spell landed on the demonic monster once again, a four thousand damage almost five thousand produced by that spell. It was not a fluke. With that spell, the players began intensively launched their attack.

    Meanwhile, the monster who had its advanced halt by that massive attack roared. It moved back several meters away. A few seconds later, the demonic monster began its attack on the shield once more.

    However, this time, the monster charged carefully. It began by dodging several attacks. The demonic monster moved agilely and avoided all of the attack entirely. It slowly moved closer to the shield while none of the attacks hit it.

    It jumped to its right side to dodge the incoming arrow. And, moved once more to its left to avoid the incoming spells. When it was close enough with the shield, the demonic monster sprinted towards the shield.

    However, when it was about to begin its acceleration, a spell hit its body. And, the owner of the spell was none other than Julia.
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