198 Defend the Town 2

    When the monster got hit by Julia once again, all of the players and the guards cheered off. They were happy. If this situation continued, then they could complete the quest, maybe even killing the demonic monster.

    As it was a newly introduced monster, they were waiting to knows what it would drop. There might be a considerable chance that a legendary graded equipment would drop from this rare monster. A greed though surfaced at their mind, which boosted their attack intensity even though the attack was not connected.

    Meanwhile, the demonic monster who got hit by Julia for the third time began to look serious. It moved back once again outside of the attack range. It stood with its two feet and pointed in the direction of the gate and kept on roaring. It was as if it was furious and was reprimanding its attacker.

    The yelling continued for several seconds, almost a minute. It even stomping its feet to the ground. Then, it pointed in the direction of the players and made a gesture with thumb down. After that, the demonic monster unleashed its power.

    The power showed immediately made the low-level players and guards shuddered under the power's might, including Auron, who was only level 203 at the moment. Julia knitted her brows and became serious as well. She knew the monster underwent a massive change at the moment.

    The demonic monster smiled widely and moved. When it started to move, the speed was so fast that the players and guards had a difficult time to monitor its movement. As time goes, the speed became faster until it disappeared.

    Julia, who was the highest level among the player here, also had a difficult time to follow the demonic monster's

    Meanwhile, the low-level players and guards who could see nothing but a blur began to panic. They throw out their attack aimlessly and just wished that it could hit the demonic monster by luck. The town's shield was getting attack once more.

    However, this time, the damage to the shield was lower than before by halves. If before one attack could take one-hundredth of the shield's health, then this time, each attack only took one-two hundredth of the shield's health.

    Unfortunately, although the damage was lower than before, the intensity of the attack increased. Two attacks hit the shield in the span of the time it took for an attack to land previously. In the end, the damage it produced was the same as before the change.

    The town's shield began to drop quickly. The players became panic once more. Auron and the other players who had melee attacks could only wait in silence until the shield destroyed. Well, Auron could use his mage's spell thanks to the "cheat" he had. However, if he did that, then his secret would no longer be a secret.

    Auron could only wait while the mage and other ranged players like archer desperately attack the demonic monster.

    "Use your debuff spell!" Julia shouted and chanted [Sloth].

    With Julia's shout, the mages began to launch their debuff spell, [Weakness], [Pain Amplify], and a lot more. Unfortunately, the demonic monster had negated most of the debuff spell since it has a lot of magic resistance.

    However, some debuff spell still managed to successfully affect the demonic monster, including Julia's [Sloth]. The demonic monster's speed noticeably became slower. With the slowed speed, they began to harras the demonic monster once more.

    The demonic monster had a more difficult time to dodge the incoming attack. It had to spend more effort to avoid the attack. With that, the attack intensity on the shield lessens. However, this didn't last long. When the debuff's effect ended, the demonic monster regains its speed once more.

    The players had to debuff it once more before continuing to attack it once more. This debuff and attack period lasted for several minutes. However, they could not stop the demonic monster from destroying the town's shield.

    Fifty minutes after the townsfolk began evacuated, the town's shield destroyed. The townsfolk had already left the town from the town's back gate. However, they still needed to arrive safely at the nearest town and report their town's condition to the authority before the player's quest could judge as complete.

    During the time the demonic monster was destroying the town's shield up until it destroyed the shield, the players and the guards could only reduce 15% of the demonic monster's health. Moreover, it was with a painstaking effort.

    With the town's shield destroyed, there was no more wall between the demonic monster and the players and guards. The melee players who could do nothing before went up to the front and attack the monster.

    The differences in strength could noticeably seen between the demonic monster and the players in this town. With one swing from the demonic monster, several players had their health went down by halves. Meanwhile, the lower leveled player or the one who had worse equipment had their life hanging by a thread. Some players even immediately died because of the demonic monster's attack.

    Fortunately, unlike when the demonic monster faces the eight men party before, this time, it had to face around 1500 players plus some NPC guards. Moreover, the players had already seen the demonic monster's power, and they didn't underestimate the monster's might anymore.

    With several hundred clerics among the players, the injured player began to get healed and restored their health to full. They could safely continue their attack towards the demonic monster.

    The demonic monster also tried to target the weaker players at the back first. However, the player up in the front had already blocked his way, which made the demonic monster had a difficult time to reach the players at the back.

    Julia also maintained her distance at the back. Moreover, with more than five hundred players up in the front act as her shield, she could safely chanted her spell and attacked the demonic monster from the back.
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