200 Hide and Seek 1

    Auron was hiding at one of the corners in the town. He hid behind a high building. It was 30 minutes away until the quest complete. From the first time, the demonic monster came inside the town up until now. The demonic monster didn't even look from him.

    What Auron didn't know was that the demonic monster was picky. He could sense whether the enemy had a high level or not. Although it was not always correct, but it could help him to determine whether the enemy was worth fighting or not.

    That was why, although the demonic monster knew where Auron's was, but he didn't get to Auron's place since he felt that Auron was too weak. The demonic monster thought a weak enemy means little experience for him. Moreover, there were still many other choices in the town.

    The demonic monster didn't know why the players kept hiding in the town after he killed them and not running away. But, he didn't care about the reason since it was a heaven for him. It was a freeway for him to get stronger. He would not refuse free food coming to him anyways.

    The monster felt that this place was like heaven. With his ability to sense the enemy's presence and might, he could find the enemy quickly. That was why several players kept on getting killed wherever they hid.

    For the players, it was frustrating enough that they didn't want to play this game of hide and seek anymore. Some of them even already lose ten levels. Some players believed the rewards for this quest would be unimaginable great, which made them refuse to quit this quest even though they already died more than eight times.

    The equipment they wore had already long gone. When the players picked up a piece of equipment and died, all of their picked items in 5 minutes would drop plus the additional piece of equipment as the death penalty. If they didn't wear any equipment, then any random equipment from their inventory would be selected as the death penalty.

    So, it would be useless to unequip their equipment and save it in the inventory since the system would select a piece of equipment from their inventory. One way that could make them avoided to drop equipment was to have no equipment at all, whether in their inventory or their equipped equipment.

    These situations made some of the low leveled players who were ignored by the demonic monster, tried to take advantage of the situation. Since the demonic monster ignoring them, they could pick the scattered equipment then hid for more than 5 minutes. Which made the equipment belong to them.

    If they died after 5 minutes, they would only drop a single piece of equipment. If they could gain ten pieces of equipment and hid for 5 minutes, then they would earn nine pieces of equipment even when they died. It was still a surplus. Moreover, some of the equipment they would gain will be more valuable than their current equipment.

    Auron also had the same thought. However, he still didn't know the reason why the demonic monster ignored him. What if when he moved to pick the equipment, the demonic monster would no longer ignore him and attack him. That was why Auron waited for the others to test the theory first.

    Currently, there were still more than 500 players in the town. There must be more than ten players that greedy enough to have the same thought as Auron. Soon, Auron's theory proved to be correct. Several low-level players began to move and collect the scattered equipment.

    One equipment, two equipment, however, when they were about to collect the third equipment, the demonic monster no longer ignored them. It began to chase the players and killed them. With their low level, the demonic monster spent almost no effort to kill them.

    Sadly, instead of gaining equipment, they lose a level and a piece of equipment. Auron and some others who had the same thought of Auron relieved. They felt relieved that they were careful enough and wait for others to test their theory.

    Meanwhile, some of the players didn't want to give up quickly. They reduced the amount of their picked equipment. They only picked one piece of equipment and went hiding. After 5 minutes passed, they would move once again and took another piece of equipment.

    At first, this tactic worked perfectly. However, when the players went out once again, the demonic monster killed them. They thought that since they had already gained two or three pieces and lost one. It was still a surplus.

    They waited until the situation calmed a bit and began this tactic once more. Unfortunately, it was like gambling. There were times that the demonic monster killed them the first time they set out. There were also times that the demonic monster ignore them after they picked two pieces of equipment.

    Some suffered a loss while the other gained a profit through this so-called \"gambling\" game. Some of the players chose to quit after getting some gains and hid themselves. However, some of them didn't want to stop even after they suffered some loss.

    When this situation was playing out, the high leveled players who could escape from the demonic monster began to employ the same tactic. They also took some equipment, and since they could escape from the demonic monster's clutch, they gained something.

    Unfortunately, it was more difficult for them since they had a high level, the demonic monster could not ignore a tremendous amount of experience point coming from their hiding place, the demonic monster chased them even when they wanted to take their first piece of equipment.

    Some players create a party to support each other. Soon enough, the scattered equipment became reduced and reduced until there was nothing left. The number of players who still wanted to continue the quest also kept on going down as time goes by. From the original 1500 players, it went down to 800 players, and now there were less than 500 players still stayed in the town.
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