202 Hide and Seek 3

    The demonic monster who saw Julia and her two fellow guildmates immediately became infuriated. He had failed several times to kill these three women over and over again. However, he also knew that it was only a matter of time.

    As he killed several players in the area, slowly but surely, he felt stronger. If this continues smoothly, soon he could kill these three annoying women. After killing several players, the demonic monster gained another level.

    After gaining several levels, the demonic monster also became more intelligent. The demonic monster began to know the reason why these players didn't run away after getting killed over and over again. They were buying time for the townsfolk to run away.

    However, the demonic monster also knew that it was already too late for chasing the townsfolk. Moreover, it had already been that long the demonic monster fought in this town. The enemies surely would call a reinforcement. That thought immediately surfaced in the demonic monster's mind.

    His time was limited. That was also the reason why the demonic monster began to kill the low leveled player who he ignored all this time. He needed to run away before the enemies' reinforcement came.

    As the demonic monster became intelligent, he became afraid of the unknown. He didn't know about the reinforcement's strength and also their number. This unknown information made him afraid to stay for long in this town.

    The demonic monster had already decided to kill several more players before going out of the town and looked for another prey. However, fate played out well. When he was chasing a low leveled player, he met with his irritating enemies, the three women.

    The three women were coming out to pick another equipment since the demonic monster had made several casualties. They knew soon all of this would be over. However, they didn't know if there were another chance to gain this much wealth. That was why they began to pick the scattered equipment. Unfortunately, along the way, they met with the demonic monster.

    With his current level and strength, the demonic monster believed that he could defeat these three women and the chances came on their own. Grudge filled the demonic monster's mind. He already forgot his previous prey, Auron.

    \"You. Will. Die. here.\" The demonic monster declared robotically.

    Immediately, the demonic monster attacks the three women. The three women who had been being targeted by the demonic monster also didn't stay idle. They even knew that this battle would not be an easy battle since every time they met, the demonic monster had become stronger. However, they could only blame to their greedy nature.

    The three women began to take their position. One of the women who was a swordswoman came to the front and received the demonic monster attack. Meanwhile, Julia, a mage and the other woman, a cleric, moved to the back and supported the swordswoman.

    The demonic monster had faced them several times before, and every time he met the three women, these were the position that they took. The demonic monster knew that the swordswoman's job at the front was only to hinder him so he could not get to the mage and cleric.

    He already tried several ways to get passed the swordswoman. However, it was a futile effort. The swordswoman was tough to get passed by. It was like the woman had been trained only to be a blocker up in the front. The demonic monster also already tried to change to the speed mode and tried to pass the swordswoman. However, the three of them were like one mind.

    When the demonic monster changed into the speed mode, the three women also turned their formation. They stick close together and protect the cleric. With the cleric protected, as long as they didn't die in one attack, which was also the case, the cleric would be able to heal them back to full.

    As the demonic monster changed into the speed mode, his damage became halved, and it was difficult to kill them in one shot. Moreover, there was Julia, who was a mage that could chant several spells that could debuff him or made an obstacle like [Earth Wall].

    With their teamwork, the demonic monster had a difficult time to kill them. That was why, during the past encounter, the demonic monster could not kill even one of the three women. However, things were different now. His strength had risen; he believed he could kill them right now.

    The swordswoman blocked the demonic monster's attack. However, the power was not a joke. The swordswoman got pushed back by the sheer power. A few moments after that, a white-yellowish light covered the swordswoman and brought the swordswoman's health full once again. The swordswoman gritted teeth and prepared to receive the next attack.

    Meanwhile, Julia already chanted her spell [Fire Lance]. It was the upgraded version of [Fire Bolt]. However, the demonic monster dodged the incoming [Fire Lance] and attacked the swordswoman once more. The swordswoman was pushed once more by the attack power.

    Meanwhile, a yellow barrier covered the swordswoman as a result of the cleric's spell, [Holy Shield]. It used to reduce the incoming damage by 10% and act as a safety measure. Julia chanted another spell.

    The swordswoman used [Bash]. The [Bash] skill caught the demonic monster off guard and successfully hit the demonic monster, and fortunately, it produced a little over 700 damage and stunned the demonic monster.

    Usually, the stun effect from the [Bash] would stun the monster for 3 seconds. However, the demonic monster only got stunned for less than one second. However, that mini stun was enough for Julia's spell to connect with the demonic monster.

    A damage little bit over four thousand floated above the demonic monster's head. It also made the demonic monster staggered a bit before quickly regaining his posture back. The demonic monster got enraged by this combination attack.

    The demonic monster attacked the swordswoman once more and pushed her back. This time, the demonic monster didn't stay idle after the attack and followed the attack with several other attacks.
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