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    The demonic monster punched the swordswoman while the woman blocked the punch with her sword. However, the sheer power from the punch made her pushed back and almost fell backward. She tried to keep her balance.

    However, another attack was already coming to her. This time, the demonic monster swept its claw from her left to her right, which she had blocked in time. Although she managed to prevent the attack, her body swayed to her right due to the power.

    Another claw was coming from her right. She tried her best to raise the sword in her hand. Clang. The sword managed to block the incoming claw. The power from the claw was the same as before. She swayed back to her left due to this claw.

    The upgraded power from the demonic monster made the women's team shocked. They knew that the monster would be stronger than before, but they did not expect it will be this strong. The swordswoman in the front was swaying left and right as she was a toy for the demonic monster.

    Fortunately, she had the cleric in her team who kept on healing her. If not, she would have been already long dead. The swordswoman struggled her best to keep up with the demonic monster's attack. Her task here was to delay the demonic monster.

    Soon, the quest would finish. The swordswoman needed to make sure her teammate well protected and immediately leave when the quest completed. Her body was pushed left and right. Meanwhile, the demonic monster kept on attacking the swordswoman and didn't change his target.

    From his experience before, the swordswoman was so annoying. The swordswoman kept on blocking his way to attack the mage and the cleric at the back, and he could not get rid of her. That was why, this time, when he was stronger, he tried to attack the swordswoman once more.

    And, just like what he had thought, his power could overwhelm the swordswoman. The swordswoman's body had proved it. The swordswoman was swaying like a fragile leaf blown by the wind. It was only thanks to the cleric that the swordswoman still could keep her life. The demonic monster didn't want to let go of this condition. That was why he kept on attacking the swordswoman.

    The swordswoman was not the only one who was struggling. Her teammate, the cleric, also had her time difficult. Due to the demonic monster's increased power, she could not heal relaxedly. There were many types of healing spells that a cleric had.

    First, the instant heal types, the spell would immediately healed the target when used. Second, the kind that needed to be chanted first for a few seconds before the user could use the skill on the target. Third, a spell that after being used on the target, it would not immediately heal the target, but gave the target a healing buff which would heal the target's health over some time. And, lastly, was the area heal which would heal a particular area.

    Before this fight, the cleric only needed to use only the first three types of heal spells. And, she could even make one or two mistakes, and the swordswoman still would be doing fine. However, right now, she could not do that. One slight mistake, and the swordswoman would be going to a critical condition.

    The cleric also had to choose the right timing on using the spell. If she had chosen the wrong spell, the swordswoman would be in danger. Fortunately, there was Julia, who also assisted her. However, she still had to be careful. Moreover, right now, she even had to use the area to heal a single swordswoman. But, she had no choice, or else the swordswoman would be dead.

    Julia, who was behind the swordswoman, also assisted them. She used her debuff spell multiple times. However, it was futile, the demonic monster's aggro kept on locked at the swordswoman. She thought that if the demonic monster had changed his aggro to her just for a bit, it would give the swordswoman and the cleric a little bit of spare time to regain their position back.

    However, the reality was different from what she had thought. The demonic monster kept on attacking the swordswoman as if Julia and the cleric was invisible. Julia had been trying to use her most powerful spell or harassed the demonic monster with annoying debuff, but all of it was useless.

    Well, it was not entirely useless, since the demonic monster's health was reduced slowly like really slow. From this fight, Julia and her two teammates had reduced the demonic monster's health for 1%. If they could continue to fight with this condition steadily, the three of them could kill the demonic monster.

    Julia chanted her most potent spell once again since it was off cooldown. Boom. The attack produced a critical hit. The demonic monster who got hit by the critical attack staggered a little. He looked at Julia and furiously angry, "YOU!!!!"

    Finally, the demonic monster changed his target to Julia for a bit. Her teammates didn't miss this opportunity, the swordswoman who limped over almost falling used her sword to prevent that. Meanwhile, the cleric's burden also lessens a little. She had one or two seconds for her heal's cooldown.

    The demonic monster changed his target and attack Julia. However, just like before, the swordswoman blocked his path. The demonic monster kicked the swordswoman before continuing his advanced to Julia. However, the swordswoman was pushed back by the kick. Then, she quickly moved over to block the demonic monster once again.

    With the swordswoman kept on hindering his progress, Julia had enough time to move over and went behind the swordswoman for protection. She also kept on using her spells, whether it was a debuff spell or attack spells.

    Suddenly, a notification sounded off to all of the players inside the town, including the three women.

    [The Quest 'Protect the Townsfolk' has completed. You can claim your rewards at the town's head by showing your participation token]
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