206 Bleamen 2

    Bleamen aggressively attacked the swordswoman at the front. He was furious and wanted to kill at least one of the three women. He even ignored almost every enemies' attacks. Even Julia's strike, which had caused the most significant damage, had been ignored by him.

    Because of that action, Bleamen's health reduced more swiftly. However, he still had a lot of health left. There was still 75% of his health remaining. The swordswoman who received Bleamen's attack firsthand became more troubled.

    "I almost used all of my mana potions!" The cleric suddenly announced.

    The three women just had finished their quest to help the town to upgrade the town's teleportation gate. After they went back to the town and reported it to the town's head, the town's chief threw them a party. After that, they went to take a rest; they decided to restock tomorrow when they were about to leave the town.

    What they didn't know was that several hours later, there was this incident. Bleamen attacked the town. The town's head even evacuate all of the townsfolk. As a result, the cleric, as well as Julia, hadn't had an opportunity to restock her potion's supplies.

    Fortunately, Julia still had a reserve stock that she could share. She was about to give the cleric the mana potion when Auron moved closer to the cleric. He kept on the item he took before and took out several mana potions.

    The mana potions had a lower quality compared to the potion that the cleric usually used. However, since the amount of potions Auron gave was huge, it was not a problem for her. It just that she had to take the potions more often.

    Julia, who had a tense expression, began to lessen a bit. She had tremendous stress because of the fight with Bleamen. The burden was not small. Moreover, she had almost died before. As a high-level player, losing a level was disastrous but not as devastating as losing a high-level piece of equipment.

    Fortunately, her loot when they played 'hide and seek' with Bleamen could cover the loss. However, it still gave a heartache when you lose a piece of equipment. Moreover, if that piece of equipment was rare enough to find, it was like having a lot of money but could not buy what you want because no one sold that item.

    Auron's action gave a sense of reassurance. It was Julia who felt that she got a new teammate. Although Auron could not fight in a battle due to his low level, at least, he still had the initiative to help. Julia began to focus back on Bleamen.

    In a minute, several spells already landed on Bleamen. However, it could not make him flinched or afraid. Instead, it made him more aggressive. Bleamen's health reduced to 74%. From 26% of Bleamen's health that he had loss, Julia contribute almost 8% from it. The rest of the damage spread to nearly 1500 players who fought with Bleamen before.

    That 8% had guaranteed Julia as the one who gave the most damage to Bleamen. Sadly, it was not an event that worthy of being celebrated since Bleamen still far away from his death. With her mana potion's stock refilled, the cleric had more confidence in using her healing spell.

    A sudden improved mood made the battle's situation seems better. However, suddenly, the swordswoman made a slip in blocking Bleamen's attack. She had failed to prevent Bleamen's attack. As a result, she was pushed and almost fell to the ground.

    Bleamen didn't let this chance went away. He followed up his attack on the swordswoman. He focused his might on this one strike and launched it at the swordswoman. Since the swordswoman was off her balance, she had a difficult time to block the attack.

    Another failure occurred. However, this time, the crash was more severe. Since Bleamen used most of his might in the previous attack, the sheer power it generated was not a child's play. That attack swept made the swordswoman flew away to her left for several meters, almost 5 meters away.

    Since the swordswoman flew away, their defense opened wide. There was nothing more blocking Bleamen path to Julia or the cleric. A sudden panic enveloped the three women. Bleamen used this opportunity to attack the cleric since she was closer to him.

    The swordswoman who has flown away also didn't just lay on the ground, she immediately got up and tried to block the attack. However, the distance was far away, and the swordswoman could not cover such distance in a short time.

    The cleric also tried to run away and made some distance. However, Bleamen's reaction was fast. When he managed to blow away the swordswoman, he immediately when to the cleric. Almost in no time, he had already arrived in front of the cleric and threw an attack.

    The cleric's reaction was a little bit late. The attack from Bleamen was coming, and it was a 100% guaranteed chance that the cleric could not dodge.

    However, when the attack almost landed on the cleric, Bleamen's movement stopped for a bit before continuing again. The stopped was not long; it was only for half a second. However, it happened not just one, but three times.

    Because of the sudden mini stop from Bleamen, the cleric managed to dodge the attack and quickly made a distance from Bleamen. Meanwhile, the swordswoman already back at the business and ready to fight with him once more.

    Escape from the near-death situation, the cleric sweat profusely. However, she still didn't forget her duty and healed the swordswoman. Bleamen furiously roared since he missed another big opportunity. He looked at his right and saw Auron, who was holding an item in his hand.

    It turned out that the mini stop was a result of Auron's action. Auron used an item, and it made such a mini stun effect. There were several white talismans in his hand. He saved the cleric using that item and made the grim battle situation turned brighter.
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