207 Bleamen 3

    [Sticky Talisman] (Uncommon Item)

    Type: Consumable Item

    Class: All Class

    Effect: Stop targetted movement for 15 seconds. It can be used on other players, NPC, and monster. It cannot be used on a boss monster. If the target is considered stronger than this item, the effect will be reduced, even repelled. The effect cannot be stacked and renewed every time the item was used on the same target. If used on a player who was on the same side, then it will be considered as an attack and brand the user as a player's attacker. The user's level needs to be below 250.

    The talisman in Auron's hand was a [Sticky Talisman]. It was a consumable item and sold in the NPC's shop. However, this item's price was not low. Each talisman cost 50 silvers.

    In the beginning, there was no level requirement to use this item. Every player who had the money could buy a massive amount of this item. It was supposed to be a helping tool for the players to hunt. However, as time passed, the item was abused.

    When a rich player didn't like someone, he or she would buy this item and hire a group of thugs to kill that player. With a bunch of these items in the rich player's possession, the targetted player could not escape.

    From that point, this item's function became deviated from its original purpose. That was why the game's developer decided to rework this item. They raised the item's price, and also they gave a level limitation to use this item.

    For uncommon grade, the level limitation would be level 250. Only the user below the level requirement could use this item. The higher-grade would have different levels of restriction. For rare grade, only user below level 300 could use this item and so on. Unfortunately, only the common and uncommon grade that were sold in the NPC's shop. For a higher-grade talisman, players needed to get it from the monster's loot with a low chance.

    Also, as prevention, if the user of this item targetted another player on the same side, it will be considered as an attack. It would mean the user would be brand as a player's attacker. The brand would have a different effect, depending on how severe the brand was.

    If it was only a light one, the player would be questioned when they met with a guard. They would also have a slight disadvantage when they argue with an NPC or someone with a higher reputation. The more severe the brand, the penalty would be harsher. They could even become a fugitive and had a bounty on their head. With such bounty on their heads, they could not get inside towns or cities.

    Fortunately, for Auron, this item could be used on the demonic monster. In the beginning, he didn't know whether this item could work on the demonic monster or not since there was no explanation about it. That was why, before, he was ready to use it to try it first. Unfortunately, the cleric had an urgent need for mana potions.

    He decided to delay the experiment and gave the mana potions first. After that, he tried to use one talisman first, and it worked. Bleamen had a slight stopped. However, since it was so short, Bleamen didn't realize it until now. Fortunately, Auron had paid his full attention to Bleamen when he used this item so he could find the slight stop in Bleamen.

    With that in mind, Auron's mind became more ease. Before, he was afraid that he could do nothing to help the three women, but now, he had a chance to help them. He didn't care if he went broke because of this. He still believed by doing this, he would get more benefit.

    Auron was not talking about the quest's rewards since he had already known the quest's prizes and the value of it. What Auron means was he would gain Julia's trust. He didn't know why, but since the first time he saw Julia, Auron had been absorbed by Julia's image.

    However, since their meeting was a brief before, Julia's image slowly gone from Auron's mind. But now, he had met her again. Because of that, the sudden buried image of Julia slowly resurfaced once again.

    However, Auron didn't think it too deeply. He felt this way was because Julia was a beauty. He had already met some beauty before, and he also had the same feeling as he had felt right now. But, to gain trust from such beauty was not bad. Moreover, she was one of the upper management of top a farming guild. Maybe, if he needed money, he could look for her to borrow some.

    Bleamen, who was disturbed by Auron's talisman, became furious at him. Bleamen changed his target. He was targetting Auron.

    Auron, who realized that he was the target, now became panic. However, he tried to calm himself. He took a bunch of talisman and used it on Bleamen.

    Bleamen, who was dashing to Auron, suffered a mini stun, which hindered his advanced to Auron. Because of that, the swordswoman had spare time to go and block the attack. With the swordswoman back in action, the battle was back to square one.

    Auron went back and maintained his distance to Bleamen while holding the talisman, ready to use it when necessary. Auron was prepared to go broke to buy this item. Unfortunately, he didn't have unlimited money, so he could only use the item frugally and tried to use it at the appropriate time.

    With Auron's help, Julia had less burden, she could even peek at the quest they had received before. After reading the quest for a brief, Julia began to change her fighting style. Previously, she would attack and tried to attract Bleamen's attention. However, right now, Julia only used her debuff spell and just helped the swordswoman to stall the time. She knew there would be a reinforcement coming for them.
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