209 Bleamen 5

    Bleamen, who successfully arrived at the town's gate safely, looked back at his chaser. They were still chasing him. However, Bleamen didn't give them the chance to surround him, and he immediately escaped from the town in the direction of a nearby forest.

    Bleamen was at the forest's vicinity when he looked back at the town. There was a legion of soldiers marching to it from the kingdom's direction. Luckily, he escaped at the right time, or else, the soldiers would surround him, and it would be too late for him to escape.

    After a minute, Bleamen thought back on his experience. It was not too good but also not too bad. He learned a lot from his experience in this short journey. Then, he went inside the forest and looked for a remote cave inside the forest.

    Finally, he found an empty dark cave placed remote away from the forest's entrance. There was one most important thing that he learned from this short adventure. It was difficult to fight alone. He went inside the cave. A few minutes later, a demonic aura surged out from inside the cave before gone in just a few seconds later.

    Right now, inside the cave, Bleamen felt weak after the sudden released of the aura. However, there was not only Bleamen inside the cave, but there was another humanoid figure beside him knelt. The humanoid figure had almost the same appearance as Bleamen, a long ear, and a short bunny tail. He was missing several details that Bleamen had. He was also weaker than the previous Bleamen in a considerable margin.

    Meanwhile, inside the town, there were only eight players left, including Auron, Julia, and Julia's teammate. All of them only felt regret and disappointed since they failed to complete their quest. A little bit more, and they would complete the quest. However, what could they do, everything had over.

    All of them gathered at the town's gate, where Bleamen used to escape. Auron looked into the aftermath. It was such a heartfelt sight. Many buildings destroyed, some buildings also needed to be repaired. There were only a few building that left intact. The teleportation portal, which was in the middle of upgrading, also could not avoid the destruction. The fight destroyed it into pieces.

    A few minutes later, the players heard a marching sound. All of them looked outside the town and found a legion of soldiers marching to their way. It was the Third Prince's troops. With the Third Prince at the front leading the soldiers, they arrived quickly at the town's entrance, where they met with the players.

    "Where is the demonic monster?" The Third Prince asked.

    Julia answered dejectedly, "Escape!" She pointed out the forest.

    The Third Prince also heaved a massive sight. He was too late. However, he didn't give up and commanded a group of soldiers to search the area. The Third Prince talked for a while with the players, before going out to the forest.

    With their business here done, the players had nothing to do. So, they dispersed and went in their direction. Auron also wanted to leave the town to claim his prize for the first quest.

    Auron was about to leave when he saw Julia, and her teammate also wanted to leave. He decided to went over and said goodbye, "So, where are you going now?"

    "We don't know yet. Maybe, we will come back to our guild first before claiming the quest prize. I am so tired," The swordswoman answered.

    "Okay. I will go to claim my rewards first. See you," Auron said his goodbye and leave.

    Before he could leave, Julia stopped him and said, "Thank you" The swordswoman and the cleric followed Julia's action by showing their gratitude.

    Auron felt awkward since he didn't do much; he could only say, "No problem."

    Then, he leaves the town while Julia and her teammate went in the other direction. Auron had to go to the nearby cities to claim his quest rewards. However, since the town's teleportation portal destroyed, he could not help but to walk to the neighboring city.

    Fortunately, he had a skill that increased his movement speeds. He kept on using the skills as soon as the skill's cooldown went off. In an hour, he arrived in the city. He didn't want to waste his time anymore, so he immediately went to the town's head and claimed his rewards.

    The quest's reward was not that good considering what they had to experience. It was only a level and five golds for each of the players. The players who lose more than one level felt regret. If they knew that the quest's reward would be this little, then they would not sacrifice their life. However, what could they do, they could only accept it and went on.

    Auron didn't mind with the rewards since he didn't do much. Moreover, he didn't suffer any death. He only suffered a gold loss, since he had been using a bunch of [Sticky Talisman] that costs over five golds.

    However, Auron also gained some. He gained experience in fighting a demonic monster. Although it was not a pleasant experience, but it was a valuable lesson. Moreover, soon, his mage character will go to a military operation that related to the demonic monster.

    Auron learned some lessons from this quest since he knew that [Sticky Talisman had some effect on the demonic monster, he decided to use the five golds rewards to buy a bunch of [Sticky Talisman]. Although he still didn't know whether he will meet with a demonic monster or not, he bought it for countermeasure.

    Auron knew the talisman could not guarantee 100% worked if he met with another demonic monster, but he still bought it. After all, he better prepare well if they didn't want to regret later on. With all of his business was over, Auron looked at the time. There were still some hours left before the appointed time, so he decided to go to a place.
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