211 Blacksmith Insignia 2

    Auron took several materials from the table and also the correct blueprint. It only took him 5 minutes to complete all of the material selection process. He brought the things he needed to the working table and started to work on the sword.

    The examiner who saw Auron quick advanced began to scribble something on the assessment form. It was not a surprise when someone had a fast progress like Auron. When a player decided to change their side class, they had to delete their current side class' progress. However, in the future, they could retake the removed side class once again. Of course, they had to do it by following the same procedure from the beginning, retaking the entrance examination.

    When a player deleted their side class, they only lose their side class and that side class-related skill. However, their experience and their ability was their own. So, if said player decided to retake the side class once more, they could use their expertise before to pass the entrance examination.

    Auron was the same. Since he had his previous experience as an intermediate blacksmith, this entrance examination was like a child's play for him. Meanwhile, the examiner had not only began to exam this one test, but he also had a long experience to oversee the entrance exam. So, he didn't surprise at all with Auron's quick progress. He just took note of Auron and put it in his assessment.

    Auron brought the materials to the working table and put all of it on top of the table. Then, he began to heat the furnace and waited for it to be hot before starting the blacksmithing process.

    The blacksmithing process was not complicated as one could imagine. Since this was a game, and also this was for a side class, Black Sheep decided to make things easy for this part. So when it came to side class, the way they produced things was just like playing a game. After they played the game, the result item would depend on their gained score. It was like a mini-game inside the game, and this not only applied to blacksmith side class but to all other side classes as well.

    For blacksmithing, it was similar to a combination of clicker game on a smartphone and whack-a-mole game. However, instead of clicking, the blacksmith needed to hammer the materials. In the beginning, the blacksmith would bring out their chosen materials and the blueprint. Then, the game would magically transform their materials and blueprint into an iron mold.

    This iron mold was what they needed to hammer. Then, the mini-game would begin. Just like an ordinary monster, the iron mold would have its health bar. The mini-game would last for different time depending on their provided blueprint. As Auron provided a common blueprint, this mini-game would last for a maximum of 1 hour. With a higher grade blueprint, the mini-game would also last longer.

    The iron mold's health bar would depend on the materials provided. Each material would have three different things that affect the iron mold's status, which was health, attributes given, and damage's taken. The health would affect how big the iron mold's health. As for attributes given would provide the result item an additional attribute. Meanwhile, the damage's taken would affect the damage the iron mold would take each time the blacksmith hammer hit them.

    These three things were essential to guarantee the blacksmith's success and their resulted item. That was why the materials selection was crucial. Fortunately, to discern the material's attribute, the player would get [Blacksmith's eyes] skill. Of course, they needed to increase the skill level to see a higher grade material's attributes.

    However, the skill only given when they had blacksmith as their side class. Before having blacksmith as their side class, they had to depend on their luck, intuition, and observation ability to discern the attribute of the material.

    Actually, each material would have a different distinction between each other, even if both of them had the same grade or were the same item. However, to see the differences was challenging. Without careful observation or past experience, they would have difficulty to see which material better. Fortunately, Auron had his previous experience as a blacksmith.

    Although he could not know the exact number that each material give. Still, he could depend on his intuition and observation to know that from a bunch of material, which one was better than the others. Of course, he could be wrong, but he believed that it was enough for him to pass this entrance examination.

    The material's attribute was vital because it could make the blacksmithing processed easier or harder. For example, the five given material's attribute as below:

    [Material 1]

    Health: 100

    Attribute given: strength +1

    Damage taken: 1

    [Material 2]

    Health: 120

    Attribute given: inteligence+1

    Damage taken: 1

    [Material 3]

    Health: 150

    Attribute given: -

    Damage taken: 1

    [Material 4]

    Health: 300

    Attribute given: vitality + 1

    Damage taken: 3

    [Material 5]

    Health: 1000

    Attribute given: strength +3

    Damage taken: 3

    These five items would transform into an iron mold that had the combined attributes from all of the materials. The iron mold would have 1670 health and took 9 damage every time it was struck by a hammer. Meanwhile, the resulted product from this iron mold would have 4 additional strength, 1 additional vitality, and 1 additional intelligence. With these attributes, the blacksmith needed to hammer the iron mold for 186 times.

    For a common blueprint, a player needed only to provide five materials with a minimum of common grade for each material. Meanwhile, for higher grade blueprints, the players needed to provide materials in different amounts and grades.

    For an uncommon blueprint, a player needed to provide six materials with a minimum of uncommon grade. A rare blueprint would need seven materials with a minimum of rare grade. Meanwhile, an epic blueprint would need eight materials with a minimum of epic grade and so on up until the mythic grade.
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