214 Blacksmith Insignia 5

    [Sword of Life's Blacksmith Insignia] (non-grade item)

    Type: License

    Level: Beginner Blacksmith (0/1000)

    Crafting Point: 0

    Class: All Class

    Description: A proof that Sword of Life deserves to be a blacksmith. Show this badge for a 10% discount for all items in Blacksmith's guild's store and its branches.

    Bound to Sword of Life

    After becoming a blacksmith, there were two important things to note which were Blacksmith's crafting point and Blacksmith's experience point. The blacksmith insignia recorded these two things, and anyone could see it in the description.

    The blacksmith could use the blacksmith's crafting point to buy material or blueprint in the blacksmith guild's store. So, instead of gold currency, the blacksmith guild's store only accepted crafting points.

    For the blacksmith's experience point, it was a must if they wanted to upgrade their level. There was an experience bar that they needed to fill. When the blacksmith already filled the experience bar, they could apply for an advancement examination.

    When a blacksmith successfully craft an item, the system would reward them with crafting points and experience points. The point they earned would depend on the item's grade they managed to make.

    A common grade item would reward the blacksmith with one experience point and one crafting point. An uncommon grade item would give them two experience points and two crafting points. For a rare grade item, it would provide the blacksmith three experience points and three crafting points and so on.

    When the blacksmiths already filled all the experience point he needed, they would not get any experience point. However, they would still get the crafting points. To gain the experience point again, they needed to empty the experience point. And, there was only one way to empty the experience point, which was to advance to the next level.

    When they advance to the next level, they could gain experience once more. And also, the advanced blacksmith would get more benefits such as they could buy more items in the blacksmith guild's store. They also got a -10% of the iron mold's health buff. A higher level also was one of the requirements to upgrade the [Blacksmith's eyes] skill.

    Unfortunately, they could not always craft a common grade item to gain the points. When they advance to the next level, the experience point and the crafting point they won will decrease by one.

    So, when a blacksmith advanced to the intermediate blacksmith level, they would gain nothing from crafting a common grade equipment. They needed to craft a minimum of uncommon grade items successfully.

    The blacksmith could still craft the common grade equipment; it just that they would not get any experience and crafting point from it. However, they still got the equipment they craft and could sell it for money. The system implemented this rule to ensure that the blacksmith would strive to surpass their limits.

    Auron took out an item from his inventory and tried out the [Blacksmith's eyes] skill. He could only use the [Blacksmith's eyes] skill on a miscellaneous type item. When he looked out the item without using the ability, there was only a description of the item. However, when he used the skill on the item, he could see additional information in it. There was additional info about the three attributes that the item provide.

    However, right now, Auron could only inspect a common grade item using the skill. He needed to upgrade the skill first before he could see the additional info on the higher grade item. And, to enhance the skill, Auron required to buy the skill book for it.

    Fortunately, he could buy the skill book in the blacksmith's guild's store using the crafting points. Moreover, the blacksmith's guild's store sold the skill book up to mythic grade level. Of course, it was not cheap. To upgrade the skill, Auron needed to follow the rule when he improved ordinary skill.

    So, from level one to ten, he would need a common grade skill book with the correct number. Then, from level 11 to 20, he would need uncommon skill books, and so on.

    Auron kept his insignia inside his inventory. He already finished what he needed to do with the blacksmith guild. However, there was still one thing left to do. The main reason he took another chance to get the side class was to see how his 'cheat' could help him.

    Auron controlled his swordsman character and went to his mage character's place. When he had arrived, he moved to his mage character and commanded the swordsman to start crafting the equipment. When he managed to pass the entrance exam, the guild gave him ten common grade blueprints as rewards and first ration.

    The swordsman started to craft the item. Meanwhile, Auron, who was in his mage character, observed his swordsman's doing. The swordsman continued to craft equipment.

    One by one, the swordsman successfully created the equipment. After ten tries, Auron concluded several things. The AI actually could success in all of the attempts. It was because the crafting process was simple. Moreover, it was only a common grade blueprint.

    Unfortunately, Auron dissatisfied with the AI's performance in the material selection phase. The AI could not pick the best material and randomly chose the material. It made the making process was not stable. Some were fast, but some near the time limit.

    Auron didn't know whether this was a prevention of his exploitation intended by the system. Or, it was just because his level was low, which made the AI's intelligence low. However, he was satisfied with the overall performance, so he went out and bought several common blueprints for the AI to craft again. A common grade blueprint was cheap because its goal was to attract more blacksmith. One crafting points could buy three common grade blueprints.

    After buying all the stuff, Auron finished all of his swordsman preparation. Now, he checked his mage's preparation for the operation. When Auron was satisfied with all of the preparation, he went out to the meeting point and left his swordsman with the crafting.
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