215 Demonic Stick 1

    Auron arrived at the meeting point, and there was still no one came yet. He looked at the time. There were still 30 minutes before the scheduled time. Since there was nothing to do, Auron decided to wait.

    During his wait, Auron began tried to remember the battle before. As this operation was about the demonic stick, he believed there was a high chance that a demonic monster would involve in this operation. He sat down and began to close both of his eyes.

    Auron tried to remember how Julia's and her teammate fight Bleamen. He also tried to replicate how Julia's way of handling her spells. The time kept on ticking. One by one, the members from his squad and other squads came.

    Auron was in a meditative state when a sudden shout woke him up, "Good morning, leader!!"

    It was none other than Yonta. He was very bright and cheerful like he didn't have a burden in his life. Auron, who was waking from his meditative state, could not help but reply to the greetings, "Good morning."

    After replying to Yonta's greeting, Auron looked at his surroundings. And, it turned out, all of his team members already came. When the members arrived, they also wanted to greet Auron. However, when they saw Auron was closing his eyes, they thought that Auron was sleeping.

    They didn't want to disturb Auron's sleeping and waited until the scheduled time before waking him up. However, Yonta, who was the last to come, was insensitive enough to no thinking like what the others were thinking.

    When Yonta arrived and saw Auron, he immediately walked towards Auron cheerfully and greeted him in a high spirit. Since Auron had woke up, the others began to salute him one by one. All of them except one person, Lisk.

    The silent thief acted like he used to operate. He just stood there and looking at the crowds who surrounds Auron. When Auron finished replying to the others' greetings, he found out that Lisk was not one of them.

    Auron looked out to find where Lisk was. Then, he found Lisk not far from there looking at him. Lisk, who saw Auron was looking at him, nodded his head. Auron, who was about to come to Lisk, saw Lisk's nodded. So, he stopped his track and replied, Lisk's nodded with another nodded.

    He knew there were many types of people in this world. Some people were outgoing like Yonta. But, there was also the opposite type, like Lisk. Auron didn't take it to his heart. He began to do his duty as the leader.

    He checked his squad members' belonging one by one and distributed the ransom that the military had already provide. He checked the member's belonging to confiscated the prohibited item for a military operation, such as [Return Scroll].

    Auron checked the member's belonging thoroughly. Fortunately, he found nothing prohibited, so he didn't have to do anything. Then, he told his members to group together and distributed the military's ransom one by one.

    When he finished all of that, Lieutenant Kajo, alongside the colonels, arrived at the scene. Without any command from the Lieutenant, all of the colonels spread out and found a place. The others knew what this means as they began to walk to their assigned colonel.

    Auron and the other squad's leader began to walk to Colonel Scud and began reporting. When Colonel Scud found nothing amiss, it was his turned to check the leader's belonging. The colonel also found nothing wrong, and he finished his checking session and reported back to the Lieutenant.

    One by one, the colonel began to report back to the Lieutenant about their respective teams. When all of the colonels finished their reports, Lieutenant Kajo started to talk. He briefed all of them briefly.

    When Lieutenant Kajo had done with all of the briefing, he commanded all of the troops, "Okay, let us set out to destroy the demonic stick! Go!"

    With that command, all of the teams began to walk in an orderly manner. They walked without destroying the formation. Their speed was not fast but also not slow. Their destination was the village where Auron fought the Fourth Prince.

    All of them teleport using the teleportation gate. As the troops' destination's village had no teleportation gate, they could not teleport directly to the village. That was why Lieutenant Kajo chose the nearest town to their destination village.

    From that town, Lieutenant Kajo, alongside his troops, began to walk to the village on foot. This entire journey took them about 5 hours. Fortunately, during their trip, there was no attack from the Regalia's spy or the nearby monster.

    After around 5 hours of walk, they arrived in the vicinity of the demonic sticks. There were still quite some distances between their place and the village. The location of the demonic sticks was not inside the village but outside the village. It was because when Chaotic Death used the demonic stick, he was in his way chasing the Fourth Prince.

    The troops could feel the demonic aura kept on coming from the sticks. The demonic aura caused the area several meters from the stick void of life. The demonic aura caused the plant to wither and the soil to dry. It also kept nearby monsters from coming near the demonic sticks.

    However, Auron felt that the demonic aura which was coming out from the sticks somewhat weaker than the demonic aura coming from Bleamen. He knew that the demonic aura would not stay this thin all the time. With enough time, the demonic aura would grow stronger. And, when the aura was strong enough, it would summon a new demonic monster.

    Lieutenant Kajo began to observe the area. Beside him were the ten colonels. There was nothing wrong with the field except the demonic aura. There were no enemies spotted, no monster spotted, and there was only one demonic stick. However, he didn't know how dangerous was this little single demonic stick was.
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