216 Demonic Stick 2

    There was no movement from the enemy's spies as well as the demonic stick. However, the armies didn't dare to move without Lieutenant Kajo's command.

    Meanwhile, Lieutenant Kajo kept on observing the demonic stick and found nothing weird about it, except the demonic aura. He didn't know what would the demonic aura do to them. However, Lieutenant Kajo could not keep on staying like this forever. He needed to make a move. After all, they could not destroy the stick by just looking at it.

    "Secure the perimeter!" Lieutenant Kajo began his command.

    Several colonels followed the command and led their group circled the area, outside the demonic aura range. They secure the north, west, east, and south location from the demonic stick.

    "Attack team, prepare to move. Advance slowly!" Lieutenant Kajo began the attack.

    Six colonels began to lead their group and slowly advanced while maintaining their alerts. And, Auron belonged to this group. They slowly moved that it took them three minutes to arrive at the demonic aura border.

    They didn't know what the demonic aura would do to them. However, they braved themselves and moved on. When Auron got in contact with the demonic aura, a notification appeared.

    [You are under the effect of demonic's aura]

    [Your resistance is insufficient, failed to resist.]

    [All of your attributes decreased by 30%]

    Auron began to feel weak due to the demonic aura. His attributes dropped by 30% from their original state. It was better than what had they imagined. At first, the armies thought that the demonic aura would damage them over time, like a poisoned status. However, compared to a poisoned state, this was better.

    What they didn't know was the demonic aura still thin, so their attributes only dropped by 30%. If the demonic aura was denser, they could lose up to 90% of their attributes.

    When they got in contact with the demonic aura, there was still no sign of movement from the demonic stick. Colonel Scud, who was up at the front, looked back and saw Lieutenant Kajo. He signed Lieutenant Kajo and waited for his confirmation.

    Lieutenant Kajo nodded and gave his acceptance. Then, Colonel Scud eyeing the other and communicate using their eyes. The other colonels nodded their heads and began to spread.

    There was still no movement from the demonic stick. If not because of the demonic aura coming out from it, then they would think that it was just an ordinary weird stick. The advanced armies maintained their alerts.

    They moved closer and closer to the demonic stick. As the armies were closer to the demonic stick, they raised their vigilance towards the rod. However, to their contrary, the demonic stick didn't do anything to them and just kept on releasing the demonic aura.

    All of them were confused, but they still did their job correctly and kept on advancing. It took the armies ten minutes to arrive at the demonic stick location. During that time, the demonic stick didn't launch any attack at them.

    Colonel Scud, who took the lead, raised his hand and told the armies to stop. He looked back at Lieutenant Kajo, who replied to him with a nodded. Colonel Scud was eyeing to the squad's leader next to Auron.

    The squad's leader nodded and took his team and moved to the demonic stick. They whispered to each other and took formation. The healer at the back and the others prepared to attack. Before the squad attack, the squad's leader looked once more to Colonel Scud.

    Colonel Scud looked at the other colonels as well as other squad's leader in his group and told them to prepare their support when there was something wrong. All of the other teams had begun to prepare themselves, including Auron's.

    Auron arranged his squad the same, just like the other squads. The healer and ranged damage dealer were at the back while the melee damage dealer at the front. When all of the squads had already finished their preparation, Colonel Scud looked back at the assigned squad to begin his attack.

    The squad's leader began to count down and wanted to launch their attack at the same time. All of the other soldiers' eyes were looked at them, including the soldiers who were stationed at the perimeter.

    When the assigned squad's leader finished counting down, they immediately launched their attack at the same time. Several attacks were poured down at the demonic stick. The focused enough that it made as if the attack moved very slowly.

    Boom. Boom. Several damage floated above the demonic sticks. Then, a health bar showed above the demonic stick. The health bar was not full. Instead, it only had 99% of its bar filled.

    After the attack stopped, they looked at the demonic stick. Still, there was no sign of movement or retaliation from the demonic stick. Because of that, the armies began another series of attacks at the demonic stick.

    The six colonels began to attack the sticks. The attack kept on coming and at the demonic stick. But, the health bar went down slowly. However, since there was no counter-attack from the demonic stick, they kept on attacking. Several seconds passed by, there was no sign of anything weird with the demonic stick.

    With the combined attack of the six colonels and their group, the demonic sticks had 98% of its health. And, there was still no changed to the demonic sticks.

    Another minute passed by, they began to feel changes. However, it was not a bad thing that happened. Instead, it was better. The surrounding demonic aura began to go thinner and thinner, which made their attribute oppression became weaker.

    With the armies regained some of their attributes back, their attack became stronger than before. These changes lifted their spirit, they began to pour out their all-out attacks. The demonic stick's health began to reduced quicker.

    However, their fun had to come to an end. When the demonic aura had thinned enough, the demonic stick began to make a move and used a shield that surrounds it.
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