217 Demonic Stick 3

    A dark reddish protective shield began to envelop the demonic stick. The guard was so red as if it was made of blood. Below the demonic stick's health bar, there was another green bar showed up. It was the bar shield bar.

    The armies had to empty this green bar first before they could start reducing the health bar once again. Fortunately, the demonic aura had thinned enough. Although it was not gone, but the demonic aura only reduced 10% of their attributes.

    "Keep on attacking!" Colonel Scud commanded the army.

    The demonic stick's shield didn't really surprise the colonel. There were a lot of monsters out there that had the same ability to produce a shield. Although the demonic stick used a shield, it still didn't launch any other attack at the army.

    The army began to launch their attack at the shield. As time passed by, the protection reduced at high speed. However, because the shield's health was a lot, and it also reduced incoming damage by 10%,  the shield still stood up looking strong.

    Lieutenant Kajo, who oversaw the condition on the battlefield, began to move. As he didn't see any movement or danger from the stick and the surrounding, he moved quickly. He joined the attacking team to attack the shield together. With Lieutenant Kajo's strength, the shield dropped faster.

    Five minutes after the shield was up, the shield's bar only had 10% of its health left. Sure enough, after several seconds, the demonic stick's shield crumbled, and its health began to reduce. With Lieutenant Kajo's help, the demonic stick's health began to decrease quickly.

    Right now, the demonic monster has 90% of its health left, and it is still going down. After another five minutes passed, the demonic monster had 85% of its health. But before it could go down another percent, the demonic stick used up its shield ability once more.

    Lieutenant Kajo, who saw this immediately, shouted, "Keep on going, we will destroy this shield once more!"

    The shield bar began to deplete instead of the health bar. However, before this situation could go long enough, the ground started to shake. Although the shake was not strong, but all of the people in the area could feel it.

    Lieutenant Kajo began to frown. Sure enough, everything would not always go as they wanted. He commanded, "Enemies incoming! Perimeter team, prepare to receive them!"

    "The others kept on attacking this damn stick." Lieutenant Kajo shouted while brandishing his ax towards the sticks.

    The perimeter team who was idling before began to move out and prepared to receive the incoming attack. The ground-shaking became stronger than before, which mean the enemy was close.

    "Kept on going!" Colonel Scud and the other colonels commanded their own teams.

    The demonic stick's shield crumbled once more. Its health began to reduce. Just several seconds after the shield crumbled, a shocking situation occurred to them.

    Ordinary monster began coming from all of the directions and stomped their way towards the demonic sticks. The armies who were between the incoming monster and the stick could not help and put up their weapon and started to defend themselves.

    Not all of the incoming monster was strong. The monsters had a variate level among them. And, they also had different grade among them. But, one thing for sure was that all of the incoming monster was from the surrounding area.

    What they didn't know was that this wave of monsters was the result of the demonic stick's ability. It had already used its two skills as soon as it got attacked. The first skill was the shield that everyone had seen. The shield reduced the incoming damage by 10% and also had 100 times of its max health.

    However, it was not the strong point about this shield ability. What made this shield skill different from the other was the cooldown time. The shield lasted for 10 minutes, and it also had 10 minutes cooldown.

    In other words, the demonic stick could use the shield as soon as the time was up. If the attacking team could not destroy the protection under 10 minutes, then the demonic stick was unbeatable. Furthermore, there was its second skill.

    When the demonic monster got attacked, outside the shield, it also unleashed a scent. For humans, they could not distinguish the smell from the other scents. However, for monsters, the scent was like some kind of aphrodisiacs to them.

    When they smelled the scent, it would drive them unrest. And made the monsters, who inhaled it, went nuts. The smell made them wanted to find the source and pounced on it. Fortunately, the smell could not go as far as 10 kilometers from the sticks.

    Although the demonic stick could not attack, but with these two abilities, it could protect its life. Its purpose was to prolong its life using the shield and drive the enemies away using the monsters. And, that was what happened here.

    Although the monster's strength was not an issue for the armies, their quantity made it looked terrible. The perimeter team began to fight with their full power. They could slay the monster quick enough. However, the monster kept on coming like an endless wave.

    The quantity overwhelms them. Lieutenant Kajo began to instruct two colonels who were attacking the demonic sticks to help the perimeter teams. With reduced manpower, the demonic stick's health decreased slowly.

    The demonic stick's health stuck at 83% before it used its shield once again. The shield reduced slowly, and by calculation, the shield would not go down in 10 minutes. Sure enough, after 10 minutes, the demonic stick's shield renewed and went back to full. They failed to reduce the demonic stick's health this time.

    Meanwhile, the perimeter teams also had difficulty facing the endless wave of monsters. Some of the monsters even managed to pass them and disturbed the attacking team. The situation turned worse. Lieutenant Kajo was thinking hard to solve this situation, or else this situation would go endless. It would also tire them out.
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