218 Demonic Stick 4

    "Ignore the stick! All troops attack the incoming monster!" Lieutenant Kajo decided to ignore the stick.

    The armies lacked firepower. They could not even pass the shield protection. So, it would be a waste of time to try to destroy the demonic stick.

    The soldiers changed their target to the incoming monster. With these new helps, the armies managed to secure order. They slew a lot of monsters and kept them from trespassing them.

    Time ticking by, no monster could get through them. There were several bunches of loots scattered around the area. Each second passed by, several blue light would emerge from the monster's carcasses. Then, it would split into several smaller blue light and go to several different individuals.

    Unfortunately, the experience point Auron gained was not that much. Some strong monsters gave a tremendous amount of experience to the armies. However, most of the monsters was a weak monster.

    Moreover, the experience point Auron gained would be split among his squads. Not to mention, if there was another squad involve in killing the monsters. The experience point from that monster would be divided into the two teams and spread to each of its members.

    However, just like the proverb, a penny saved is a penny earned. Slowly but surely, the amount of experience Auron gained enough for him to achieve a level.

    Lieutenant Kajo led the troops to slay the incoming monsters. Lieutenant Kajo and the colonels performed amazingly. The amount of monsters killed by them was slightly less than the number of monsters killed by the other soldiers combined.

    If there was a rank on the number of monster kill, then Lieutenant Kajo would top the chart. Each time he swung his ax, several monsters had a critical condition, even death. And, that was just from the result of several basic attacks. When he used his skill, the area damage he produced would wipe out all of the monsters in the area.

    All of the colonels also had their own contribution to the battle, especially Colonel Scud. Although his kill count was the least among the other colonels, the monsters he killed was a lot better than others in terms of quality.

    Colonel Scud would select his target carefully and killed them. Many of his victims were the strong monster or the boss grade monster.

    The number of casualties on the monster side kept on rising. At the same time, the number of casualties in the armies was only a single digit. As time ticks by, the massacre continues. The kill count on the monster kept on rising until, at some point, the number of monsters seems reduced.

    Before, when they killed a monster, then another monster would pop out and filled the spot. However, right now, after they killed a monster, it took several seconds before another monster filled the place.

    This thing showed that the number of the monster could not keep up with the massacre. In other words, the spawn rate of the monster could not keep up with the killings.

    "Keep going! The monster's number becomes scarce," Lieutenant Kajo shouted.

    And, just like what Lieutenant Kajo had said, after several minutes, the monster's number had gone back to normal. There were still monsters that kept on coming at them, but the number was few. It looked like as soon as the game spawn them, they immediately went to the stick.

    "Leave the monster to the perimeter team! The other team came back to hit the stick once more!" Lieutenant Kajo gave another command.

    Since the number of monsters had become few, Lieutenant Kajo felt that the perimeter team could handle them. So, he reverted his strategy to the previous one and started attacking the demonic stick once more.

    Lieutenant Kajo went back to the stick. When he arrived at the stick and saw it, he immediately whispered, "Just as I thought!"

    Lieutenant Kajo saw the shield was in full health. However, that was not the thing that made him whispered previously. Instead, it was because of the demonic stick's health.

    When Lieutenant Kajo commanded his soldiers to ignore the stick, he saw that the demonic stick only had 83% of his health left. However, right now, the demonic stick had 98% of its health.

    Sure enough, it was because of the regeneration capability of the demonic stick. It was not a surprise since Lieutenant Kajo had already deduced it from the combination of skills it had. However, facing it in reality still made him annoyed.

    "Quick! Attack it immediately!" Lieutenant Kajo commanded quickly.

    With that one command, the attack teams started to unleash their attack once more. The demonic stick's shield started to shake once more because of the attack. When the demonic stick's shied destroyed, they maximized their damage and tried to reduce the health as quickly as possible.

    However, there was no significant difference compared with their previous speed. Each time the shield crumbled, they could reduce 5 - 8% of the demonic stick's health before it renewed the protection.

    One different thing was the fact that there was no outsider monster interfere with their progress. With no interference, they could safely attack the demonic stick. However, they still maintained their vigilance.

    From time to time, Lieutenant Kajo kept on reminding them to keep their alert. He didn't want to be caught off guard when they were attacking the demonic stick. With a timely reminder, the armies watched on the lookout while reducing the demonic stick's health.

    Five seconds... Thirty seconds... One minute... Five minutes. The time kept on going as they kept on attacking the stick. The shield didn't even could keep them from attacking.

    Soon, the demonic stick had 30% of its health left. It kept on got beaten without retaliating. The demonic stick kept on renewing its shield before being destroyed. And, its aphrodisiacs scent could only attract a few monsters. It could only wait for its death.

    In a forest near the battle, a pair of eyes looked at the fight that was going on.
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