220 Monchi 1

    Lieutenant Kajo saw the creature. A horn on its head with fur covered all over its body and face. The creature was so weird that it was the first time Lieutenant Kajo saw a creature like this. He frowned.

    This creature's appearance was so similar to a human. What made it different from ordinary humans were it had a long tail and furs covered all over its body. There was also a horned between its round ear. This creature was so unique that Lieutenant Kajo assumed this was the said demonic monster.

    However, he didn't immediately chase the monster. Instead, he shouted a command, "Keep attacking! A little bit more!"

    Lieutenant Kajo didn't forget his first goal to destroy the demonic stick. So, instead of attacking the demonic monster, Lieutenant Kajo ordered his troops to demolish the stick first.

    Meanwhile, the demonic monster, who was surrounded by the soldiers, looked grim. He thought that it would be easy for him to pick off some of the humans here while they were busy fending off the other monster.

    It turned out what the demonic monster had thought, proved to be wrong. The demonic monster was trapped. From far away, it saw the demonic stick was also on its deathbed. When the demonic stick died, it would be its turn, if it could not escape.

    The demonic stick's aphrodisiac's scent didn't have any effect on the demonic monster. If ordinary monsters breathed it in, then they would lose their minds and go crazy. However, the demonic monster still kept its sanity, which was why the demonic monster tried to escape.

    The demonic monster tried to escape the encirclement before the demonic stick died. However, it was not easy to run away. The soldiers kept their full attention to him. When he tried to escape from the left side, there would be soldiers who blocked him.

    He tried several ways to escape. However, all of his effort was futile. With no other way to run away, the demonic monster used his trump card. A sudden flux of demonic aura emerged from its body. The soldiers who surrounded him became nervous.

    Meanwhile, Auron, who was at the demonic stick, launched [Flame Lance] spell on the demonic stick. Severals other spells and attacks also launched at the demonic stick by other soldiers. With that wave of attack, the demonic stick started to crack.

    A crack appeared on its ball pointed eye-like head, and that crack went further to the bottom of the stick. Then, the demonic stick split into two and fell. Finally, the demonic stick met died.

    Auron looked over, and there was no loot appearing. On the ground, there was only a stick that had been split into two, which slowly fade away.

    As soon as the demonic stick died out, the surrounding demonic aura slowly fade away. The oppressed feeling also fades away with the disappearance of the demonic aura.

    The ordinary monster who went crazy because of the aphrodisiacs also regained their sanity back. Unfortunately for some of them, they regained their sanity when they were closed to the soldiers. As soon as they regained their sanity again, the soldiers already launched their attack on them and killed them.

    Meanwhile, the fortunate one, fleed as soon as they regained their sanity back. The armies had achieved their goals. However, it was not over yet. Since Lieutenant Kajo spotted the demonic monster, he directly looked at the demonic monster as soon as the demonic stick died.

    Then, he pointed and shouted another command, "Everyone! Don't let that demonic monster escape!"

    The other soldiers looked in the direction where Lieutenant Kajo pointed at. Since they were so focused on their task, only a few of them managed to notice the strange creature's presence.

    When the oblivious soldiers saw that creature, they had the same shock expression as the other soldiers. However, their shock didn't last long. Lieutenant Kajo and the colonels had already gone over to the demonic monster's place. The soldiers put away their shock feeling and chase the lieutenant.

    All of the soldiers immediately went to the demonic monster. Since the west, south, and east perimeter team had finished killing the monsters at their place, they also quickly followed the Lieutenant to the demonic monster's location. Around 600 soldiers went to the demonic monster's location.

    Auron saw the demonic monster as well. He found out that the demonic monster this time was different from Bleamen. This demonic monster was more human compared to Bleamen. Moreover, its height was taller than Bleamen.

    "A new demonic monster has appeared." Auron thought.

    Based on the forums, there were 13 types of demonic monsters, and Auron had seen two of them in two days. "This demonic monster should have different skills and power compared to Bleamen, right?" Auron could not help but had this thought.

    As soon as Lieutenant Kajo went over to the demonic monster, a quest notification appeared for Auron.

    [You are forced to accept 'Wanted: Monchi, Dead or Alive!' quest]

    Just like what happened when he faced Bleamen, Auron was forced to accept a quest.

    [Wanted: Monchi, Dead or Alive!]

    Description: Lieutenant Kajo spotted Monchi. Since he already finish his goal coming here, he would not let this opportunity go away. Help Lieutenant Kajo to kill or capture Monchi.

    Note: since you are in the military, you have to follow your superior's order no matter what. If your superiors feel you were neglecting their order or let Monchi escape on purpose, you will face a penalty.

    Quest Clear Conditions: Monchi is captured or killed.

    Quest Clear Rewards: Level + 1. If you manage to land the last hit or the one who captures Monchi, you will get bonuses, level + 3, reputation within military rise, and military contribution point + 5000.

    Quest Failure Punishment: None. But if your superior feel you do not follow their order or let Monchi getaway, you will receive punishment based on your actions. The punishment ranged from reduced in affinity with your superior up to expelled from the military.
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