221 Monchi 2

    After reading the quest description, Auron learned that Monchi was the name of the demonic monster. The quest required Auron to help Lieutenant Kajo to capture or kill Monchi. However, Auron knew that this would not be an easy quest.

    The quest's rewards were pretty good. Auron would get 1 level directly as soon as the quest was completed. Moreover, there were also bonuses when he was the one who captured or landed the last hit on Monchi.

    Auron would get an additional three levels. So, in total, Auron would get four levels if he managed to claim the bonuses. He also would get reputation and military contribution points.

    Furthermore, the situation was different from when he was doing the Bleamen's quest. Right now, he was not facing Monchi alone. There were around 600 soldiers that were fighting Monchi with him. And, they could not defy their superior's order, or they would get punished. Moreover, as all of them were from the military, their equipment was decent.

    When Auron was facing Bleamen, there were many players in the area. However, each of them had their agenda, which made their cooperation worse. Their equipment and level were also worse than the soldiers here.

    With all of them following the lieutenant's order, this time, Auron's teammate was more reliable than when he faced Bleamen. Auron led his team and followed the step of Lieutenant Kajo.

    Demonic aura was spreading in the area. However, this demonic aura not from the demonic stick since it had already died. Instead, the demonic aura was from Monchi, who was using his trump card.

    This demonic aura was also different from the demonic aura released from the demonic stick. The demonic aura from the demonic stick had some kind of suppressed aura that reduced the surroundings soldiers' attributes.

    However, this demonic aura had a different kind of aura that induced fear to the surroundings. This aura made the surroundings soldiers flinched. But, in a few seconds afterward, they managed to regain their composure.

    The soldiers began started to attack. As soon as they attack, the demonic aura shrouded Monchi and hid him inside it. A second later, the demonic aura dispersed. And, three shadows spread out from the dispersing demonic aura.

    The shadow's speed was faster than Monchi, which made the soldiers at the front caught off guard by the three shadows. Fortunately, the soldiers at the back could see the shadow and tried to block it. Three groups each went to the shadow and stopped it.

    When they figured out what the shadow was, they were stunned. Each of the shadow had Monchi's appearance. The same exact Monchi's appearance. One thing popped out at the soldier's mind, illusion.

    Some monsters could use illusion skills. But, usually, the illusions produced by the ability had weaker attributes than the original. However, this copy of Monchi had a faster speed than the original.

    Each of the shadows halted by the groups of soldiers. However, it quickly found another way to escape. The shadows' destination was the forest nearby. The stunned soldiers tried to block the shadows' way once more.

    However, it was too late. With the enhanced speed of the shadows, the soldiers who were one step late could not block the shadow. All of the Monchi's managed to escape to the forest.

    Lieutenant Kajo saw the situation and immediately ordered, "Chase it! Don't let it escape!"

    The soldiers turned their direction in the direction of the forest. The north perimeter team, who was the closest team to Monchi, was the first team to arrive at the forest. They entered the forest.

    Not long after, the other soldiers also arrived at the forest. It was challenging to search for a single creature inside this big forest. It was like finding a needle in a haystack. That was why Lieutenant Kajo ordered to divide into smaller groups and spread out.

    Each squad spread out and went to their own. Auron led his group's members to the northwest from the place they came in. Auron and his group went inside the forest carefully. When they were deep enough, a sudden scream was heard.

    The scream was coming from the east of Auron's group. Then, Auron quickly led his group in the direction of the scream. They rushed to the source of the scream.

    However, before they could arrive at the scream's source, another cry was heard. This time, it was from the left direction of the group. Auron and his group changed their path once again.

    Then, another scream was heard at the south from his group. Auron was confused about how could the demonic monster moved so fast.

    Auron and his group went to the south part. Another scream sounded from their east. However, this time, Auron didn't change his direction. He led his group and continued went to the south.

    Not long after, he finally met with another group who was also nervous. A tired expression could be seen on their faces. Auron asked them what was going on. Finally, he found the answer.

    One member from the group that Auron met was missing and found dead not long after. And, the culprit was Monchi. It turned out Monchi went to a group of soldiers stealthily. Then, it kidnapped or killed one of the members before ran away.

    The process was so quick that the group didn't have any time to react. Due to this, the group maintained their alert to the maximum. However, it was not easy to keep their alert. Moreover, with the pressure from Monchi, it made the group tired quicker. Hence, their tired faces.

    Auron thought for a bit before a sudden rustle sound was heard nearby. Both Auron's group and the group he met immediately looked at the source of the sound. They didn't find anything before another scream was heard.

    Auron and his group looked at the source of the sound. They saw Monchi was hanging upside down on the tree's branch using his long tail. In its hand was another soldier from the group Auron met. The soldier's chest was pierced by Monchi's hand.
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