222 Monchi 3

    Blood dripping from the soldier's chest wound. Undoubtedly, the soldier already dead. Monchi smiled wide until its full teeth could be seen. Then, it threw away the dead soldier in its hand and using its tail to swing to another tree and escape.

    Monchi swung to several trees and disappeared from Auron's group. Auron felt a strange feeling in his heart after seeing this scene. The sense of becoming prey.

    The members of Auron's group also feeling nervous. From the start, until Monchi killed one of them, they could not sense anything.

    Meanwhile, the other members of the other group felt fear. This was the second time that one of their group members was kidnapped and killed. Some of them became more and more scared that the thought of abandoning this mission surfaced in their minds.

    However, their squad's leader tried to convince them to stay. The squad's leader also asked Auron to walk along with their group. With Auron's agreement, the thought of deserting began to be buried deep inside their minds.

    Screams were heard several more times at several different locations. This was the result of Monchi's actions, fear spread all over the forest.

    Meanwhile, Lieutenant Kajo and the corporals also felt fear and nervousness inside their hearts. However, as a veteran, they could maintain their calm. The situation was not good for them. As they heard several screams, they also knew the number of cries equivalent to the numbers of the victims.

    At one part inside of the forest, two squads had a meeting with their corporal. These two squads and the corporal were the ones from the north perimeter team. They had already experience fighting with Monchi before.

    "What happened?" The corporal asked the squads' leader.

    It was not without reason that the corporal asked this question. The corporal saw that both of the squad were in a dire state. One of the squad had 3 people missing, while the other one had half of them missing.

    The one who still stayed alive also didn't have good expression. The corporal even could see a slight fear in the squad's leader expression.

    "Corporal, it was too dangerous here! We should leave immediately!" The squad's leader, who had half of his squad's members, left hurriedly stated.

    "Calm down! Explain yourself!" The corporal tried to calm the anxious squad's leader.

    The other squad's leader explained, "It was because of the demonic monster."

    "That demonic monster used guerilla tactics and hunted us one by one. The feeling of being hunt put us under heavy pressure!"

    "You are a soldier! You should handle this much pressure! Your two groups should join hand and resist the demonic monster" The corporal rebuked.

    "We already did corporal!" Feeling wronged, the squad's leader raised his tone.

    "We had joined hand half an hour ago. But, that demonic monster still could kill 3 of us."

    "It was weird. The demonic monster felt much stronger compared to when we fight outside the forest."

    "Nonsense! I already saw how the demonic monster fight before. Don't you dare to deceive me! How could that monster become stronger in such shorts time." The corporal still didn't believe what his subordinate had said.

    "How about this, you guys search for other squads and join hand with them. When the demonic monster appears, hold it for several minutes, and I will come and help you with the others!" In the end, the corporal tried to be friendly with his squads and look for a way out.

    Both of the squads' leaders could not say much more and complied with the corporal's command. After all, there was a hierarchy in the military. They could not just defy their superior's order because they were scared.

    The corporal departed away and tried to look for the demonic monster. However, before he could move far away, a scream was heard from behind him. Monchi already had held another victim in his hand.

    The corporal, who saw this, shuddered. He didn't sense anything at all. However, he still kept the positivity in his mind, it was because of him occupied in full thought.

    The corporal immediately attack Monchi. However, before the attack could land on Monchi, the demonic monster already swung to another branch and dodged the attack.

    Monchi smiled widely and used the tree as a springboard to launch a counterattack. The corporal was a veteran, he quickly raised up his weapon to defend. To his surprise, Monchi's attack pushed him back.

    Monchi immediately followed up with another attack. The corporal tried his best to block the attack. However, the attack speed was fast. Several first attack could be blocked by the corporal. However, he had difficulty in preventing the next few strikes.

    Fortunately, the corporal was not alone. There were around 15 soldiers near him. Although the soldiers were in a fear state, however, they were trained well. They could not let their superior harmed.

    The soldiers help the corporal to escape his death. Monchi, who could not kill the corporal, didn't get upset. He still smiles widely before leaving the groups. Monchi was swinging from branches to branches using his long tail.

    The corporal who just escaped death breathed a relieved sigh. Sweat dripping from his forehead. He looked at his subordinate. It turned out what his subordinate had said about the demonic monster became stronger was true.

    The corporal felt sorry for his subordinate. However, the corporal also knew that it was not the time for this. It was not just them, but all of the soldiers in this operation was in danger. So, the corporal only gave a quick apology and gave them another command.

    "Quick! We have to stick together and find Lieutenant Kajo to informed him about the situation!" The corporal urged the two squads to depart immediately.

    Felt the horror of the demonic monster, both of the squads didn't dare to dilly dally. Both the two teams and the corporal merged into one group and went to find Lieutenant Kajo.
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