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    Firze and Felice went over to Auron's spot. They tried to help Auron while the other attacking the demonic monster. Several attacks launched at Monchi. They tried to get Monchi's attention.

    However, it was not easy to gather Monchi's full attention. These several attacks were not enough. Monchi, who stood on top of the branches, saw Firze and Felice detached themselves from the big group.

    This small group was the one that garnered Monchi's attention. Monchi saw the direction where the small group went. He looked behind him and saw Auron.

    Monchi saw Auron, who was supposed to be dead but still stayed alive. Monchi roared. However, it was not a furious roar. Instead, it was a happy roar. Monchi excitedly yelled as if he got a toy that didn't easily break.

    Ignoring the attacks that were still coming to him, Monchi turned back and bent his knees. Then, it used the branch as a springboard and charged towards Auron at high speed.

    Auron was drinking his health potion. However, he didn't neglect to watch Monchi's movement. When Monchi was bending his knees, Auron knew it was not a good sign. He immediately dashed over at the direction of the group.

    True enough, in a short second after Monchi bending his knees, he charged over to Auron's previous spot at high speed. Boom... Monchi arrived at Auron's former location.

    Fortunately, Auron had moved, or else he would definitely die from the impact. Auron still kept on dashing over to reunite with at least Firze and Felicia. However, suddenly, Auron was tripped over and fell down to the ground.

    Auron looked over at his feet and found Monchi's tail was the one that tripped him down. The long tail gripped Auron's ankle and tried to pull Auron.

    Auron didn't let that happen. He used his [Fire Lance] spell and aimed it at the Monchi's tail. Then, he followed up the spell with [Sloth]. Both of the spells connected successfully with the target. The [Fire Lance] hit Monchi's tail and let loose the grip. Meanwhile, the [Sloth] also landed on Monchi and slowed him down.

    However, Monchi's was too quick. The [Sloth]'s effect reduced Monchi's speed, but Monchi's speed still fast. In no time, Monchi already arrived at Auron's place and preparing to attack Auron with his claws.

    Yes, Monchi's method of attack was from his sharp claw and his long tail as a support. Monchi's claw was not only sharp but sturdy as well. The claw could even destroy a stone. It could easily penetrate a human body even if the body was covered with several layers of clothes.

    Auron felt danger. He immediately rolled over to his left and managed to avoid Monchi's claw thrust. A hole was formed at the place where Monchi's claw thrust. Monchi, who missed his target, looked over to Auron and launched another thrust.

    However, before the thrust could hit Auron, several attacks landed on Monchi. Just like with Bleamen, the offense didn't really have any effect on Monchi. But, the attack was enough to disturb Monchi's attention from attacking Auron.

    Auron saw a chance to escape. He scotched over and kicked hard at Monchi's abdomen. Auron tried to make some distance between him and Monchi to increase his chance of surviving. However, Monchi's tail caught Auron's leg midway.

    Then, Monchi lifted Auron with his tail while blocking several incoming attacks with his hand. Auron was lifted upside down. Monchi already prepared his claw to thrust Auron once more.

    Before that could happen, a yellow light covered Auron's body and a sword attack Monchi's tail. It was Firze and Felicia who finally arrived. Firze's attack made Monchi let go of Auron.

    The other soldiers also arrived at the scene and helped Firze and Felice. The sudden increased pressure made Monchi could not face it directly like before. Monchi gave up on killing Auron and jumped back.

    "Are you okay?" Firze asked Auron.

    "More or less," Auron answered. Fortunately, his teammate was so reliable. He was saved.

    The situation was back to square one. This time, Monchi didn't manage to kill anyone. Just like the previous encounters, Monchi tried to escape. He already spent a long time in this encounter.

    Previously, he would only need 1 or 2 minutes and managed to kill the enemy then ran away. However, this time, Monchi already spent more than two minutes. He had no choice but to run away without killing anyone.

    Monchi looked at the nearby tree and tried to climb the tree. When he wanted to climb the tree, an ax was swung towards him. The ax was coming from the opposite side of the tree. The ax cut the tree and still continue to attack Monchi.

    With that ax coming towards him, Monchi canceled his plan to escape. If he insisted on continuing escaping, he would suffer a severe injury. Of course, that ax was Lieutenant Kajo's ax. He already arrived at the scene and prevented Monchi from escaping.

    Monchi, who had failed to escape, became anxious. Previously, he could still have a cheerful and playful expression. However, this time, there was not even a slight smile on Monchi's face. Monchi's expression was grave.

    Lieutenant Kajo didn't stay idle. He didn't want to let Monchi escape from him again. Lieutenant Kajo swung his ax repeatedly. He tried to pressure Monchi, so the demonic monster could not have a chance of escaping.

    Lieutenant Kajo's presence, who arrived at the scene, also affects the soldier's morale. Their spirit rose up and immediately went to help the lieutenant.

    However, the lieutenant stopped them. "Melee units, don't come here. Make a perimeter and surround the demonic monster. Cut off all the nearby trees! Don't let it escape!"

    "Range units, prepare your firepower, and assist me!" Lieutenant Kajo shouted several ordered while fighting against Monchi.

    Lieutenant Kajo knew that Monchi easily escaped by climbing the trees and swinging from one tree to another. That was why he ordered the melee units to cut off the nearby trees to prevent Monchi from escaping.
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