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    The melee units began to do as ordered. Although it would take a long time for them to cut down a tree using a basic attack, but they could use their skills to bring it down. Moreover, the tree's trunk was not too thick.

    After several minutes the nearby trees were already going down one by one. When a tree was cut down, the upper part was not falling down. Instead, as a part of the game, the upper part immediately disappeared.

    Meanwhile, the mage surrounding the demonic monster and Lieutenant Kajo began to use their spells. A barricade of [Earth Wall] emerged and surrounded both of them, blocking all ways of escape.

    The [Earth Wall] circled the demonic monster and Lieutenant Kajo and made it looked like a duel arena. There were only Lieutenant Kajo and Monchi inside the stage.

    Monchi's expression turned grim. He looked at the surroundings. The trees began to disappear one by one, and there was also the [Earth Wall]. It made him more difficult to escape.

    Monchi's advantage was that he could move between the trees. Meanwhile, the soldiers would have a difficult time to chase him if they were on the ground. However, that advantage was now gone. Although Monchi still could escape from the ground, it would be more challenging to make the enemy lost his track.

    Monchi felt danger from the enemy in front of him. He believed that he still could contend the enemy in front of him, but it would cost him significantly. Monchi looked around him and only found [Earth Wall].

    Monchi began to make a move. However, he didn't attack Lieutenant Kajo. Instead, he went behind him and trying to destroy the [Earth Wall] behind him. Lieutenant Kajo would not let that happened. He chased Monchi.

    Rumble... Monchi successfully destroy the [Earth Wall]. The [Earth Wall] could not last long under Monchi's power. However, the [Earth Wall] still could delay Monchi for several seconds. That short delay made Lieutenant Kajo could chase Monchi and attack at him.

    Then, the mage also began to cast a new [Earth Wall] to close the hole that Monchi had made. Monchi avoided Lieutenant Kajo's attack and made a hole to the left of him. However, just like before, another [Earth Wall] emerged and closed the gap.

    Monchi became frustrated. With no choice left, he faced Lieutenant Kajo, who still kept on attacking him. An ax was swung vertically towards Monchi.

    Monchi dodged to the left and used his claw to counterattack. However, Lieutenant Kajo had anticipated it. With one arm, Lieutenant Kajo changed the ax course and swung to his right.

    Monchi tried to block the ax with his hand. He successfully blocked the attack, but Lieutenant Kajo's power pushed him back. Monchi hit the [Earth Wall] and made a hole in it. But, quickly, several [Fire Ball] attacked him from the back and pushed him inside the wall. Then, a follow up [Earth Wall] blocked the hole.

    Lieutenant Kajo moved forwards and chopped Monchi. However, Monchi rolled over to the left, stood up, and made some distance from Lieutenant Kajo. Lieutenant Kajo's attack missed the target. However, he immediately chased Monchi.

    Seeing Lieutenant Kajo dashed towards him, Monchi began to raise up his defense. After several exchanges between Lieutenant Kajo and Monchi, Lieutenant Kajo had the upper hand. His power could push Monchi back.

    However, this didn't last long, Monchi who knew he lost in term of powers, began to use his speed. Lieutenant Kajo had a difficult time to follow Monchi's pace. His attack began to miss the target. But, it didn't make Lieutenant Kajo disheartened. Instead, Lieutenant Kajo began to attack more savagely.

    Monchi, who was already custom to Lieutenant Kajo's speed, slowly began to gain the upper hand. Lieutenant Kajo could not touch Monchi anymore and slowly getting counterattack. The [Earth Wall] not only block Monchi's way of escape, but it also prevented the cleric's view.

    Without knowing the condition, the cleric could not heal Lieutenant Kajo. The lieutenant's state began worsened. However, he didn't give up. Lieutenant Kajo began used [Charge] and aiming towards Monchi.

    Monchi already knew what he should do. His long tail slipped on the ground and caught the charging Lieutenant Kajo's leg. Then, with a quick swing, Monchi threw Lieutenant Kajo to the side. The lieutenant was thrown away and hit the [Earth Wall].

    A hole was made because of the lieutenant and Monchi didn't let this chance slipped. Monchi turned back and destroyed the [Earth Wall] at the opposite side from Lieutenant Kajo's hole. The surrounding mage began to cast another [Earth Wall].

    However, Monchi, who didn't get any distraction anymore, could destroy it quickly. At last, Monchi could escape from the wall. When he was out of the wall, Monchi could see that the surrounding trees several meters from his place had gone.

    But, it didn't stop him from escaping. He didn't forget to unleash his rage to the surrounding soldier. Six soldiers died when Monchi was fleeing. However, Monchi could not run far enough before, the other soldiers began coming in his direction.

    The commotion at this place attracted the attention of the other group who was scattered throughout the forest. They began to went to this place. Fortunately, when they arrived at this place, they saw Monchi was escaping, which made them immediately blocked Monchi.

    The north perimeter team's corporal also arrived near Lieutenant Kajo. He quickly said, "Sir, we cannot let him escape. If not, he will get stronger."

    Then, the corporal began reiterated his experience fighting the demonic monster and how the demonic monster felt stronger compared to his first fight. At first, the corporal wanted to suggest for the Lieutenant to escape from here. However, after arriving at this place, he saw that the demonic monster was on the losing side, so he changed his thinking and suggested otherwise.

    Lieutenant Kajo, who already got healed by the nearby cleric, stood up and declared, "We will not let that thing escape!"
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