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    The other squads began to arrive at the battle's area. Then, they began to surround Monchi. They didn't want to let Monchi escape like last time.

    Meanwhile, the corporals walked over to Lieutenant Kajo and asked for further instructions. Lieutenant Kajo gave out several orders and went over to join the fight.

    Monchi had a difficult time to face this many enemies at once. Moreover, the mages kept on debuffed him and made his power weaker. There were also clerics among the enemies. If he could not kill the enemy in one shot, then he could not kill them at all.

    The enemies he faced also had a good teamwork. Although there were some like Auron who just joined the army and never got the formation training, but most of them had joined the military for more than 1 month.

    An anxious feeling began to bloom inside Monchi's heart. Then, he kept on getting more anxious as the enemies' number began to rise. A bad feeling began to surface.

    When Monchi was struggling to escape, he saw Lieutenant Kajo, whom he faced before began to move. The pressured suddenly increased by twofold. He didn't have any more time. If Lieutenant Kajo joined the fight, he would be in a disastrous situation.

    Monchi could not help and used his escape method as before. Demonic aura began to seep out from Monchi. The demonic aura made the nearby soldiers began to feel fear and dread. It made their movement dull and stopped for a moment.

    However, the more experienced soldier immediately regained their calm and overcame the fear. But, it took more than one second for them to overcome their fear. It was enough time for Monchi to complete his skill.

    Lieutenant Kajo and the corporals saw that Monchi using some weird skill. They knew it was the same skill as before. Lieutenant Kajo gave sign to some of the corporals with his eyes.

    After that sign, 8 corporals detached themselves from the group. Four of them went to the right of the lieutenant while the other four went to the lieutenant's left. The rest of the corporals followed Lieutenant Kajo and went to the demonic monster's spot.

    The demonic aura began to slowly getting thinner until it completely disappeared. When the demonic aura disappeared, just like before, several shadows went out from the previous demonic monster's location.

    The soldiers had anticipated this since they already saw what had happened previously. They spread out and tried to block all of the shadows. However, to their surprise, the number of shadows appeared was different from before.

    Previously, three shadows coming out. That was also the reason why Lieutenant Kajo divided the corporals into three groups. However, this time, eight shadows were coming out from the demonic monster's spot.

    The eight Monchis began to spread in all directions. Each of the Monchi took one of the cardinal points and went on a separate path.

    Although they were surprised, the soldiers immediately went into action. They tried their hard to chase and block the Monchi's illusions. However, the soldiers also didn't act recklessly. They still act prudently.

    Monchi's skill was still unknown to them. What they knew was that it was some sort of illusion. Moreover, the illusion produced was not weaker than the original. Instead, it was more powerful. It was proofed by the fact that the illusion's speed was double the initial speed.

    They believed that this was not all for the skill. Since this was not like ordinary illusion skill, the soldiers didn't think that it would only raise the illusion's power. Moreover, they had little knowledge about the skill's detail, like how long the illusion would last, or it is only raised the illusion's power.

    In fact, the soldiers only got half right about the skill. Monchi's ability was not creating an illusion. Instead, it was splitting Monchi into several identical Monchi. The number of Monchi generated would be determined by the Monchi.

    Monchi could choose to split into three Monchis or eight Monchis even a hundred Monchis at once. When Monchi decided to divide into eight, then each of the Monchis would have 1/8 of its original health and power.

    After splitting, the enemies should kill all of the Monchi. If even there was still one Monchi that still alive, then the Monchi would not be considered dying. Moreover, Monchi could choose to merge anytime he wished. When he joined back into one, then he would get back his original power and health.

    However, Monchi had to be careful to determine the number he wished to split into. It was because there were some repercussions if he was not careful. When Monchi split, although all of the Monchis would get a double speed from the original, but their strength and health would also be divided.

    If there were 100 Monchi, then outside of its double speed, each Monchi would have 1/100 of its health and power. With 1/100 of its original health and strength, if he faced a strong enemy, he could easily one-shot the split Monchi.

    Also, when one of the Monchi died, then it would mean that Monchi would temporary lose that part power and strength. For example, when Monchi split into 8 and 3 of them died, although Monchi still considered alive, but its strength was weaker.

    When Monchi merged back into one, he would temporarily have 5/8 of his original power and strength. Although it as not a permanent loss, however, to recover that lost power, Monchi should wait for one month.

    During his wait, he could only gain less experience when killing a player or NPC. He would only receive 5/8 of the experience point he should get for one month. This would hinder his progress.

    Moreover, this was only the case if Monchi loss 3/8 of his power, what if Monchi loss 7/8 of his power or 99/100 of his power. That was why, when using this skill, there were many things that Monchi should consider.
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