227 Monchi 8

    "Quick! Block it!"

    "Don't let it escape!"

    "Be careful!"

    Several shouts were heard from the soldiers in the area. Each of them directly chased the nearest Monchi to them. The soldier still had a deliberate action towards Monchi. Although Monchi's power had been split into eight after he used the skill, however, none of the soldiers knew about it.

    The separated corporals and Lieutenant caught off guard by Monchi, who split into eight. They immediately divided themselves into smaller units to chase Monchi.

    One of the Monchi was blocked by a group of soldiers. The Monchi, who was blocked, didn't stop. Instead, he quickly took an attack stance. The soldiers who saw this shouted, "Be careful! It is going to attack!"

    The clerics were getting ready to heal the one at the front in case he was getting struck. Meanwhile, the swordsman at the front tried to confuse Monchi so he could avoid the attack and counterattack. The soldiers still getting wary of Monchi's doubled power.

    However, to their surprise, instead of attacking, Monchi kept on escaping. The soldiers were caught off guard with Monchi's action. They reacted late and that Monchi managed to escape their encirclement.

    At the same time, Lieutenant Kajo and the corporals each managed to block 5 Monchi. Each of the Monchi also did the same as the other Monchi, taking an attacking stance. However, this time, their enemy was the lieutenant and the corporals who were stronger than the soldier.

    The lieutenant and the corporals didn't feel afraid and faced Monchi's attack. The Monchi who were facing the lieutenant and the corporals tried to escape. However, since the lieutenant and the corporals didn't feel afraid and chased them, that Monchi could not escape.

    Lieutenant Kajo was the first one to land an attack on one of the Monchi. Bang... A considerable damage was floated above that Monchi. Lieutenant Kajo surprised. His damage was more significant compared to when he was fighting the Monchi inside the arena. Moreover, with that huge number got rid of a chunk of the Monchi's health bar.

    Lieutenant Kajo's quick mind, immediately knew there was something wrong. He concluded that aside from its speed, the Monchi actually was weaker. He immediately shouted to tell the other about this discovery.

    The north perimeter team's corporal also felt the same way. He was the only corporal that had the experience fighting the demonic monster. So, he could also felt the differences. Furthermore, the lieutenant's shout added his confidence.

    In no time, the weak Monchi who were facing the corporals and the lieutenant died. Out of eight Monchi, 5 of them already faced their death. Meanwhile, the group of soldiers before that let one of the Monchi escaped tried to chase it.

    However, they were a second behind the escaping Monchi. Since Monchi's speed also doubled, that Monchi quickly escaped. Two of the Monchis left also escaped.

    Fortunately, another group of soldiers manages to block one of the two escaping Monchi. That group of soldiers already heard what the lieutenant had shouted. So, they didn't feel afraid when the Monchi tried to attack.

    The most potent soldier out of them went up to the front and blocked the attack while the others kept the supporting role and cut off all the way of escaping. The Monchi could not escape. However, it didn't give up and still kept trying to escape.

    Unfortunately, the effort was useless. After several seconds blocked by the soldiers, the other soldiers began to gather around this one Monchi. It made Monchi had a more difficult time to escape.

    Moreover, after another several seconds, the lieutenant and the corporals had finished their enemies. They went to this last Monchi available to them since the other two had escaped far enough. With the addition of Lieutenant Kajo and the corporals, this last Monchi means of escaping had gone.

    No matter how hard it struggles to escape, this last Monchi could not escape. However, the lieutenant didn't plan to kill this Monchi. Instead, he planned to capture this Monchi.

    "Maim it! Capture it!" Lieutenant Kajo ordered.

    With the combined effort of many mages, this last Monchi could not struggle again. The lieutenant immediately took out a shackles to capture the Monchi. It was a shackle that was given for every operation in case they had to catch their enemies.

    When the lieutenant tried to shackle the Monchi, the Monchi suddenly had a pained reaction. It was rolling left to the right in pain. The soldiers who were next to it got back a bit. However, the lieutenant kept on going forward and tried to shackle it.

    The Monchi got a pained reaction for 5 seconds. After 5 seconds had elapsed, that Monchi suddenly exploded. It was not a big explosion like a bomb. Instead, it was only a small explosion from Monchi's inside.

    That explosion didn't harm anyone near the Monchi. However, it was enough to end the Monchi's life. Actually, this was also one part of the safety measurement given to the skill in case it was captured.

    It could detonate and kill any Monchi as he wished. So, it will prevent anything terrible happened to the captured Monchi. Of course, this was a loss to the Monchi since his power would be degraded. However, it was better than being caught.

    After all, whether Monchi lost one or a hundred part of him, his recovery time still lasted for a month. Of course, he would not be using this safety measure if the captured on was the only Monchi left, or else it would count as a suicidal action.

    Meanwhile, the escaped Monchi had merged back into one. However, the strength coming from that merged Monchi was not as powerful as the first time he attacked the armies. 6 of them had died, which means Monchi only had 2/8 of his powers and strength.

    There was no smile or cheerful expression on that last Monchi's face. He gritted his teeth and went deep inside the forest. He had to hide for at least a month until his power recovered.
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