228 Conclusion 1

    Finally, all of the battles came to an end. There was some gain and also some loss. They completed their primary goal coming into here, to destroy the demonic stick. However, they even lose some soldiers in progress.

    Monchi had to hide in a remote place and recover for a month. Meanwhile, the army also suffered some casualties. Around one-fourth of the original military had died in this battle.

    What made it an urgent matter was that when they were attacking the demonic stick, they didn't suffer any casualty. Only when the army chased the demonic monster deep inside the forest that they suffered tremendous injuries.

    Lieutenant Kajo bore a huge responsibility from all of this. After all, he was the one who told the army to chase the demonic monster inside the forest. Maybe, if he didn't give that order, the casualties would not amount this much.

    But, what was done had already been done. The soldiers could not turn back time and could only move on. Lieutenant Kajo looked at the tired face of his soldiers. He sighed and ordered them to prepare for coming back.

    After a few minutes, Lieutenant Kajo and the army started their journey. The mood was not too good, but it was also not too bad. Although they suffered some casualties and almost captured the demonic monster, their primary goal had already been completed.

    The army went along the way the same way as they went to this village. They went to the nearest town. Then, they took the teleportation portal to the nearest city. From that city, they took another teleportation portal to Miderian.

    After arriving at Miderian, all of them immediately went to the military camp and waited there. There were already the staff waiting for them. The corporals waited with the soldier while Lieutenant Kajo walked inside the building, followed by some staff.

    The staff began reporting at this operation. The number of casualties and what happened to the other groups. Finally, Lieutenant Kajo arrived at the same meeting room where they convened their strategy meeting.

    Inside the room, there were eight sergeants already waiting for him. When Lieutenant Kajo went inside the room, the eight sergeants inside the room saluted at him and sat on their chair.

    They didn't wait for anyone more and started the meeting. Each of the sergeant reported what happened at their battlefield. Although the staff had briefed Lieutenant Kajo for a bit, but it was still better to hear it directly from the source.

    After all of the sergeants taking turns and told their story, it was Lieutenant Kajo's turn. Although Lieutenant Kajo was their superior and didn't have to say to them about his expedition, but he insisted on doing it.

    At first, they were surprised to hear that Lieutenant Kajo's army had to face with the demonic monster. All of the other sergeants felt that they were fortunate enough not to experience that. Moreover, the Lieutenant who was stronger than them still had a difficult time to face the demonic monster.

    If it were them that faced the demonic monster, they would surely die. The staff didn't forget to take note of Lieutenant Kajo's story. It was a vast matter that they knew some of the demonic monster's abilities.

    After Lieutenant Kajo finishing his story, the other sergeants began to whisper to each other. All of the sergeants were not stupid people. They had come up to their position with their own power. Hence, they at least have some intelligence.

    The sergeants who were joining the faction that opposing Lieutenant Kajo didn't let this opportunity went away. Each of them had prepared a story about how stupid was Lieutenant Kajo's decision to chase the demonic monster.

    They had come up with different stories. However, all of them had one common thing which to emphasize Lieutenant Kajo's order to chase the demonic monster and the casualty he suffered. Later, they all will report it back to their own faction's leader.

    After Lieutenant Kajo finished his story, he wanted to dismiss the meeting. However, another staff came into the meeting room and reported something.

    "Sorry to interrupt Lieutenant, there was some news from the other sergeant that haven't come back. Two of them suffered huge casualties and have to stop at the nearest town to heal before coming back to Miderian."

    "Meanwhile, we haven't heard anything about the other two teams, sir." The staff finished her report.

    "Send some healer to help the two sergeants. And, send a team to find out what happened to the other two." Lieutenant Kajo gave his order to the staff.

    After that, Lieutenant Kajo dismissed the meeting. Then, his supervisor and reported back the operation to the higher-level. He also didn't forget to reiterate his experience in fighting the demonic monster.

    After telling what he had known, Lieutenant Kajo was dismissed and told to come back tomorrow morning. With that, Lieutenant Kajo also told his army to rest and waited for further instructions.

    As a squad's leader, Auron was eligible to get an extra reward for this operation. However, when he went to the staff to claim his awards, he was told that he could not claim it. He had to wait until tomorrow morning to claim his rewards.

    Auron was tired. He had faced two different demonic monsters in such a short time. There would be no one that had the same experience as him. In the end, Auron decided not to do something heavy. He still needed to wait for tomorrow before he could receive his rewards for this operation.

    With that in mind, Auron went back to his swordsman's character and checked his swordsman's side class's progress. His swordsman's blacksmith class's progress was pretty good. During the time Auron joined the operation, his swordsman made 40 pieces of weapon.

    Auron went to the blacksmith guild and exchanged some of his points with another blueprint. After that, he looked at his materials stock. He almost ran out of materials. Moreover, he also ran out of his money.
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