229 Conclusion 2

    All of the finished equipment that he already made were only a piece of common grade equipment. As a common grade equipment, no matter how high the produced equipment level, the price of that piece of equipment would not cover the expenses.

    However, Auron still brought all of the equipment he made to the NPC's shop and sold it. Although it was not much, but with that new fund, Auron could buy some material to use.

    After selling all of his equipment, Auron still lacked funds. He tried to search what item he could sell to make money.

    Auron felt that after joining the military, he burnt more money than usual. Auron thought for a bit. Didn't he suppose to be supported by the army and not wasting that much money?

    In the end, Auron didn't think much about it. After all, joining the military made his progress much faster than hunting alone. It was shown when he joined the operation during the Raiding Month. His level progress so quickly. And, that operation took place when he was still in the military academy.

    What Auron didn't know was the fact that his path was different from the others. When someone joined the military, they would get a monthly salary and also a bonus fee every time they joined an operation.

    Moreover, if they had a prominent position or had a massive contribution to the operation, then they would receive another bonus. Just like Auron, who was a squad's leader in the last service.

    However, Auron never tasted all of that since he just joined the military shortly a few days ago. Moreover, he had yet claim the rewards for this operation. In the end, Auron could only go with the flow. He sorted some of his unused item and sold it to the NPC. Then, he used all of the money he got and used it to buy some materials.

    After buying all of the materials he needed, Auron began to create equipment. As he had said before, fighting made him tired. Hence, Auron chose blacksmithing as a way to relieve his stress.

    The reason was because he lack of money. He could not even buy uncommon grade material. Because of that, the equipment's grade that he could create was limited. That was why he didn't have to give focus too much to create a piece of equipment since the result would only be a common grade equipment.

    Moreover, the way of blacksmithing in Two Worlds was like a game. Because of that, Auron felt that blacksmithing could relieve his stress. He had proofed before when he was taking the entrance exam for blacksmith. He didn't need to give all out to successfully create a piece of equipment. He could relax and just enjoy the game.

    With that in mind, Auron began his blacksmithing. He took his time since he wasn't in a hurry. Moreover, he needed to take his time since there were still a few hours before morning.


    Then, the morning came. Lieutenant Kajo walked to meet the higher-ups once more. He went inside a room. To his surprise, there were already a lot of people inside the room. Moreover, General Elbert was present in the room, along with several other generals from various factions.

    "Okay, since the lieutenant has come. Let us begin!" General Elbert declared.

    The meeting began with a staff summarize what had happened, "For this operation, we send 13 groups to 13 different locations."

    "In the end, from 13 groups, only 9 groups that come back safely and successfully completed their goals, including Lieutenant Kajo's groups."

    "It turned out, two of the groups encountered Regalia's spies. They could kill all of the spies that went to them as well as completing their duty to destroy the demonic stick. However, they also suffered severe injuries."

    "Both of the groups lost more than two-thirds of their groups. They decided to slow down their pace and stayed at the nearest town."

    "Meanwhile, for the last two groups, we could not contact them. Which was why the lieutenant decided to send a team to search for them."

    "And, that team just arrived before this meeting, bringing some news."

    "From the report and evidence at the location, they found out that both of the groups met with a demonic monster and getting wiped out. No survivor could be seen."

    "The search team also found out that both of the teams could not destroy the demonic stick before getting wiped out."

    After the staff told the report, whispered was heard around the room. It was so surprising to know the result of demonic monster taking actions. Two full teams were wiped out. It was equivalent to two thousand soldiers. Moreover, Lieutenant Kajo also had given some of his soldiers to that group, which means it was more than two thousand soldiers.

    Before they could continue, one of the general that opposing Lieutenant Kajo sneered, "Just as I thought, he was too young to lead the operation. Look at his mess! Two thousand soldiers were wiped out."

    "If only he would not act rash and prepare everything well enough, we would not lose this two thousand soldiers."

    "Moreover, he also danger his own soldier. If he didn't act mindlessly by chasing that demonic monster, he would not lose one-fourth of his soldiers."

    "He should take responsibility for this loss" That general kept on ranting and showed how incapable Lieutenant Kajo.

    With one of the general braved himself, the other generals who also didn't like Lieutenant Kajo began to join the mocking. Each of them emphasizes more and more about the lieutenant's wrongdoings.

    Throughout the meeting, Lieutenant Kajo kept his silent and never rebuked any of the mocking he received. The discussion continued from discussing about the operation to blaming Lieutenant Kajo.

    Not all of the general blame Lieutenant Kajo, some still defend him. However, the number that protected him was fewer than the number of people that were blaming him. In the end, the one who helped Lieutenant Kajo lose and kept his silence.
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