230 Conclusion 3

    General Elbert, who was watching the entire show, didn't leave any comment. He just raised his hand. As soon as General Elbert raised his hand, the whole room quiet down.

    Although General Elbert had the same military rank as the other generals, however, he was like a legend in the military. He was the previous king's general and trusted aide. Even the current king would not dare to fight the general's statement without solid reasoning.

    Within the military, even though General Elbert had a general position, however, it had been a long time since the last time he went into war. Right now, he worked more as a counselor and strategist for the current king.

    Inside the military, General Elbert's influence had rooted deep. Many veteran soldiers gave up their position just to serve under General Elbert. If he wanted, he could start a coup d'etat. Fortunately, General Elbert had been a loyal person.

    Since the previous king had died, many evil whispers urged to start a coup d'etat. However, General Elbert ignored all of those. He even killed the one that tried to coax him and eradicate the family from Gaia.

    Some people knew that General Elbert already old. In severals year, he would face his death. His fighting power must have gone dull. Numerous people even believed that if General Elbert were fighting a one on one duel with the other general, most of the other generals would win the contest.

    However, none of the generals dared to fight against General Elbert. The older generations had their way of fighting. They had numerous connections and experiences. Without knowing all of that, nobody would dare to go against General Elbert lest they would face imminent death.

    General Elbert put down his raised hand and asked Lieutenant Kajo, "I heard you also fight against a demonic monster. Please do tell us about your experience!"

    Lieutenant Kajo immediately told all of the experiences he had faced against the demonic monster. From the weird appearance until the strange skill that it possessed. He also didn't forget to add some detail about its way of fighting and its power.

    All of what Lieutenant Kajo had already been written in the report. Each of the generals had received that report and read them. The other generals also believed that General Elbert had received the same report and read it. So, it was weird for General Elbert to ask about it. However, none of them dared to voice their opinion.

    Just as they thought, what Lieutenant Kajo said was the same as what he had wrote in the report. Not a single difference. It was as if Lieutenant Kajo read the report that he had written.

    When Lieutenant Kajo finished telling his experience, the room went silent once more. This silence lasts for several seconds until one of the neutral general asked a question. "Do you think that the other demonic monster will have the same strength as what you have told?"

    It was an essential question since two of their teams had been wiped out by two different demonic monsters. Lieutenant Kajo frowned and thought. Then, he voiced out his opinion, "In my opinion, they would have more or less the same strength. However, I don't think they would have the same skill."

    "Also, the important thing was that the demonic monster can become stronger. If we don't kill the demonic monsters as soon as possible when their power still low, I believe it will be more difficult for us to kill them in the future."

    All of the generals' faces sunk. They already knew that much information. However, it was also not easy to locate the demonic monster in this vast Gaia. Moreover, to kill the demonic monster, they had to assign a lot of soldiers.

    This huge soldiers would easily catch the demonic monster's attention. What if the demonic monsters didn't want to come out after seeing a massive amount of soldiers. They would just waste so much time.

    Moreover, although the Bridge World situation had been stabilized, but constant friction still happened there. Rather than sending their soldiers to waste time, it would be better to send them to conquer the Bridge World.

    "Yes, it will be a disaster if that happens," General Elbert suddenly joined the conversation.

    "However, we have more near disaster, the two demonic sticks that were failed to be destroyed."

    The two teams were supposed to destroy the demonic sticks. However, an unfortunate event happened to them, they were wiped out by the demonic monsters. This event left a huge trouble if not handled quickly.

    There were less than 6 days before the demonic sticks would release another demonic monster. The military had to make sure that didn't happen.

    When General Elbert reminded them about the imminent disaster, all of the other generals nodded agreeing. One of the generals who opposed Lieutenant Kajo said, "General Elbert, I volunteered to take care of this young arrogant lieutenant's mess. I will show him an example of how to correctly lead the troops."

    That general stopped for a bit and looked at Lieutenant Kajo, who was standing in front of him. Then, he continued while sneering. "However, we also cannot forget to punish the one who makes this mess, or else he will think that the military is just a playground. What do you think, General Elbert?"

    It was weird for a general to ask permission from another general. General Elbert replied flatly, "That is good. If you want to take care of it, I will allow you."

    "Also, you are correct. We need to punish the lieutenant since he had made the wrong decision. Let me see which punishment suits him."

    "Oh, I get it. How about this. General Kelvin wants to take care of this mess. However, there were two demonic sticks left. Let General Kelvin handled one. Then, as a punishment, let this Lieutenant Kajo handled the other one."

    "What do you guys think?" General Elbert casually asked the other generals' opinions.
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