231 New Assignment 1

    When the other generals heard General Elbert's question, all of them frowned. The generals who were opposing Lieutenant Kajo even frowned more. The punishment was so light that it could not be considered as a punishment.

    Outside of wartime, after a soldier completed an operation, they would get two or three days off. Then, three days later, they would get a new mission if there's any. Asking Lieutenant Kajo, who just finished his assignment, immediately could be considered as a punishment. However, it was too light.

    Although General Elbert asked them politely, however, none of them dared to argue back. All of them just maintained their silence. They didn't express their agreement nor their disagreement.

    Since no one answered him, General Elbert concluded, "Okay, since no one disagreed. Let the lieutenant take this punishment."

    General Elbert asked the staff seriously, "Don't let Lieutenant Kajo off from this punishment, or else I will have to give a punishment to you as well."

    The staff didn't know how to answer this. The staff also knew that Lieutenant Kajo would not dare to disobey. Moreover, the punishment was too light compared to other penalties. Besides, Lieutenant Kajo was a reasonable person. As long as it was a rational order, he would not go against it.

    Then, General Elbert looked at Lieutenant Kajo and said, "Reflect on this kid! Make sure you don't make the same mistake!"

    "Oh, don't forget to ask for some advice from General Kelvin. He is already kind enough willing to teach you."

    "Yes, general. Thank you for your kindness!" Lieutenant Kajo also didn't polite. With so many force trying to suppress him, he blatantly thanked General Elbert.

    "Then, the meeting dismissed!" General Elbert stood up and left the room.

    The generals, who were trying to suppress Lieutenant Kajo, furious. However, they could not defy General Elbert's orders. They could only keep it inside them and left the room furiously. Meanwhile, the neutral general or the one who tried to befriend with Lieutenant Kajo also sigh and patted Lieutenant Kajo's shoulder and left the room.

    There was a reason why General Elbert gave this punishment. As someone who had vast experience in the military, he knew what Lieutenant Kajo did, was not a mistake. It was shown by the fact that Lieutenant Kajo almost captured the demonic monster.

    Although, in the end, he failed to capture or killed it, but, at least now, they knew a demonic monster's strength. Moreover, he only lost one-fourth of his troops when fighting against the demonic monster when two teams had been wiped out.

    This fact proved that either Lieutenant Kajo was a fortunate guy or he was powerful enough. As a veteran in the military, General Elbert thought that sometimes a sacrifice was needed. That was why he didn't give heavy punishment to Lieutenant Kajo.

    The staff began to prepare everything. The staff had already discussed it with Lieutenant Kajo and decided to take from the same troops as he had before. One hour later, the soldiers had been agreed.

    Lieutenant Kajo selected 4 sergeants, 40 corporals, and 4000 privates with him. At the same time, General Kelvin also submitted his troop's list. He looked at Lieutenant Kajo's list and sneered. In fact, General Kelvin only took half of the amount that Lieutenant Kajo took.

    With that concluded, now, both of them needed to brief their soldiers once more. General Kelvin and Lieutenant Kajo went separately. In fact, they just needed to wait since the staff would be the ones that busy gathering all of the soldiers.

    Auron was finishing the last blueprint he had. After a few seconds, Auron put down his hammer and threw the finished product inside his inventory. Then, he went and sold all of the equipment he had made during the last night.

    However, he didn't use the money to buy materials. Instead, he used the money to buy a bunch of potions. Since Auron was lack in cash, he decided to let his swordsman hunted instead of creating equipment.

    Finishing all of the preparation he needed, Auron went over to his mage character and commanded the Ai to let his swordsman went hunting. Auron woke up in his room. The room that the military provided for him. He didn't waste any time and immediately left his room.

    Auron had made some schedule on what he had to do today. He already read that after soldiers completed a mission, they would get a day off. So, after claiming his rewards, he intended to go to the military library and saw some training materials for a mage.

    Auron went to the mission's place and talked to the staff there, "I want to collect the rewards for my last mission."

    "What's your name?" The staff asked.

    "Smiling Wizard," Auron answered.

    "Okay, wait a minute," The staff immediately replied and began looking.

    After a minute searching, the staff turned back to Auron and said, "This is your reward."

    Auron accepted the reward. He got 10 golds from the previous operation. It was a considerable sum considering an ordinary mission would only worth one or two golds. However, the last mission was critical; that was why the mission worth 8 golds. Then, as Auron was a squad's leader, he got two more golds as his incentive.

    Auron excitedly accepted the gold. However, he didn't have any thought of spending it immediately. Auron wanted to left the mission's place as soon as possible and went to the library. However, before he could step out of the room, the staff stopped him.

    "Wait up!" The staff stopped him. Then, she smiled widely and said, "Congratulations! You have been selected for a new mission. Please gather at the training field in two hours!"

    The staff said it like Auron had just won a lottery. Auron knew although the staff said it playfully, in truth, she was serious. Auron was astonished and wanted to rebuke. However, he knew he could not. In the end, he could only accept it.
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