233 New Assignment 3

    "Hence, the higher-ups decided to give this new mission to take down the rest of the demonic sticks."

    "And, you guys were selected because of your previous experience in eliminating the demonic sticks."

    "This time, we will not take both of the demonic sticks down. We would only destroy one of them while General Kelvin's troops will take care of the other one."

    "We will not discuss General Kelvin's troops so that I will skip that part."

    "Some of you may have thought that destroying one demonic stick with this many troops as an overkill. But, let me tell you, it is not."

    "As the previous team had encountered a demonic monster, we are very confident that we will encounter the same demonic monster."

    "And, to tell you the truth, the demonic monster is not weak. You could ask my previous team that had also encountered the creature. Although we managed to chase the monster away, however, it was not a pleasant experience."

    "Moreover, the higher-ups considered this mission as a vital mission. No failure could be tolerated.

    "Behind me are the sergeants who are going to help me with this operation. Each of you will be assigned to one of the sergeants."

    "We will depart this night. Prepare yourself well! Dismiss!"

    After Lieutenant Kajo's long explanation, the sergeants who were behind him began to call out the name of the corporal under him. Each of them taking turned to call 10 Corporal's name. In the end, Corporal Scud belonged to Sergeant Richard's troops.

    Usually, the soldiers would have a different team for each operation. After they joined a new mission, their teammate could be changed with some new people. This way, it could prevent the superior from hindering the progress of his subordinate that he didn't like.

    However, for this operation, except for the teams that had casualties in the last mission, the team's member was the same. This was done because they needed to depart as soon as possible. There was no time for the members to familiarize themselves with each other.

    Just like this, Auron was assigned to the same squad as he was before. With the same 10 members, Auron naturally became the squad's leader once more.

    And also, Auron's squad was assigned to the same corporal as before, Corporal Scud. This means Auron's team was assigned to Sergeant Richard.

    As they had the same members, Auron's squad didn't undergo any introduction session anymore. They just greeted each other and do some small talk. What else could be said, after all, they only met less than 24 hours ago.

    After 10 minutes of talking and joking, Auron decided to dismiss the group for preparations. Auron went up and reported back to Corporal Scud, who reminded him once more to prepare well. Auron nodded and passed the message to his group before he went into separate ways.

    Since Auron's group was one of the groups that had fought against the demonic monster, they didn't actually need the reminder. All of them had experienced the horror of the demonic monster, especially Auron, who almost died under the demonic monster twice. Although they still didn't know whether they were going to meet one, but they prepared for it.

    Meanwhile, Auron also didn't have much to prepare. He only replenished his potion's stock. It was not because he had already given up, but instead, he didn't know what to buy. His money was not enough for him to purchase new equipment. Moreover, he didn't have much time to go shopping.

    Also, he had bought a lot of [Sticky Talisman] but didn't use any of it for the last mission. Auron didn't have any idea on what to buy and still thought over it. For now, he just replenished his potion's stock.

    Auron also still considering what to do with his swordsman character when he went for this operation. Should he made, his swordsman went hunting or raised his blacksmith skill or just made it stayed idle.

    Everything had pros and cons. Auron could not raise his blacksmith skill since it would burn his money rapidly. He wanted his swordsman to go hunting; however, he could not oversee his swordsman when he was in the operation what if the swordsman met a dangerous situation.

    Made his swordsman idle was one of the right options so he would not waste any money or could get into a dangerous situation. However, it would spend his time and advantages. In the end, Auron chose to make his swordsman went farming instead of hunting.

    Auron chose a low-level hunting spot compared to his level. He also bought more potions in case something happened. He could not buy [Return Scroll] yet. Since both of his character's inventory were linked, if he purchased the [Return Scroll] now, then it would be confiscated when the inspection later on. But, he put the [Return Scroll] on a must-buy item list before he went to the operation later on.

    There was still some time before the gathering time. Auron decided to use his time to go to the military's library. Maybe, before the start of the operation, he could gain a new skill or raised his current skill level.

    Soon, the gathering time was near. Auron stopped on what he had doing and prepared to go to the gathering place. Unfortunately, Auron didn't manage to raise his skill level. However, his effort was not gone wasted.

    During the time in his library, he was reading about the elemental properties in the Two Worlds. That new knowledge deepened Auron's knowledge of how elemental works. This new knowledge increased his elemental understanding of the four elements.

    Auron felt his fire elemental understanding had improved. It was proved in the character's attributes. He gained a 1% increase to all of his elemental understanding. Auron was excited by this 1% increased. Although it was not a lot, but Auron felt that he was closer to one of his short term goals, to master Alice's spell.
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