235 Dawn Attack 1

    The army began to depart from the city. They went to the nearest town from their destination and walked from there.

    Since they used the teleportation portal to reach the town, so it didn't take much time for them to arrive at the nearest town. However, it was a different matter for the army to walk to their destination. Moreover, it was in the middle of the night.

    This time, the army's destination was far remote. There was still a long way of distance between the nearest town to the destination village. They needed to walk twice the mile from their previous operation.

    The reason was because they had to make a detour. The army could choose to went straight, but they needed to go inside the forest along the way.

    Although Lieutenant Kajo didn't afraid of the forest, but he still had a slightly bad experience with the forest in the previous mission. He also didn't want to make his troops too tired. If they chose to go inside the forest, they would need to increase their awareness. It was an exhausting act.

    Although making a detour also exhaust them a little, but it would not drain their mind too much. Moreover, it was in the middle of the night. In the night, their vision was limited. If they chose to go through the forest, it would be difficult to resist a surprise attack from the enemy.

    To increase their safety, Lieutenant Kajo and his army walked at moderate speed. They didn't rush nor taking their time. During their journey, the sergeants and Lieutenant Kajo kept on talking and discussing.

    It looked like the previous result really affects Lieutenant Kajo. He didn't want to repeat the same mistake anymore.

    It was already 3 in the morning, and the army had covered 70% of their journey. During their trip, there was no worth mentioning incidents along the way. The military only encountered several ordinary monsters that they could handle easily.

    The sergeants and Lieutenant Kajo still kept in their discussion. They discussed how they would handle when they met a demonic monster until their escape plan. They also formulated an escape plan along the way, using their observation during their journey.

    It was a long and exhausting discussion. After several minutes more, Lieutenant Kajo began to feel tired. He also noticed his sergeants' exhausted expression. He decided to stop the debate and just walked peacefully.

    The result from the lengthy discussion was not bad. Lieutenant Kajo and the sergeants had 3 alternative plans if none of the original ideas were worked out. Although it was not a foolproof plan, but at least it was better rather than not having any plan at all.

    After several minutes more walking, one of the corporal went over to the lieutenant and the sergeants' position. It was the corporal who was assigned to scout the area ahead.

    "Report! We spot some trace of humans ahead, and it is still new!" The corporal began to report what his group found.

    When hearing the report, the lieutenant and the sergeants looked over and became alert. It was so weird because there was not supposed to be a human out here. The villager had been evacuated. Also, all of the soldiers from the previous group had been reported death.

    "Could it be the report was wrong, and there was a survivor?" The lieutenant thought inside his mind. He needed to check it out. Then, the lieutenant giving a stopped command.

    The group stopped their journey. Lieutenant Kajo, along with two of the sergeants, began to go over with the corporal. They needed to check it first. Meanwhile, the other two sergeants were left to maintain the troops and the surrounding.

    Lieutenant Kajo and two of the sergeants followed the corporal. And, they really found a trace of humans. However, the trail was not really apparent. It looked like the humans tried to cover their tracks. Unfortunately, an expert could easily detect their trace.

    Fortunately, one of the sergeants that came along with Lieutenant Kajo was an expert in tracking. He quickly found the trace and figured out that it was still fresh. He estimated that it was probably one or two hours ago since the humans had left.

    With this new information, Lieutenant Kajo decided to scour the trace first before continuing. However, this time, he didn't bring along a big army. Instead, he just went along with the two sergeants. He even told the corporal to go back to the big group to relay his message to the other two sergeants.

    With the tracking expert sergeant in the lead, Lieutenant Kajo and one other sergeant began to follow the trace. After several minutes following the trail, they had to stop. It was because, from the path, the humans went inside the forest.

    Lieutenant Kajo had to decide to stop the tracking and went back or continue. He asked the opinions of the two sergeants. Both of the sergeants also felt strange with this human's trace. What if it was really a survivor, do they really had to abandon them.

    In the end, Lieutenant Kajo and the sergeants made a decision. They would continue. But, they would go carefully, and if they found something wrong, they would immediately go back. With the decision in place, the three of them began to go inside the forest.

    They began to walk slowly and carefully. After several minutes of walking, they began to feel something. Although there was no light or smell, they could feel some presence up ahead. And, it was not just one presence, but there were several of them.

    The three of them began to increase their alert. If it was really a survivor that it would be a piece of good news, but what if it was not. What if it was a demonic monster that could disgust as a human.

    After walking a bit more, the lieutenant and the sergeants began to see something. Fortunately, what the three of them found was really human and not a demonic monster that disguised as a human.
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