236 Dawn Attack 2

    There was still a quite distance between Lieutenant Kajo's group of three and the humans. From far away, Lieutenant Kajo counted. The group consisted of 9 people. Five of them were sleeping while the other four stayed awaked and guarded them.

    However, Lieutenant Kajo didn't make a move. Instead, he stopped the other two sergeants and looked at them. It was because Lieutenant Kajo could identify the group's identity. It turned out that the group were not survivors or the villagers. Instead, it was a group of the enemy's spies.

    Lieutenant Kajo looked at the sergeants behind him. They whispered whether they should attack them or not. After all, It was an opportunity.

    Moreover, the group's members were not that high-leveled. Lieutenant Kajo could identify that three people had strength at the same level as the two sergeants. Fortunately, two of them belonged to the group that was sleeping.

    The rest of them way weaker than the other three. The difference between the three people and the other were far. If the three people had a combat capability of 10, then the rest of the group only had a combat capability of 3 and at most 5.

    Moreover, the group's equipment was not that good. There were scratched everywhere on their equipment. And, the soldiers who were on guard had a tired expression. It seems that they had a rough day.

    Lieutenant Kajo calculated that they had around 60% of chance to win the fight. However, if they could immediately kill the two people who were sleeping, their winning chance would increase to 100%.

    Lieutenant Kajo was confident that he could win the battle. However, he still asked the other two sergeant's opinion. They needed to make a decision as soon as possible. The longer they stayed here, the higher the chance that the enemy would spot them.

    Moreover, the morning almost came. When the morning had come, it would be more difficult for Lieutenant Kajo and the two sergeants to kill all of the enemies. The sergeants also knew that this was a great opportunity. They didn't want to waste it. So, the two of them immediately agreed.

    Four of the soldiers who were on guards also could not resist the sleepiness that came to them. However, they tried their best to fight it. The four soldiers were split into two smaller groups, with each group consisting of two people.

    The first group was guarding the front while the second group was defending at the back. In between, there were 5 of their teammate that were sleeping.

    Lieutenant Kajo and the sergeants discussed a bit on how to attack them. Their first goal was to eliminate the two people that were sleeping. Yes, their targets were the two people who were as strong as the sergeants.

    They had to ignore the soldiers who were on guard and then immediately charged and killed their target. If they had to fight against one of the two groups that were guarding, it would waste their time. Moreover, it would also alert the enemy.

    With only three of them, it would be too risky to defeat nine enemies without any injuries. Moreover, among the enemy, there was a cleric. Fortunately, the cleric was also sleeping. So, they had more time to kill the enemy before the enemy ready to give support.

    After a minute, Lieutenant Kajo and the sergeants had come up with a plan. They would breakthrough through the back. It was because the group guarding the back was weaker than the front one.

    Lieutenant Kajo and the sergeants would not engage in battle with the guarding soldier and immediately charged to their target. Also, to ensure their killing chance, the three of them would joint-attack one of the targets.

    Then, a second later, Lieutenant Kajo and the sergeants began to initiate their plan. They detour to the back of the enemy's group. After they arrived behind the group, the three of them immediately charged.

    The soldiers who were guarding had a tired and sleepy face. However, they tried to resist the sleepiness by talking to each other in a low voice. At first, it was effective. However, as time goes by, the drowsiness began to attack them once again.

    "I am so tired. How long before the rolling time?" One of the soldiers asked the other.

    The other soldier yawned before answering, "Yawn... So am I. In 10 minutes, we need to wake them. After that, we need to move to another location first before we can go to sleep."

    When they were talking, suddenly, three silhouettes charged at them. This sudden attack surprised them. They could not react in time.

    "Enemies attack!!!!" One of the soldiers shouted as loud as he could. However, when he shouted, the three silhouettes already moved past them.

    The enemies also surprised by the sudden shout. However, they reacted as swift as they could. The soldiers who were guarding the front went to help. Meanwhile, the soldiers who were sleeping also awakened because of the shout.

    However, it was too late. Lieutenant Kajo and the two sergeants already arrived at their target. They immediately launched their full attack towards the target. Before the target could react, the attack already came at him.

    Without any retaliation, the target easily killed by Lieutenant Kajo and the sergeants. However, the three of them didn't stay idle after killing the target, they still had one more target. The three of them directly changed their target.

    Unfortunately, although the target could not block Lieutenant Kajo's attack, but he could prevent the two sergeants' attack. Moreover, the enemy's cleric also already ready to give support. With a heal, the target's health back to full again.

    A crisis came to Lieutenant Kajo's group of three. Fortunately, they reacted quick. After they failed the attack, they directly turned back and breakthroughs from the direction they were coming.

    Thanks to their quick reaction, they could escape before the enemies surround them. Lieutenant Kajo and the two sergeants also made some distance between them and the enemies.
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