237 Dawn Attack 3

    Lieutenant Kajo and the two sergeants were facing eight enemies. It was challenging to face eight enemies without a cleric. Moreover, the enemy had a cleric at their side.

    Lieutenant Kajo and the two sergeants using a quick eye sign had agreed to retreat. Their surprise attack had failed. If they braved themselves and tried to fight against the enemy, it would be challenging to win against them. Even if they could win, they would not escape without any injuries.

    However, their enemies were not some ordinary people or a villager, they were trained soldiers. As soon as Lieutenant Kajo and the two sergeants showed a sign to escape, they immediately chased them.

    They spread out. However, the distance between each of the enemies was not too far. So, in case, Lieutenant Kajo and the sergeants tried to ambush them, the others could quickly support each other.

    Unfortunately, there was a mage among the enemies. Moreover, it was the one who Lieutenant Kajo and the two sergeants failed to kill. The mage began to cast an [Earth Wall] to block the escape route.

    It was proved to be effective. Although the wall quickly destroyed, it hindered the escape of Lieutenant Kajo's group and shortened the distance between them. The mage followed up the spell with a slow spell and targeted one of the sergeants who was the slowest among the three.

    The sergeant, who was the slowest, became slower as the spell hit him. There was still quite some distance between them, but the gap was getting shorter and shorter. The three of them had already tried to use each of their movement speed skill.

    Lieutenant Kajo and the other sergeant could leave. However, the sergeant who was hit by the slow spell would be left behind. They could not leave this one sergeant behind.

    If the sergeant was left, it would be no doubt that he would be killed easily. Moreover, that sergeant was an archer. It would not take that much time to kill an archer with eight people. Lieutenant Kajo had to make a decision.

    If he left behind the sergeant, the two of them could escape. However, if they did that, they would lose the sergeant. The sergeant's death would be no doubt degrade the army's morale. With low morale, what if they had to face the demonic monster.

    Surely, most of the soldiers would have a shadow in their hearts and tried to desert. If there were only a few soldiers that decided to abandon, he could still control it. However, if most of the soldier desert from the battle, he could do nothing to prevent that.

    Lieutenant Kajo looked at the other sergeant and nodded. The other sergeant knew what Lieutenant Kajo means. Lieutenant Kajo would stay behind and tried to buy them some time while he had to run back to the army and brought some reinforcements.

    Lieutenant Kajo stopped his escape. He turned back and faced the enemies behind him. Then, he charged passed the archer who was nearly getting captured.

    Lieutenant Kajo swung his big ax and used his area skill. The enemies already seen what Lieutenant Kajo's movement. So, they could stop and dodge Lieutenant Kajo's area skill. The area skill didn't hit any of the enemies. However, it could prevent them from capturing the archer.

    The archer sergeant also saw the situation. Lieutenant Kajo had tried to save him and let the other sergeant ran away. Since he was a sergeant, he knew what this situation means. They had to buy some time until the reinforcement came.

    The archer sergeant stopped his escape and turned back. He drew out his bow and launched his attack to the enemies. Meanwhile, after unleashing his area skill, Lieutenant Kajo didn't stop, he immediately followed up the attack.

    Lieutenant Kajo could not let the enemies gain their momentum back. He had to keep attacking to prevent the enemies from gaining the upper hand again. However, it was tough to do that with just two people. Moreover, the enemies were eight trained soldiers.

    At first, it was going to what Lieutenant Kajo's had wanted. However, with the cleric and the two strongest soldiers among the enemies, the enemies were slowly gaining their advantages back.

    Actually, the enemies had already seen that one of the enemies had escaped. From this situation, they could also deduce something. Two people tried to fight against the eight of them while the other one was running away, calling a reinforcement.

    Surely, there were other groups near their place. They had wanted to block that one enemy from calling the reinforcement. However, Lieutenant Kajo's area skill had prevented them from doing that.

    Now, the enemies knew that they didn't have any time before the enemy's reinforcement came. They had two choices. First, to ignore Lieutenant Kajo and the archer sergeant and escape. Second, they had to kill both of them and escape quickly.

    Each of the choices had its own advantages and disadvantages. After calculating the odds, the enemies had decided to pick the second option. They could not believe that the eight of them could not kill these two enemies quickly.

    The enemies began to increase their pressure. They began to attack more aggressively. Lieutenant Kajo had tried to prevent the enemy's from surrounding them. With the help of the archer, they could stop them from doing that.

    However, the enemy's number was four times than them. Lieutenant Kajo and the archer sergeant could not help but began to feel pressured. Slowly but surely, the enemies started to surround them.

    Lieutenant Kajo was also slowly getting some injuries accumulated. The archer sergeant also tried his best to maintain some distance and support Lieutenant Kajo from far away. He also was making sure that Lieutenant Kajo always had a route to fall back slowly.

    At first, the archer sergeant could support Lieutenant Kajo. However, the enemies began to divide their attacks. Six of them were focusing on Lieutenant Kajo while the other two were aiming at him. The two of the enemies were trying to force the archer sergeant to go into close combat battle.
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