238 Dawn Attack 4

    The archer sergeant began to have difficulty to support Lieutenant Kajo. He was struggling against the two enemies stuck to him.

    If the sergeant tried to support Lieutenant Kajo, then the enemies would shorten their distance and danger his life. Otherwise, if he tried to block the enemies' advance, then Lieutenant Kajo would have a difficult time facing his enemies.

    Neither of the choices was better than the other one. Although Lieutenant Kajo was powerful than his six enemies, however, it was difficult to fight against six enemies at once. Moreover, there was cleric among the enemy.

    Slowly but surely, Lieutenant Kajo's health began to decrease. His health already reduced to 90%. However, Lieutenant Kajo proved to be convincing. It already took several minutes for the enemy to reduce 10% of Lieutenant Kajo's health.

    Although he could not kill any of the enemies, his goal to buy time seems going in the right direction. Lieutenant Kajo's enemies also began to feel pressured. They had to kill Lieutenant Kajo quickly. However, they had already taken several minutes and only could reduce 10% of Lieutenant Kajo's health.

    Meanwhile, the archer sergeant began struggling. The enemies had come close to him. He was forced to a close combat battle. As a sergeant, he could fight in close combat even though he was an archer. However, his fighting capability surely would not match against the pure close combat soldier.

    And, it was proved correct. The two enemies that the sergeant fought began to gain the upper hand in the battle. The archer sergeant had tried hard to dodge and attack. However, cut injuries started to show on the sergeant.

    Lieutenant Kajo saw his subordinate's state. However, he could do nothing. His hand already full fighting against these six enemies.

    Lieutenant Kajo and the enemies were nervous. The enemies were worried that they could not kill this man before the reinforcement came. Meanwhile, Lieutenant Kajo feared that his subordinate would die before the support came.

    Both sides were nervous because of two different reasons. However, there was one thing that linked both of their worries. It was the reinforcement.

    Auron was waiting with the other soldiers. At first, their alertness was high. However, as the time gone by, slowly, they became bored. A soldier whispered to the soldier beside him.

    When that happened, several other whisper and murmur began to be heard in the group. The corporal could not help but began to rebuke at the talking soldiers. The situation went silent once again.

    However, since there was nothing to do, the whisper and murmur began to sound once again. The corporal once again began to stop the soldier and kept their alert up. However, the two sergeants that were left to maintain the big group also could not help but became worried.

    It was already a long time, and there was no news or sign of Lieutenant Kajo's presence. However, they still waited patiently.

    Then, the third time the whispers and murmur happened again, a commotion started to break in front of the groups. All of the sergeants and the corporals immediately went to the front of the group.

    When they arrived at the front, they saw a silhouette of a man coming out from their front. That silhouette was dashing.

    The shadow approached the big groups at high speed. Slowly they became closer. When the silhouette was close enough, they started to become alert and raised their weapon.

    However, it turned out that the silhouette was Sergeant Richard. When they recognized Sergeant Richard, they immediately put down their weapon.

    "What happen?" One of the sergeants asked Sergeant Richard.

    However, Sergeant Richard didn't answer him. Instead, with a hurried tone, he pointed at two corporals in the very front and ordered, "You and you. Bring your troops and follow me! Hurry!"

    After giving his instructions, Sergeant Richard turned back and went back to where he was coming. Yes, Sergeant Richard was the sergeant that went along with the lieutenant. He also was the one that Lieutenant Kajo told to call for reinforcement.

    The corporals who were pointed by Sergeant Richard also didn't dare to delay. They had already seen the hurried expression in the sergeant's face. They immediately called their troops and followed the sergeant.

    Meanwhile, the sergeants who was asking a question and ignored also didn't get offended. He knew there must be something urgent going on. They didn't get angry and started to calm down the unrest soldiers. Both of them could only pray that there was nothing serious happen to the lieutenant and the other sergeant.

    One of the two corporals that were chosen were Corporal Scud. So, Auron, who belonged to Corporal Scud's troops, also departed and followed Sergeant Richard's step.

    "Quick! Increase your speed!" Sergeant Richard hurriedly ordered.

    With Sergeant Richard's order, the troops began to increase their speed. After several minutes of following Sergeant Richard. Auron started could hear a fighting sound. The sound of weapons clashed and spells launched.

    With that sound, all of the troops began to know something had gone wrong. All of them immediately took out their weapons and prepared to battle. Auron also didn't forget to follow. He took out his staff and prepared to fight.

    The troops increased their speed again. In several seconds after, the soldiers arrived at the battle scene. And it was a disaster.

    Auron could see many wound on Lieutenant Kajo's body. His armor also appear to be damaged. Auron saw that Lieutenant Kajo had a battle against six enemies and only had 40% of his health left.

    Then, Auron looked at the other side of the battle scene. It was more horrifying. The archer sergeant's body had full of injuries. Blood almost covered all of the sergeant's body. And, he only had a sliver of his health left.

    The sergeant still could move. However, it looked like the sergeant could move because of his will to live. The instinct had controlled the body and tried his best to run.
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