239 Dawn Attack 5

    Lieutenant Kajo saw the reinforcement had arrived. He immediately shouted, "Quick! Help Sergeant Kali!"

    At the same time, the enemies also saw that the reinforcement had arrived. They knew it was over. They could not kill this man despite fighting him with six people. However, the enemies didn't want to leave empty-handed.

    The enemies' leader also shouted, "Kill that man, quickly! Then, leave!"

    Although the enemies could not kill Lieutenant Kajo, but the archer sergeant, Sergeant Kali, was dying. The enemies' leader decided to kill Sergeant Kali first and leave the scene.

    The enemies that fought against Lieutenant Kajo started to leave. Lieutenant Kajo, who saw this, didn't let this happen. He chased them and tried to block them.

    The other corporal, besides Corporal Scud, also helped Lieutenant Kajo to chase the enemies. Meanwhile, Sergeant Richard and Corporal Scud went to help Sergeant Kali.

    The two enemies that fought against Sergeant Kali began to kill the sergeant hurriedly. They became more aggressive in their attack. Both of them saw that Sergeant Kali had only sliver of health left, so they unleashed their most potent offense. Then, they immediately left the scene didn't bother to check Sergeant Kali.

    Sergeant Richard chased the escaped enemies. Corporal Scud, who saw this picked three Private Squads to tend the sergeant's wound and instructed the other squads to spread the area and block the enemies' escape route.

    Auron belonged to the chasing group. With Corporal Scud's instruction, his group went northwest from Sergeant Kali's place.

    Auron instructed Lisk and Firze to went ahead and spread out. He also told if they found an enemy, then they had to send a signal and tried to buy time as much as possible. With that, a thief and a swordsman detached from Auron's group and went separately.

    Meanwhile, at Lieutenant Kajo's side, Lieutenant Kajo managed to catch one of the fleeing enemy. He didn't show any mercy and immediately killed that enemy. However, because of finding this one enemy, the other five enemies managed to escape from Lieutenant Kajo's sight.

    "Scour the area! I want all of them dead or alive!" Lieutenant Kajo ordered.

    The corporal began to give some instructions and spread out his troops. Lieutenant Kajo also didn't stay idle. He also scoured the area and tried his best to find the enemy. At least, that was that he could do to redeem his mistake.

    Lieutenant Kajo still felt quilty when seeing Sergeant Kali's last state. The situation was worse than he could imagine. If only he didn't recklessly attack the enemy, then all of this would not happen. He had to pay off for his overconfident.

    Right now, he still didn't know whether Sergeant Kali's condition. Did Sergeant Kali already dead or not? He could only hope that the sergeant hadn't died. Now, he could only kill all of the enemies to pay off his mistake.

    Lieutenant Kajo was actively moving despite his injuries. However, the enemies had made some distance when he killed that one last enemy. He could not see any sign of the enemies.

    After several minutes of looking in the area, he finally found an enemy hiding. Fortunately, this was one of the two strongest among the enemies group. Lieutenant Kajo immediately chased that enemy.

    A chase happened inside the forest. The enemy tried to lose Lieutenant Kajo by moving between the trees. However, it was futile. Lieutenant Kajo was like a homing missile that already locked onto the target.

    The enemy began to panic. To increase their escaping chances, the enemies had decided to went in a separate way. So, there was no one near him. Unfortunately, this enemy was so unlucky. He had already met an enemy. Moreover, the one that found him was the toughest one.

    The enemy could not escape from Lieutenant Kajo's clutch. As the distance between them became shorter and shorter, the enemy finally gave up on escaping. The reason was that Lieutenant Kajo had around 40% of his health left.

    The enemy thought that since he had full health, the battle would not be a quick one. During the fight, he would look for an opportunity to give a massive blow to maim the lieutenant. Then, he would escape once again.

    Although the difference in health was massive, the enemy was not confident enough that he could kill Lieutenant Kajo. Before, when they were six people and attacking this man, it already took much time to decrease the man's health to his current condition. And now, he was alone. It would take forever for him to kill this man.

    The other reason that the enemy braved enough to face the furious Lieutenant Kajo was because there were no other soldiers accompany Lieutenant Kajo.

    With both reasons mentioned, the enemy braced himself and turned around. Then, he launched a sneak attack.

    Lieutenant Kajo also saw that the enemy had turned over and tried to fight against him. He saw the incoming attack from the enemy and ignore it. Instead, he launched his attack on the enemy.

    The enemy was in surprise that Lieutenant Kajo wanted to exchange blows. If this happened, he would be the one on the losing side. However, the attack had been launched, and he could not retract it quickly.

    Baam... Both of the attacks connect to each other. The enemy's sword sliced Lieutenant Kajo's bulky right arm. Meanwhile, the enemy also received a massive blow from Lieutenant Kajo's ax.

    Fortunately, the enemy had taken out one other sword and block Lieutenant Kajo's ax with that sword, or else he would be slice into two pieces. However, the impact of the blow was not a joke. Lieutenant Kajo had used his full force into that one attack.

    The enemy who received the attack flew sideways and crashed a tree. He lost the sword that managed to slash Lieutenant Kajo's right arm. He used the other sword in his hand to stand up. It was difficult to stand up even with the sword's help. The enemy began to feel dreaded.
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