240 Dawn Attack 6

    The enemy stood up with difficulty. In front of him, Lieutenant Kajo just stood there and stared at him. Lieutenant Kajo's right arm was bleeding due to the enemy's sword. However, he didn't feel any pain nor showed a pained expression.

    This way, the pressure that the enemy felt doubled even tripled. The fear intensified as Lieutenant Kajo took one step forward. The enemy's leg began shaking. Fortunately, the enemy still had the support of the sword; if not, he would already slumped to the ground.

    Lieutenant Kajo moved one step at a time slowly. It was like a predator coming closer to its prey while thinking about what he should do to the prey. Should he eat it from the leg or the head?

    In truth, Lieutenant Kajo was thinking. However, it was not about how he should eat this soldier. Instead, he tried to calm his anger and rationalize his thought. He wanted to kill the enemy to appease his wrath quickly. But, the other side of him wanted to capture and interrogate the enemy.

    Lieutenant Kajo wanted to interrogate the enemy because of their presence in this remote place. As the Raiding Month had ended, there were two types of goals that the enemies' spies would do.

    First, to escape from Gaia and back to Regalia. To do that, the spy had to use the portal that connected the Bridge World from Gaia. Then, they had to walk across the Bridge World to arrive at their campsite.

    Second, the spy would usually disguise themselves as a citizen. Then, they would infiltrate to various towns or cities and create havoc from inside. There were multiple kinds of chaos that they could create. For example, they could kidnap and kill citizens inside towns or cities. Or, they could destroy the town head, or they could initiate a rebellion.

    However, this group of spies that Lieutenant Kajo had met did neither of the goals. There must be a hidden agenda that Gaia didn't know. Moreover, they were in this remote village. It only added the suspicion to the group.

    Lieutenant Kajo took a step at a time. The enemy had already dreaded out that he didn't have the energy to run away or fought back. As Lieutenant Kajo came closer, the enemy's fear doubled. He could collapse anytime.

    When Lieutenant Kajo was close enough to the enemy, he raised his fist and punched the enemy. He hit the enemy brutally until the enemy passed out. Yes, in the end, Lieutenant Kajo chose to capture and interrogate the enemy.

    After the enemy passed out, a private squad arrived at the battle scene. They wanted to give their respect to Lieutenant Kajo. However, Lieutenant Kajo stopped them. Instead, he ordered them to tie this enemy and bring back to the big group and don't let him escape.

    The arrival of this private squad was on time. With the group's presence, Lieutenant Kajo didn't have to waste time to tie up the enemy. Instead, he immediately went inside the forest and looked for another enemy. The private squad quickly did as ordered. They carried out the unconscious enemy back to the big group.

    Meanwhile, Auron was walking with his group when suddenly they heard a sound of battle beside them. They hurriedly came over to the source of sound.

    When Auron and his group arrived, they saw that Firze was fighting against one of the enemy in close combat. Immediately, Auron's group took their position.

    The enemy who saw Auron's group came to the scene also hurriedly tried to escape. However, Firze was quick enough to block the enemy from escaping. Failing to escape, the enemy had no choice but to fight.

    At first, when the enemy still fought one on one with Firze, he still could win the fight. He even injured Firze's left arm and right leg. Fortunately, Auron and his group arrived at the scene quickly.

    With Auron and his group arrived at the battle scene, the enemy got distracted by the arriving group. Firze, who was losing, didn't miss this chance. When the enemy got distracted by Auron's presence and tried to escape, Firze directly launched his attack.

    The attack hit the enemy's right leg, which slowed down the enemy. Auron, who saw the enemy, tried to escape also didn't stay idle. He immediately cast his spell. Yonta and Adelina also went over and blocked the enemy escape route.

    Auron's group blocked the enemy's escape route. With the escape route gone, the enemy still tried to defend himself. However, with nine against one, the enemy could do nothing much.

    Very quickly, Auron's group managed to immobilize the enemy. Auron decided not to kill the enemy since he felt that capturing the enemy was more worthwhile.

    After tying the enemy, Auron's group brought him back to where Sergeant Kali was left. When Auron arrived at that place, there were still the private squads who were ordered to treat the sergeant. Not long after Auron's arrival, Sergeant Richard and Corporal Scud also arrived with an enemy's corpse in their possession.

    When Sergeant Richard arrived, he saw Auron's group had a prisoner. So, Sergeant Richard gave a sign to Corporal Scud, who immediately took the corpse and went to Auron's group to take the prisoner.

    Meanwhile, Sergeant Richard went over to the group that treating Sergeant Kali and asked, "How is the sergeant's condition?"

    "Fortunately, we arrived on time. The sergeant still had his last breath left when we started treating him."

    "We managed to stabilize and heal his physical injuries. However, we believe that he had internal injuries. For now, the injuries were not life-threatening."

    "However, it seems that the sergeant could not participate in this operation anymore since a battle would worsen his condition."

    "If we are not careful, the injury could become worse, even reaped the sergeant's life." One of the cleric answer Sergeant Richard's question.

    Sergeant Richard had a serious face when asking the question. However, when he heard the answer, his expression became more relaxed.
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