241 Ancient Ruin 1

    Sergeant Richard felt relaxed a bit. As long as Sergeant Kali did not die, the repercussion would not as heavy as if Sergeant Kali dead.

    "Do what you can to help him." In the end, Sergeant Richard ordered the cleric to take of the sergeant.

    However, the cleric asked, "Yes, Sir! Actually, we should bring Sergeant Kali back as soon as possible. The environment here is not suitable for recovery."

    Sergeant Richard also knew that the environment here was not suitable for the recovery. However, he was not the one who make the decision here. He could only wait until Lieutenant Kajo came back and explained the situation to him.

    "We should wait for Lieutenant Kajo to make the decision. For now, let us bring the unconscious sergeant outside of this forest."

    With that concluded, Sergeant Richard's troops began to prepare to bring Sergeant Kali. Then, they lifted Sergeant Kali's body and exited the forest carefully. It took a long time before they could come back and joined the group again.

    When Sergeant Richard's troops had arrived back, he didn't have to give a long explanation to the other two sergeants. It was because the soldiers that had been ordered to bring back the prisoner had arrived.

    Sergeant Richard only gave the missing details to the other two sergeants and told them about Sergeant Kali's condition. Not long after Sergeant Richard's troops arrived, Lieutenant Kajo and his soldiers also came back.

    They brought back another two prisoners. So, in total, they had four prisoners. One prisoner was the one that Lieutenant Kajo captured himself and delivered first. Then, Another one was the one that Auron's group caught. Lastly, the other two were the new prisoner that Lieutenant Kajo had brought back.

    As soon as he arrived, the first thing that Lieutenant Kajo did was to ask about Sergeant Kali's condition. Sergeant Richard began to explain the situation to the lieutenant. He also requested the cleric who healed Sergeant Kali to help him tell the situation.

    "That is all about Sergeant Kali's condition. Oh, one more thing. The sergeant's condition had been stabilized. I believe that he will wake up pretty soon." The cleric added.

    And it was true. Not long after, Sergeant Kali was weakly moving his part of bodies. Then, the unconscious Sergeant Kali started to open his eyes. He tried to raise his body, but he could not do it.

    When Lieutenant Kajo saw this, he immediately said, "Rest a bit. Your body is weak. After this, I will order four corporals to bring you back."

    After saying that, Lieutenant Kajo directly pointed to four corporals that belonged to Sergeant's Kali's troops. Then, he commanded them to escort Sergeant Kali's safely. Meanwhile, the rest of Sergeant Kali's forces were divided equally and were assigned to the other sergeants.

    After that, the group didn't immediately continue their journey. Instead, they took some rest first after all of the suspense that happened.

    At some part of the big groups, the rest of the sergeants and Lieutenant Kajo were gathered together. In front of them, there were four prisoners. Two were unconscious, and the other two were conscious.

    With a sign from Lieutenant Kajo, one of the sergeants went forward and threw a bucket of water to the two unconscious prisoners. The cold water woke the two unconscious prisoners. They were confused and furious. However, they slowly understood their situation.

    Among the prisoners, one of them was the one that was as strong as a sergeant. Lieutenant Kajo knew that he should be the one that knew more compared the other three. So, Lieutenant Kajo went forward and looked at the man.

    "What are you doing here? What is your mission?" Lieutenant Kajo grabbed the man's face and asked him.

    Instead of answering, the man spit at Lieutenant Kajo's face. Lieutenant Kajo returned the man's spit with a punch to his face. Then, he grabbed the man's head and asked once again, "What is your mission?"

    Blood was pouring from the man's nose. He looked at Lieutenant Kajo's face with a pained expression. However, once more, he didn't answer Lieutenant Kajo's question and laughed loudly.

    Lieutenant Kajo, who saw this, immediately took out his knife and slit the man's throat. Then, he moved out to the next prisoner. He asked the same question. However, the man also did what the previous prisoner did.

    Lieutenant Kajo directly killed the man without mercy and went up to the third prisoner. The third prisoner tried to negotiate with Lieutenant Kajo, who answered him, "You are in no position to negotiate with me! Answer me or die!"

    The man still tried to bargain by saying, "You will get nothing if you kill me. Just let me say the deal first, and from that point, we can start our negotiation."

    However, Lieutenant Kajo didn't waste any time. He answered the man with a stab to the man's stomach and killed the man. Lieutenant Kajo was a lieutenant. He would be ruthless if needed.

    Moving to the fourth and last prisoner, Lieutenant Kajo's got darkened. Fortunately, the fourth and last prisoner was a weak-willed person. Before Lieutenant Kajo could ask him a question, the man already begs, "Don't kill me! I will tell you everything that I know! Just don't kill me!"

    The man began to tell everything that he knew. As the man was only had a lower position, he didn't know much. However, he knew the general detail about their mission.

    Just like what Lieutenant Kajo and the others had thought, the enemy's mission was not to create havoc. Their mission goal was to search for an ancient ruins. Then, they had to obtain something from inside the ruins.

    It was said that if they could get the thing from the ancient ruins, then Regalia would have an absolute advantage over Gaia. However, the man didn't know what that thing was or where the ruin was.

    Actually, Regalia also didn't know the exact location of the ancient ruin. What they knew was that the ruin was located underground.
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