242 Ancient Ruin 2

    "Are you lying to me?" Lieutenant Kajo intimidated the prisoner.

    "No. I don't dare. I told you the truth. That was why Regalia sent a lot of troops this time."

    "They even use their trump card, the demonic stick, to give you a misdirection."

    "Didn't you realize that although a lot of Regalia's spies infiltrate your territory but only a few of them that created a disturbance?" The prisoner tried to convince Lieutenant Kajo.

    "We really didn't know where the ancient ruin located. That was why we sent a lot of people to search for it. And my team was in charge of this area."

    Lieutenant Kajo began to ponder on the prisoner's words. If he really thought about it for a while, what the prisoner said was correct. There were a lot of enemies that infiltrate during the Raiding Month, but no disturbance was happening inside the area.

    No rebellion in cities or towns. Even the other village seems to be in peace. It was so different than the previous Raiding Month. Rather than enemies' spies or players, the one that caused the most impact was the demonic monster.

    When Lieutenant Kajo thought more about the prisoner's words, he realized that the prisoner's words seem genuine. Even though many of the enemies infiltrate the territory, the most visible action that the enemies' spies had done was the attack on the two teams from the previous operation. That attack made both of the teams lost halves of their soldiers.

    Although Lieutenant Kajo began to believe what the prisoner had said, but he didn't show it. Instead, his face became darkened and acted like he was furious. "Keep on lying!" Lieutenant Kajo acted furiously.

    "NO! I am not lying! No! Please! Don't kill me!" The prisoner begged for his life.

    "If all that you said was the truth, then it can be considered as a suicide mission!" Lieutenant Kajo gave more pressure on the prisoner.

    "Why a coward like you willing to take this suicide mission. How could I believe in you!" Lieutenant Kajo threw his reason.

    "It was because the promised the higher-ups had made. The higher-ups had said that this was an easy mission."

    "We just need to stay low while searching the ancient ruin for at least a year. When the next Raiding Month started next year, the higher-ups said that they would send massive troops bigger than this year."

    "At that time, we just need to pass on the information of the ancient ruin to the one in charge."

    "He also said that as long as we gave correct information about the ancient ruin or even obtained the things inside the ruin, coming back from Gaia is a simple matter."

    "Moreover, after we offer that thing and come back from Gaia, we will gain a massive promotion." The prisoner gave out every information he knew.

    What the prisoner had said was the truth. It was actually an easy mission as long as one stay low and didn't do anything messy. However, there was one thing that they had predicted wrong. It was the fact that Gaia entered the highest alert state when they knew that there were a lot of the enemies infiltrate their world. Moreover, the demonic monster's threat also made the security became more tightened.

    The security tightened in each town and city made the spies didn't even have the chance to supply their food from any town or city. They could only hunt for food or go to the remote village that still didn't have tight security measures.

    This raised the mission's difficulty exponentially. Most of the enemies' spies even regretted their choice. They had decided that they would demand a benefit increase when they had successfully completed the mission.

    Lieutenant Kajo continued asking, "And, you believe in all of that promises?"

    "Yes. In fact, we only had to avoid the demonic monster and the Gaia's military. As long as we stay hidden, it is not that difficult to stay for a year."

    "Moreover, the higher-ups showed us the letter from the king himself complete with the royal stamp about the benefits."

    "However, my group was so unfortunate, we were assigned to this remote place. There was a demonic monster's nest near here. And, that limits our movement options." The prisoner tried to sound miserable.

    However, Lieutenant Kajo didn't care about the miserable tone. Instead, he was more curious about the demonic monster's nest. He asked about the location of the prisoner who cooperated well.

    Lieutenant Kajo didn't intend to charge to the demonic monster's nest. After all, looking at his troops' condition right now, it would be impossible to kill the demonic monster. The troops' morale had been low since Sergeant Kali was injured. However, that information was still useful for this operation and for the future.

    "Okay, since you had cooperated well. I will not kill you." In the end, Lieutenant Kajo said.

    "However, we could not let you go. We have to bring you back. You better behave properly, or else I will not be this polite to you anymore." Lieutenant Kajo threatened the prisoner.

    "Yes. Yes. I will behave properly. Thank you very much!" The prisoner didn't feel threatened. Instead, he felt relieved and thanked Lieutenant Kajo over and over.

    The prisoner was like a crazy person since he thanked the enemy's lieutenant over and over again. Lieutenant Kajo had to order someone to shut him and watched over him. He didn't order them to kill the prisoner since he knew that the prisoner was useful.

    From the interaction before, the prisoner had been scared that he blurted out everything he knew. He would bring this prisoner back and gave him to the military. The military could interrogate him to know about the enemy's military power.

    With everything had been resolved, Lieutenant Kajo had to focus back. He had to complete the goal that made him went all the way here, destroying the demonic stick. Lieutenant Kajo raised his arm and gave an advance command.
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