243 Infighting? 1

    The army continued its journey to destroy the demonic stick. There was still less than one hour walking from their place to arrive at their destination. After the spies' incident, the morale of the troops was pretty low.

    It was because General Kali was injured and could not continue the mission. However, gradually, the troops' morale began to improve due to the peaceful journey.

    Although the journey was peaceful, the sergeant and the corporal kept on reminding them during the trip. The soldiers still maintained their alertness. However, there really was nothing that happened.

    They didn't even meet any monster or found any trace of monsters around the area. Because of that, the army's advance speed increased. With no obstacle, their marching speed began to rise. Moreover, morning almost came.

    In no time, they arrived near the demonic stick's location. The army had cut down their journey time. It only took 30 minutes for them to come to this location. It was almost half from their original estimation.

    When the army arrived, just like before, Lieutenant Kajo called the sergeants and the corporals to the front. Then, he started to give them a last brief before they began to attack.

    After 10 minutes, Lieutenant Kajo finished his briefing and asked, "Any question?"

    Lieutenant Kajo looked at his subordinate's face. None of them showed any confused expression. The reason was most of them had joined the previous expedition. So, all of them knew what to do. Moreover, there were more soldiers in this mission.

    Out of all of the soldiers' presence here, only two people that didn't join the last expedition. They were Sergeant Richard and another sergeant. However, they already did their homework. When they heard that Lieutenant Kajo had asked them to help him, they already began to search for information about the last expedition.

    From the demonic monster's power, the demonic stick's behavior until the area's terrain. So, although the sergeants didn't join the previous mission, they already had enough knowledge to know what to do. Moreover, both of the sergeants had previously intensively discussed with Lieutenant Kajo.

    With sufficient knowledge, both of the sergeants shooked their heads, followed by the other sergeants and the corporals. Lieutenant Kajo nodded his head and said, "Good, soon we will begin the attack! Start your preparations."

    With that command, the sergeants and the corporals went back to their group and began instructing. Several commands and explanations were heard from the sergeants and the corporals.

    After several minutes, the preparations were finished. With that, Lieutenant Kajo began to initiate the attack officially. Each of the sergeants started moving with their own troops and took their position.

    Initially, each of the sergeants should guard one position from the north, east, south, and west from the demonic stick. However, since Sergeant Kali was injured and could not participate in the mission, they had to change their plans.

    However, it was not a massive change in their plan. Now, the three sergeants had to cover four sides. They had to divide the area carefully, so there was no loophole from it.

    Sergeant Richard was in charge of the north area. Within Sergeant Richard's troop, Corporal Scud was in charge of preventing the monster's horde. Yes, this time, Auron didn't have the chance to attack the demonic stick. His troop was assigned to deal with the incoming monster.

    With everything was settled, it was time to commence the attack. Lieutenant Kajo led the attack. The sergeants didn't participate in the attacking party. Instead, their main job was to prevent the monster's horde from passing their blockade. They just had to send several of their troops to help Lieutenant Kajo's attack.

    Like the previous time, when the soldiers entered the demonic stick's area, their attributes was decreased due to the demonic aura. However, it didn't stop them. Lieutenant Kajo moved forward.

    In less than a minute, Lieutenant Kajo had arrived beside the demonic stick. He immediately used his powerful skill and attacked the demonic stick. Baam... The damage was enormous.

    With that one attack, the demonic stick began to use both of its skills. The battle had begun. Lieutenant Kajo and the soldiers started to attack the shield.

    Meanwhile, the defense teams still waiting for the monster's horde to arrive. They looked at the area around them. Nothing was strange.

    With more soldiers attacking the shield, it didn't take a long time before the protection crumbled. When the shield destroyed, the demonic stick's health began to reduce slowly. Several seconds later, the first monster had arrived around the area.

    Soon, more and more monsters arrived in the area. The monsters were coming from every direction. However, the soldiers didn't go panic or caught in surprise. This time, they had already knew what was happening to them.

    Calmly, the defense teams began to take the incoming monster. With more soldiers than the previous expedition, the monsters were quickly wiped out. There were even some high spirited soldiers that complaint they didn't get any target to attack.

    In no time, the demonic monster had already lost 20% of its health. It was swift compared to the previous mission. The demonic stick's shield could only extend its life for several minutes before destroyed.

    Very quickly, the amount of monster gradually decreases as the spawn rate could not keep up with the dying monster. With fewer monsters, the sergeants ordered some of the squad to help attacking the demonic stick.

    Soon, the demonic stick's health dropped to 50%. "Keep up the good work!" Lieutenant Kajo praised his soldiers for increasing the troop's morale.

    However, as soon as he said that, a loud roar was heard from inside the forest. Lieutenant Kajo and the sergeants looked in the direction where the cry was coming from. Then, their expression darkened, and they began to feel nervous.

    The reason was because of the roar's direction. Based on what the enemy's spy had said previously, the cry was coming from the direction of a demonic monster's nest.
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