246 Infighting? 4

    Lieutenant Kajo didn't stay for long. As soon as the three sergeants told him that they had completed the mission, he ordered a retreat. He didn't care about the result of the fight among the demonic monster.

    Lieutenant Kajo had already made a grave mistake. Although Lieutenant Kajo, Sergeant Richard, and Sergeant Kali had previously agreed on the surprise attack, as the leader of this mission, he was the one who responsible for the tragedies.

    Fortunately, he had finished his mission. What happened if he wasn't? There would be no doubt that he would be punished even demoted to lower ranks.

    When Lieutenant Kajo ordered a retreat, one of the sergeants voiced out his disagreement. He wanted to wait for the demonic monster's fight to over. Then, strike them as soon as the battle had over.

    The sergeant believed that they could reap the benefit from the fight. However, Lieutenant Kajo stick to his thought and quickly rejected the sergeant's proposal. He didn't want to make a risky move again.

    Lieutenant Kajo didn't want to increase his mistake. What if the demonic monsters dislike having any spectator during their fight and decided to kill them first, then it would be too late for them to escape.

    Although they had a more significant number than the previous mission, there were also more than one demonic monsters this time. There were even four demonic monsters.

    Although the sergeant still didn't want to retreat, however, he could do nothing as Lieutenant Kajo was the leader of this mission. He could not go against Lieutenant Kajo's order, or it would be the same as defying the superior's order.

    With the matter settled, the troops retreated slowly and orderly. They didn't want to catch the attention of the demonic monsters. From the most back soldiers, they fled one by one, followed by the other soldiers.

    Lieutenant Kajo and the sergeants were the last ones who left the place. Thankfully, the demonic monsters were occupied with the fight and didn't bother them leaving. The troops went slowly and didn't make any significant movement.

    As the distances between the demonic monsters and the troops widen, the soldiers began to increase their marching speed and left the place quickly. Auron breathed a sighed of relief.

    He thought that they would have to fight against a demonic monster again. He was already fed up with fighting against the demonic monster. If he had a high strength, then it would be a different story. However, he was still weak right now. It was already difficult for him to defend himself even more to slay the demonic monster.

    The troops had already far away and went back safely to the nearest town with accomplished mission at hand. Meanwhile, the demonic monster still had an intense fight. The three big demonic monsters attacked brutally.

    They didn't give the bloody demonic monster a chance to escape. The bloody demonic monster tried his best to hang on and find a way to avoid it. Deep inside, the bloody demonic monster regretted what he already did.

    It turned out that the bloody demonic monster was a ruthless monster. He didn't care about anything and killed everyone weaker than him. He already massacred quite a significant number of villages.

    The bloody demonic monster also didn't let the merchant peddler to escape. If he found a weak merchant peddler, he would even kill them. He would spare no effort to get experience points to make him stronger.

    Previously, before the fight happened, the bloody demonic monster was walking to hunt. And, he found a weak demonic monster nearby. He knew that killing this demonic monster would give more experience points compared to his other victims.

    The demonic monster he found belonged to one of the big demonic monster's tribe. As the bloody demonic monster didn't know that his prey's nest was near, he quickly sneaked up to his victim. Moreover, the weak big demonic monster was alone.

    The bloody demonic monster began his assassination. And it was easy. His prey quickly died and let out a sad wailing. Unfortunately, what he didn't know was that the big demonic monster's leader was on his way to pick up the weak demonic monster.

    When he saw that his tribe's member getting assassinated, he was furious. The big demonic monster roared furiously and chased the bloody demonic monster. The sudden arrival of the leader stunned the bloody demonic monster.

    The bloody demonic monster quickly escaped. However, he was chased by the leader. Moreover, the leader's cries were also heard by two other members in the nest. The two of them joined hands with the leader to get revenge.

    The big demonic monster had surrounded the bloody demonic monster twice. However, each time, the bloody demonic monster managed to escape their encirclement. And, right now, was the third. They would not let this chance slipped away once more.

    The bloody demonic monster was in a dangerous state. He still had a chance to escape by using his trump card. However, he didn't want to do it. There were repercussions if he used it. If he could not use it, he rather didn't use it.

    However, the big demonic monster also attacked brutally. The bloody demonic monster began to bleed. The blood on his body was his prey's blood, but now, it was mixed with his blood.

    The bloody demonic monster could not hold any longer. In the end, he decided to use his trump card. Boom... A massive explosion was heard. Dust was flying around the area and blurred the vision.

    When the dust settled, there were only three demonic monsters at the scene. All of the were the big demonic monster. However, two of them were still healthy while the other one gravely injured. And, there was no sign of the bloody demonic monster at the scene.

    Knowing his enemy escape, the leader roared furiously for several minutes. Meanwhile, the other demonic monster helped the one who was injured and bring him back to the nest.
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