247 Devils Nest 1

    Lieutenant Kajo and his troops arrived at the military base. When they arrived, it was already dark. Lieutenant Kajo dismissed the soldiers, including the sergeants, and went to report the mission.

    "Okay, we have heard and noted your report. Thank you for your hard work!" The military staff who tasked for reporting said.

    Lieutenant Kajo wanted to go out and visited Sergeant Kali. However, before he could do that, the staff called him over, "Lieutenant, please visit the main building tomorrow at 8 in the morning. There will be a hearing."

    Lieutenant Kajo stopped his walk and sighed. Then, he looked over to the staff and said, "Okay."

    The staff didn't say any details about the hearing or the reason for the hearing. However, Lieutenant Kajo already knew why. There could only be one reason, Sergeant Kali's injuries.

    However, he could do nothing about it. What already happened had already happened, Lieutenant Kajo could not change it. He could only face everything coming his way.

    With that, Lieutenant Kajo went out of the building and went to the military's hospital. He asked Sergeant Kali's room and immediately went over there.

    Meanwhile, Auron was stood inside his room. Just like before, he could not immediately claim his mission's rewards and could only claim it tomorrow morning. He was thinking about what he should do.

    Without any options to do, Auron could only do the most natural thing that came up to his mind, leveling. He didn't go over to his swordsman character. Instead, he intended to hunt with his mage character and let his swordsman character hunt alone.

    This way, he could earn multiple experience points at once. As a soldier, usually, they would have free time at night if they were not in a guard mission. Moreover, Auron was still new in the military. It was still around three days since he joined the army. So, he had not been assigned to any duty yet.

    Auron exited his room and went out of the military base. He had to look for the right hunting spot. He walked to the teleportation gate while thinking where he should go.

    It was 10 pm in the night, almost midnight. However, there were still quite a lot of people roaming around the street. Most of the NPC had gone to sleep or just staying inside their house. But, there were still many players that wandering around the road.

    Some players were talking with his friend. Some others were preparing his equipment to go leveling. After walking for several minutes, Auron finally arrived at the teleportation gate. When suddenly, someone called him.

    "Hey, you over there. Do you want to go to a dungeon with us? We lack one more person." A player called over Auron.

    Auron looked over and saw a woman was standing in front of him. The woman was a beauty. However, what strange was, Auron didn't have any attraction to the woman. Auron asked the woman, "Which dungeon?"

    "Devil's Nest. Just to make sure your level is over 200, right?" The woman asked Auron.

    Devil's Nest was a dungeon for level 250 and above players. However, a player with a level of more than 200 could go inside the dungeon. It was an 8 men dungeon. So, there must be another 6 players beside him and the woman.

    "Okay, when do we go?" Auron asked once again.

    "Great! Soon. Follow me, I will introduce you to our team's members." The woman went to the nearby pub, followed by Auron.

    Inside the pub, there were already another 6 players who were sitting circling a table. The woman and Auron went over to the table. When both of them arrived at the table, all of the people looked at them. And, the woman started to introduce Auron to them. Then, the woman introduced the other team members to Auron.

    There was nothing strange or weird during the introduction. All of the members were nice and quite friendly. Auron looked at them and recognized that the party was composed of level 250 players and above.

    There were only two people that were below level 250. Auron was one of them. The other one was a man who saw at the edge. Although his level was below 250, however, it was not that far to that number, unlike Auron, who still had a long way to go.

    The Devil's Nest dungeon had a pretty high difficulty level. It had a 7 stars difficulty out of 10. However, with good teams and great teamwork, it would not be that difficult to complete.

    After the introduction, it turned out the leader of the party was not the woman. Instead, it was a man with glasses on his eyes. The leader said to Auron, "You don't need to be nervous, mate. All of us were experienced players."

    After the leader had said that, Auron looked over at all of the members. Several seconds later, he knew what the leader means. All of them had the same guild's badge on their chest. It means that all of them belonged to the same guild.

    However, it was not all, the guild that the badge represents was pretty famous. It was a farming guild. And, it was a top 300 farming guild. So, this means that all of these players had a low level, not because they were a newbie. But, they had reset their character intentionally to farm.

    "But we have to agree on one thing first! All of the loots will belong to us. If you can agree to this, we will accept you to the team. If not, then we can only look for another person." The leader said to Auron.

    Auron needed the loot as well. However, he lacked experience points more. With an experienced team's members, Auron didn't have to work hard and just leech the experience point. Auron would not let this chance slipped away.

    Auron nodded and agreed, "That's fine, I have no problem with that."
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