248 Devils Nest 2

    "We all set then." The leader concluded.

    "Do you have any business? If not, we will get going." The leader asked Auron.

    Auron shook his head. "Let us get going!" The leader stood up, followed by the other members.

    After that, Auron was invited to the party, and they all went to the teleportation gate. Not long after, Auron's party arrived in front of their destination, the Devil's Nest.

    There were eight members inside the party, including Auron. Their party consisted of two swordsmen, one clerics, two archers, two mages, and surprisingly, a merchant. Moreover, the merchant was the glasses party's leader.

    "Are you all ready?" The leader asked the group's members.

    All of them nodded, including Auron. With the members' confirmation, the party's leader opened the dungeon. Then, all of the members vanished from in front of the dungeon.

    A few seconds later, all of the members were already inside the dungeon. Auron regained his vision back, and several system notifications greeted him.

    [Your party's leader has set the loot distribution to leader only]

    [You have entered Devil's Nest' Dungeon]

    [Eliminate the source of disaster]

    Maximum Players: 8

    Dungeon Cooldown: 1 day

    Description: Investigate and eliminate the cause of the disaster that happens in the area.

    Quest Clear Condition: Eliminate the source of disaster (0/1)

    Quest Clear Rewards: Experience +1.000.000, Gold +1

    Quest Failure Condition: All players in the party die

    Quest Failure Punishment: Dungeon will be in cooldown for 2 days.

    The glasses merchant had already set the loot distribution to the leader only. This way, all of the members still could loot the item dropped. However, all of the items would automatically go to the leader's inventory.

    Later on, the party's leader should be the one who was responsible for distributing the loot. However, for this dungeon run, since Auron had made an agreement with the leader, so he would not get any loot. He would only receive his portion for completing the dungeon's quest.

    Although this dungeon name was Devil's Nest, it didn't really have any relation to the real devil. It was named this because of the dungeon's background story.

    This dungeon's setting was taking place in a remote village far from the city. At first, the villagers were living in peace and harmony. They often went to the big city to sell their goods and buying supplies for the village.

    With all of the villagers' effort, slowly, the village became bigger and bigger. More and more merchants were coming to the village. And, the original small village was upgraded and became a town.

    All of this started after the village upgraded and became a town. One day, a man was missing. Everyone put their best effort into searching for the man, but he could not be found. The wife became worried since the man never say anything before he was missing.

    Since it was already dark, the villager put a stop to the searching and decided to continue tomorrow. The man's neighbors tried to console the wife and said something comforting. However, the wife's worries could not go because this was the first time that her husband went out missing without leaving any message.

    It was a sleepless night for the wife. She could not sleep at all. When the morning came, the wife hoped that his husband returned home or at least be found. However, just like her bad feelings, her husband didn't return home.

    The villager began their searching once again from the morning. However, the search didn't have any results. Not even a trace of the man could be found. This continued until the third day.

    On the third day, another man was missing. Starting from that day, a villager began to disappear each upcoming day. There were some patterns on the missing person. It didn't care about gender, but all the ones who had been missing were healthy people and still in the working age.

    The village's head had already reported this missing case to the city and kingdom's authorities. The kingdom had also already sent their troops to the village. They were tasked to help for the search and guarding the village until this case was solved.

    However, the troops sent by the kingdom started to go missing one by one. When the victims count reached more than a hundred, the kingdom took this case seriously. They sent more troops with stronger strength.

    Finally, the military found a clue on the missing people. They traced the hint until it led to the mountain nearby. Inside that mountain, they found a small old house.

    When the soldiers went inside the house, what they found was shocking. The small old house seems normal when they first came inside the house. There was no person found inside the home, and all of the furniture was old.

    However, the soldiers found a hidden stair that led to the underground. When they went downstairs, they found an excellent place full of high technology inside. It was very different than the small old house upstairs.

    The soldiers scoured the area and found out that it was a laboratory. Inside the laboratory, they found out the crazy man who was responsible for all of this. When they want to make an arrest, the insane man resisted. In the end, the soldier shot and killed the man.

    It turned out that the crazy man was the one who kidnapped all of the missing people and made them into a rat lab. Inside the laboratory, the soldiers also found several corpses that were a result of failed experiments. The corpse's appearance had changed far from humans. It could not even be categorized as a human's corpse.

    To not let this news spread, the military burned all of the corpses and destroyed the laboratory. They also spread the rumor that this incident was because of a devil, and this place was the Devil's Nest. They also said that although they had eliminated the devil, however, they could not prevent the site from curse and forbid anyone to go around this area.
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