249 Devils Nest 3

    Auron and his party were inside the underground facility. This was the starting point for the dungeon. From the background story, anyone could already guess the dungeon's objective. It was to kill the crazy researcher who used humans as a rat lab.

    The dungeon challenger would become the kingdom's soldiers who were tasked to investigate the matter. Of course, not all of the background story was implemented as it was. There would be some change to give the players a little bit of difficulty to clear the dungeon.

    For example, the real laboratory was not as big as the dungeon's size. Another example was, in the story, it was said that there was no success experiment. However, the monsters who roamed inside the dungeon were the mutant who was made from the research.

    "You can stand till and do nothing. Or, you can attack the marked monster. It is up to you, but do not create chaos or I will kick you out from the party! Oh yeah, one more thing, regardless of your choice, you need to follow us to the boss' room." The glasses merchant who was also the party's leader spoke to Auron.

    Auron didn't take any offense from the party's leader's speech. He knew that he was actually not needed in this dungeon run. With or without him in the party, there would be no impact at all to this run success.

    The party began to move out and arrived at a big hall full of monsters. The party finally met with the dungeon's monster.

    [Mutant type 1] (common monster)

    Level: 247

    HP: 50000000/50000000

    MP: 30000/30000

    Skills: Increase Speed

    Description: The first type of mutant who walks with its hand and feet. It is a mutant with high movement and attack speed.

    [Mutant type 2] (common monster)

    Level: 253

    HP: 60000000/60000000

    MP: 30000/30000

    Skills: Heavy Strength

    Description: The second type of mutant who walks with two feet. It is a mutant with considerable damages. Be careful of its attack!

    There were two types of mutants in front of the party. One with high mobility and the other one with a powerful attack. There was something that would attract anyone's attention. The monster's had high health points.

    It was actually not because of this dungeon was special or anything. Instead, it was because the developer did it intentionally. When the first few years after the launch, the monster only had 10% of its current health point.

    However, because of the low health point, many of the stronger players could easily solo the monster without any challenges. When Black Sheep saw this, they thought of a way to raise the difficulty. They wanted to encourage the player to play in a group more.

    They enhanced the monster's attributes. Although it was only a 1% increase in the attack and defense of the monster, however, there was a massive change in the health and mana point of the monster.

    This dungeon was the first dungeon for players with level 200 or more. The Black Sheep decided to make this dungeon was the starting point. There was a qualitative change in the monster's attributes, s

    All of the monsters would get a 1% increase in attack and defense. Also, their health and mana points would be multiplied by 10. There was a huge controversy when this update was implemented. However, Black Sheep still stayed with their decision.

    Changes began to take place in the games. Black Sheep's objective was achieved. The players who could solo the monster started to make a party and not solo the dungeon. However, the number of dungeon's raid also drastically went down.

    All of the players changed their hunting way and went for ordinary monsters outside of the dungeon. Black Sheep, who saw this data, began to implement another patch. The level 300 and more monsters would gain the same attributes increased. Also, the monster below level 300 would get a decrease of 10% in their experience point.

    Once again, a controversy happened. A lot of players left the game because it was more challenging to raise the level. However, there were also a lot of new players who like a challenge to play the game.

    After a few months of running the latest update, the game began to stabilize. There were no more complaints about the increase in the monster's attributes or the decrease in the experience point. Moreover, as the game increase in fame, many players began to flock to the game once more. Some of them were returning players who left the game before.

    Auron's party was proved to be professional. They quickly killed all of the enemies without leaving anything behind. After that, they promptly went to the next place. It was too easy for the party. It just took a little bit more time because of the monster's high health points.

    After several minutes, Auron and his party arrived at the boss' room. They saw the last boss, the crazy researcher. As soon as Auron's party entered the room, the boss immediately took action. Actually, the boss was weak and could not attack, the boss would summon his mutant and let it attack the party.

    Each time a wave of mutant summoned by the boss died, the boss' health would be reduced. This way, whether the players attack the boss or just killing the mutant, the boss would die in the end. Also, the boss would immediately summon another wave of mutant when the previous wave was cleared.

    The number of the player in the boss' room would determine the number of mutants that the boss summoned. This was also why Auron was invited to the party, although the party didn't need him. It was only for this last room.

    After all, more monsters mean more loots. As the party's objective was for farming, the party didn't attack the boss at all. After several waves of mutant, the boss died, and they cleared the dungeon. This was the first time, after starting over, Auron gained easy experience points with no danger at all.
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