250 Hearing 1

    Slash... The swordsman at the front killed the last mutant from the wave. With that mutant died, the boss howled painfully. After that last mutant was dead, the boss got some damage and died.

    "Okay, we are done!" The glasses merchant said while picking up the boss' loot.

    With the boss died, the party had finished their dungeon. It took long enough than normal dungeon run since they did it on purpose. Usually, a normal run would keep one mutant from the first wave alive. Then, they would attack the boss until he died.

    However, this party didn't do this strategy. They wiped out waves after wave and let the boss took the damage because of the clearance of the mobs.

    Every wave cleared, the boss would suffer fixed damage. His health would be reduced by 5% every wave cleared.  This means there were only at most 20 waves, and each wave would consist of 8 monsters. In total, the party had removed 160 of the boss's mutant guards.

    Of course, the loot gained from it also not little. Several level 250 and above equipment were dropped by the boss' guards. Unfortunately, all of this equipment would go to the party's leader.

    However, Auron didn't complain. He had his own benefits. Throughout the dungeon, he didn't do anything at all. He just followed the party from behind.

    Occasionally, he would warn the group if there was a mutant launching a sneak attack. But, it only happened less than 3 times from the entire run. This showed how experience the party running this dungeon.

    Auron and his party exit the dungeon through the gate. Outside of the dungeon, the glasses merchant approached Auron, "So, that's it. Thank you for your cooperation!"

    "Let me add you to my friend list. Maybe, if we need some extras, I will contact you." The glasses merchant offered.

    "Sure. If I am free, I will gladly help." Auron smiled while accepting the friend invitation. There was no reason to decline such a good offer.

    From this run, Auron almost gained a level while doing nothing. Well, he had to sacrifice some of his time since the dungeon run was so long. But it didn't matter. Even during the dungeon run, Auron had gone over to his swordsman character two times.

    After saying that, Auron and the glasses merchant's party went separately. Since there was still a long time before he could claim his rewards, Auron decided to go hunting.

    Several hours later, the morning came. Lieutenant Kajo woke up from his slumber. He was in Sergeant Kali's medical room. He looked at the time, it was near the hearing time.

    Sergeant Kali was still asleep due to the medicine's effect. Lieutenant Kajo didn't want to wake him up, so he moved slowly to the door. Before he exited the room, he looked at Sergeant Kali once more and sighed.

    Lieutenant Kajo went up to the hearing room. Inside, there were already a lot of higher-ups. It was bustling with discussion and laughter.

    When Lieutenant Kajo went inside, all of the people's eyes looked at him. Some smirked happily while the others looked at him with pity.

    Not long after Lieutenant Kajo went inside, General Elbert arrived at the room. Behind him, there was General Kelvin following him into the room.

    General Elbert looked at Lieutenant Kajo and didn't say anything or make any expression. He directly went to his seat. Meanwhile, General Kelvin, who was behind him, looked at Lieutenant Kajo arrogantly.

    "Let us not waste any more time and start this hearing." General Elbert declared.

    "Let us start by hearing the report from Lieutenant Kajo and General Kelvin."

    After that sentence from General Elbert, General Kelvin went up to the front. He immediately told all of his experiences. He didn't forget to say that the mission was too easy and no danger involves at all.

    Fortunately, General Kelvin didn't meet with any danger throughout his mission. He didn't encounter any enemies' spies or demonic monsters. With his strong capability, his troops didn't suffer any injuries at all.

    This clean sheet of no injuries made General Kelvin arrogant. He bragged about how he skillfully led the troops.

    In the end, General Elbert had to stop General Kelvin and let Lieutenant Kajo told his experiences. Just like before, Lieutenant Kajo said every detail of his mission. From meeting the enemies' spies until he saw two different kinds of demonic monsters fighting against each other.

    Lieutenant Kajo also didn't try to hide how Sergeant Kali got injured under his order. In the end, he closed his speech by telling how he captured one of the enemies' spies and got some info about the enemies' objectives.

    General Kelvin sneered at Lieutenant Kajo. After Lieutenant Kajo finished his story, General Kelvin wanted to mock and emphasize on how Lieutenant Kajo had made an enormous mistake. However, before he could say anything, General Elbert stopped him.

    "You have made a grave mistake this time." General Elbert said softly.

    General Elbert knew that Lieutenant Kajo had made a grave mistake. If it was an inevitable situation that resulted in Sergeant Kali's injuries, then he could save Lieutenant Kajo. However, this time, it was actually an evitable situation.

    Without further ado, General Elbert directly made the verdict, "As a punishment, you will have to take a test. You have to spend your time in the Bridge World for 3 months. During those three months, you need to kill at least 3 enemies with Lieutenant or above ranks."

    "Also, in achieving that goal, you could not sacrifice a lot of soldiers. If you could not achieve that, we have no choice but to demote you."

    "Any objection?" General Elbert asked the other generals.

    General Kelvin was actually dissatisfied with the punishment. He wanted Lieutenant Kajo to be demoted to lower rank directly. However, he could not voice it out and could only agree to what General Elbert had said.

    The other generals also quickly agreed with the suggestion without voicing any concerns.
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