253 Arrived

    Auron finally arrived at the training place. It was a village named Skemvil. The village was a small village.

    It was because the village got harassed continuously by the bandit around the area. So, there were only a few villagers that wanted to stay here.

    The kingdom had sent several guards to station here. Those guards managed to create a little peace in the area. However, it was only on the surface.

    Another problem rose up. The villager needed to sell their goods to continue living. And they also needed to buy some supplies. However, when they tried to go to the nearest town, they would be raid by the bandits on the way.

    The guards could not divide themselves. In the end, the villager could only make a transaction with the big merchant caravan. However, that merchant's goods were not cheap either. The price had already gone spike up because of the distance and the danger level.

    However, there were still some villager that staying in the village despite all of the difficulties. And, when the villager knew that their village was going to be the training's ground for these newcomer soldiers, they were so happy.

    When Auron arrived, the villagers were so welcoming to him. Although they could not give a welcoming party, they treat Auron very warmly. They guided Auron to the meeting's place. Along the way, they also introduced the village.

    Since the training lasted for a month, the soldiers had to stay in the village. Some of the villagers voluntarily let their house to become a resting place for the soldiers.

    With the help of the kind villager, Auron arrived at the meeting place quickly. There were already several other soldiers who came. However, they were still waiting until all of the soldiers arrived.

    An hour later, all of the training participants had already arrived. Auron saw that there were 50 soldiers, including him.

    50 soldiers were quite a significant number for this village. It was because there were only around 30 villagers in this village. With the addition of 51 people, the village was full of people.

    With all of the training participants already arrived, the briefing started. However, it was not only the soldiers that presence here, but there were also the villagers. Although they could only watch from the sideline, they wanted to join this rare occasion.

    The training sergeant came forward, followed by the village's head behind him. The training sergeant began his speech, "Welcome! I am your training sergeant. My name is Jack. I am a senior corporal."

    "As you all have already known. For a month, we will stay in this village together with the villager."

    When Corporal Jack said that sentence, the excited villagers immediately clapped their hands, welcoming them.

    "I hope that we can live together and help each other with the villager. Now, all of you have received your schedule. I want you to give your best for this training."

    "Why? Because I can give and take your military points."

    "If you showed great progression and ability, I can give you a handful of points."

    "However, if you are slacking off, I can also give you minus points."

    "If you feel that these points things were stupid, then, believe me, it is not."

    "As you progress in the ranks, you will realize how important these points are."

    "So, you better pay attention to your behavior during this training session."

    "One more thing, if you already looked at the schedule, there actually nothing dangerous activity there. However, you might have already know the rumor. There should be a bandit's headquarter around the area."

    "So, you better be careful. If you feel that you cannot win against the bandit, do not hesitate to run away immediately."

    "However, if you can find the exact location of the bandit's headquarter, you will be rewarded tremendously by the kingdom."

    "That is all that I want to say. Any questions?" Corporal Jack finished his briefing.

    None of the training participants raising their hands. So, Corporal Jack continued, "Okay, then. If you have no question, before I dismiss all of you, let us hear a word from the village's head."

    With that, Corporal Jack let the village's head came forward. The village's chief said, "Thank you, corporal! I will not give a long speech. First of all, I want to welcome you for coming to this village."

    "I hope your stay in this village will be comfortable. If you have any concerns or need something, you can find the villager or me and ask for help. We will try our best to fulfill all of your needs."

    "That is all I am going to say. I hope you will give your best in your training and get the best result."

    With that, the village's head gave back the place to Corporal Jack. "Thank you, village's head. Now, you can dismiss. You can spend your free time as you like."

    The soldiers disperse to their own destinations. However, many of them went to their assigned house, including Auron. They already spend a lot of time to reach this village, and they were tired.

    Each of the houses housed 10 soldiers inside. Auron saw his housemate and tried to get acquainted with them. At least, he knew each of their names.

    Unfortunately, none of the other soldiers were interested in this. That was why they only did as simple as saying their names, and that was it. None of them want to talk a bit further.

    Without nothing to do, Auron went outside of the house. He wanted to look for something to do. In the end, Auron decided to get to know his surroundings and the villagers.

    Auron wandered around the village. He also didn't forget to greet all of the villagers. They were all kind and excited. All of them introduced themselves enthusiastically.

    Since there were only 30 villagers in the town. In a short time, Auron already knew most of the villagers who resided here.
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