254 Exposed 1

    Nothing to do, Auron decided to go outside of the village. Before going out, he went to Corporal Jack to inform his intentions.

    Although there were no restrictions on going out, but Auron had to let the person in charge knew where he went. At least, Corporal Jack knew Auron went out, or else he would think that Auron was running away from the training.

    "Okay, no problem. Just remember, you have a training tomorrow. Don't play too hard and get injured. You need some rest!" Corporal Jack warned Auron. Then, Corporal Jack continued his conversation with the village's head.

    With Corporal Jack's permission, Auron went outside of the village. He wandered around a bit around the village.

    The monsters around the area were weak. Nothing extraordinary about it. Auron also inspected the terrain around the village. It was a flat ground with no place to hide.

    It was neither good nor bad. No place to hide means it would have less problem from the enemy trying to use the terrain to hide. However, it also meant that there were no natural blockade for the enemies.

    It would be more dangerous for this village since it was only a small village. The fences that guarded the village were only made of wood.

    Fortunately, the bandits around the area didn't dare to attack recklessly. Although the defense on the village was very scarce, the bandits were afraid that they would induce the kingdom's wrath once again.

    Moreover, this was a small village. The bandits would only gain a little benefit from raiding this small village. They didn't want to induce the kingdom's wrath for just a small profit. It was not worthed.

    Auron went further and further away from the village. The further he went from the village, the stronger the monster he encountered. However, it was still not worth Auron's time to kill all of the monsters he met. So, he just ignored the monster and continued his journey.

    Several minutes later, Auron arrived at a place where the monsters had decent levels. The monsters around the area had a similar level to Auron. They had a level range of 190 until 220.

    As he had nothing to do, Auron began to attack the monsters. Auron was using his mage character. Ordinary mage character should have a difficult time to fight against the monsters alone. However, it was not happening in Auron's case.

    Auron could fight against the monster in close combat. Moreover, he had the [Walking Chanting] skill that allowed him to cast a spell while walking.

    Since there was no one around the area, Auron used his dagger to fight. He also used some of his swordsman skills using the knife. Unfortunately, not all of the swordsman skill could be used using a dagger. So, Auron could only use a limited set of skills using his dagger.

    One by one, a monster died under Auron's hands. It was not easy nor difficult to do this hunting. Auron had the help of his equipment and attributes. So, fighting against a similar level monster was a simple matter for him.

    An hour later, a group of bandits were wandering around the area. They were a ten people group. All of them were excited since they had a huge gain. It could be seen from the bulging bag that they carried.

    The bandits were chattering and joking among each other when suddenly the group's leader stop them. The leader also told them to quiet down.

    From far away, the bandits saw a young man who was fighting against the monster alone. What surprised them was the fact that the young man was a mage. It was so rare to encounter a mage who could fight against the monster alone. Moreover, it was a close combat battle.

    "A new delicious target!" One of the bandits talked in low volume, followed by grinned by the other bandits.

    "Sshh... Look first!" The bandit's leader rebuked his teammate.

    The bandit's leader was the only one among the group who could think critically. Although he could not recognize the man's level. However, he knew that the monster the man was fighting was around level 200.

    This bandit group was actually weak. Their average level was level 150. The strongest among them all was level 180, which was the leader.

    So, to fight against that monster, the group actually had to fight as a group. However, that young man could fight against that monster by himself. It showed that the man was stronger than them, and it was not just slightly stronger.

    Moreover, the man was a mage. A mage who could fight in close combat should be skillful. And yes, the man who the bandits saw was Auron.

    Auron was immersed in battling the monster that he had no idea there was a group of bandits watching him.

    Auron used his [Bash] skill to the monster. A stun debuff was applied to the monster. Auron continued attacking the monster.

    The bandit's leader, who saw that Auron using a [Bash] skill, shocked. He didn't believe his eyes. He started to doubt whether Auron was a mage or a swordsman. However, he was sure that Auron was a mage since he used several magic skills.

    But, just now, that man was using a swordsman skill. To make sure he was not hallucinating, the bandit's leader asked his teammate. The other bandit began to look at Auron carefully.

    Auron used a [Bash] skill once again. All of the bandits were shocked. They knew it was impossible to use this skill as a mage. That man must have a huge secret.

    The bandit's leader calmed his teammate. He knew that they could not defeat the man by themselves. However, they could tell this incident to their boss. If they gave it to their boss, they would at least get a promotion and other rewards.

    It was better rather than trying to act strong and just getting killed at the end. All of them decided to report it to their boss.
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