257 Fortress 1

    When Auron threw his spell towards the door, a glowing rune was appearing in the door. The glowing rune quickly disappeared afterward. Meanwhile, the spell that Auron launched also vanished at the same time as the disappearance of the glowing rune.

    Auron cursed, "F***, a nullify formation."

    It was not a strange thing to find a nullify formation in a big city or in the kingdom. However, it was weird to see a nullify formation deep inside the forest. Moreover, it was a high grade one.

    A nullify formation was divided into three grades. A low grade could only cancel weak damage spells. If the spells were too strong, then the formation would be broken.

    At the same time, a medium grade almost the same as the low-grade formation. The difference was in the damage limit that it could hold.

    Meanwhile, the high-grade formation could block a spell completely. In truth, it was not that invincible. There still a damage limit that it could hold. However, up to this date, no mage could singlehandedly achieve that considerable damage.

    That was why the high-grade formation could be said invincible right now. Maybe up to a point, there was a mage that could singlehandedly achieve that significant damage.

    However, there was another way to destroy the formation, which was to attack it using a physical attack. The nullify formation only prevented spell damage, and it would ignore physical damage.

    This means if one could destroy the medium, where the formation was being cast, using physical attack, then the nullify formation would also be destroyed. However, in Auron's case, the nullify formation was used on a steel door.

    Auron would not be able to destroy it using his dagger. If he were to use his swordsman character, there might be a way for him to destroy it. But, with his mage character combined with the nullify formation, there would be no way for him to destroy this door.

    A second later, Auron heard many footsteps coming towards him. The steps were followed by a shouted, "A corpse! Our brother had been killed! Quick informed the others!"

    Followed that shout, a sirene was rung around, and the area became active. In the next second, A group of bandit was arrived at the scene. They also saw Auron, who was at the steel door.

    Auron also saw the group of bandits. When Auron saw them, he immediately knew that he was somewhere near the bandit's place. And, the place that had this many bandits could only be a bandit's base, or maybe even the rumored bandit's headquarter.

    The bandit that gathered here were weak. He knew that if he fought against this group of bandits one on one, he would come out victorious. However, he also knew that this group of bandits would not let him did that.

    The bandits were cautious. They raised their weapons against Auron, who also knew he was in a dangerous situation. They were in a stalemate. If Auron insisted on breaking through the blockade, then the enemies would label him as a danger and would obviously eliminate him. Moreover, he was in an unknown place. After he managed to break through successfully, what would he do?

    This stalemate situation lasted for several minutes until a group of five bandits arrived. From the look, those new five bandits had a high position. When they came, the other bandits immediately gave them way respectfully.

    Auron was cornered with a steel door behind his back and a massive crowd of bandit in front of him. One of the five high positioned bandits who seems to be the leader of the five asked, "Who are you?"

    That bandit didn't need to ask how Auron could find this place. He knew from the corpse that Auron must be chasing the guys to this place. He also didn't care about the body since that bandit's action invited an intruder to their base.

    Leaking the whereabouts of their headquarter was a grave mistake and should be punished with death. So, if Auron didn't kill that bandit, then they were the ones that would kill him.

    Before Auron could answer, the other high position bandit said, "Looked at that uniform! He was from the military."

    As soon as that bandit finished his sentence, the other bandits tensed up. "Should we kill him?" The third high positioned bandit asked the first bandit who asked Auron.

    That first bandit furrowed his brows and fell into deep thought. A few seconds later, he said, "No! Capture him first and send him to prison! Let the boss decided his fate! However, if he retaliates, then kill him!"

    That first bandit purposely said the sentence loud enough so Auron could hear what he had said. He intended to let Auron chose to die quicker or live longer.

    Auron, who heard the bandit's decision over him, breathed a sighed of relief. At least, the enemies didn't kill him immediately. This way, he could get more time to seek a chance to escape.

    Auron didn't retaliate at all when the bandits tried to capture him. The bandits tied Auron's hands and shackled his legs with a steel ball.

    Auron could still move. However, his movement was restricted due to the weight of the steel ball. Then, Auron was led by the bandits to cross over the passageway. When Auron got out of the passageway, he was surprised.

    What Auron saw was unbelievable. After the passageway, there was a slope with a lot of fences. There were several wooden fences as well as stone and trees. At the end of the hill, Auron saw a huge building. It would be better to call it a fortress.

    This slope became a natural defense for the fortress. The attacker would have a difficult time to try to reach the forest, and it would make it easier to defend from the fort. There were also a lot of bandits along the way. Auron believed that this place was really the bandit's headquarter.
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