258 Fortress 2

    Auron, with his hands tied, was guided into the fortress. The bandits were cautious. They assigned twenty bandits to oversee Auron. And also, they blindfold Auron's eyes.

    Moreover, to confuse Auron, they deliberately circle the fortress several times. Left, right, upstairs, downstairs, upstairs again, turning back, and so forth. It took them almost thirty minutes to take Auron to the underground jail.

    Auron had tried to memorize the path he took. However, it didn't work. Halfway remembering the way, Auron became confused.

    One of the reasons was because the bandits kept on talking loudly besides Auron. They also hit Auron several times and tripped him on purpose. Auron had to fell and stand up again several times.

    They even pushed Auron when they were at the stairs. Auron's body was hurt in pain. However, he didn't scream or curse. He was in silent mode and tried to memorize the path.

    When he had already failed to memorize the path, he was so furious that finally, he fight back when the enemies pushed him. Of course, the enemies didn't let Auron did as he like. The twenty bandits immediately restrained Auron.

    Meanwhile, another five bandits also arrived to help. After Auron was under their control, they continued their journey to the underground jail again.

    When Auron arrived at the underground jail, he felt the differences. The air here was so humid. And, the stench was awful. Although Auron was using a blindfold, but he could sense the difference.

    The first time he arrived at the underground jail, it was darker compared to the place before. The passageway was narrow. Auron could feel that the walls beside him were close.

    Clang... The bandits opened up a cell. Then, one of the bandits opened up Auron's blindfold. Auron's sight was a little bit blurry. Moreover, it was dark here. There was only one source of light that was the torch that the bandit brought behind him.

    When Auron regained his sight, he saw his shadow on the wall inside the cell. The cell was small. It only sized to 2 x 2 meters. With that size, it was only enough for one person. Moreover, there was nothing inside the cell.

    No beds, no windows, no toilet, and, more importantly, no light. "Quick! Go inside!" One of the bandits pushed Auron. With so many bandits around, Auron could not resist. Moreover, his hands were tied, and his feet were shackled to a steel ball.

    After Auron went inside the jail, the bandits immediately close the cell's door and locked it. Their task was finished.

    With the completion of their task, they had no reason to be here. The bandits went outside of the underground jail. They also brought the torch.

    With the bandits gone, so did with the only source of light. The cell went pitch black. In darkness, Auron carefully sit down on the ground.

    Auron's body was aching due to the falling and hit from the bandits. He tried to calm his mind to ease the pain. After several minutes inside the jail, Auron's eyes were used to the darkness.

    Although it was still not clear, but he began could see in the dark. He could see the cell's bar in front of him. Auron looked around. With little difficulty, Auron could identify six cells, including his cell.

    However, he didn't know if the cell was empty or there were other prisoners. Suddenly, Auron heard a rustling sound in front of him.

    "Ah... so noisy!" A man grumbled in the dark.

    "Hey, newcomer. Who are you?" The man asked Auron.

    Auron didn't want to answer, so he kept his silence. "Don't want to talk? Okay, it is up to you."

    The underground jail became utterly void of sound once again. However, the man broke the silence, "Are you a man or a woman?"

    But, Auron still didn't answer him. "Hey... hey... If you didn't want to tell me who you are, that is fine. However, at least tell me, are you a man or a woman!"

    "Man." Auron only said that one word and went to silence once again.

    With Auron answering the question, the man asked again, "Why are you here?"

    However, it was met with Auron's silence. The jail became silent once again. But, after a few minutes of silence, the man could not hold still and kept on asking Auron. The questions like 'How did you came up here?' 'What did you do before coming here?', 'Are you from the military?' were asked to Auron, only to meet with Auron's silence.

    "Damn, can't you tell me anything?" The man cursed.

    "When I finally have someone here. But, that man was such a mute." The man sighed.

    The room went to silence. Several seconds later, a voice broke the silence. However, it was not the man, but it was Auron who broke the silence, "Why should I tell you? Tell me about yourself first. Then, maybe I would consider answering your questions."

    The man became excited, "Okay, let me tell you. I have nothing to hide."

    "I was from the military. I was assigned to infiltrate the bandit's group. Several men besides me also had the same assignment."

    "Each of us uses our own methods to infiltrate the bandit. For me, I disguised myself as a thug and kept on creating trouble in some remote village."

    "The nearby bandit's group noticed me and knew that I was alone. So, they invited me to join their group. I played hard to get, so I refused."

    "But, they kept on offering me. In the end, I accept the group's offer. And, that was my first step towards completing my mission."

    "Then, we did what we did as a bandit. We pillage a village, rob a merchant caravan, etc. However, I didn't allow them to kill mindlessly. I gave them a reason because killing would waste time when the target already surrender in fear."

    "I became famous and famous. The bandit's group that took me also regarded me as an important asset."
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