259 Fortress 3

    The man continued, "I got a high position in my group to ensure that I would not leave the group."

    "A month after my promotion, I got another promotion and became the group's vice leader. When I achieve that position, I started to do my mission slowly."

    "I persuade smaller bandit groups to join us and made us bigger and bigger. My influence in the group became wider and wider. I started to have my own supporters."

    "There were several times an invitation from a bigger bandit groups came to me. They tried to poach me with incredible benefits. However, I refused all of the invitation and stuck to my current group."

    "When the others knew about it, they became grateful that I didn't leave them. My roots in the groups were becoming more solid."

    "My influence in the bandit's world became bigger to smaller bandit groups. Each day, there would be one or two bandits that wanted to join the group because of me."

    "Because of this, the bandit's group's current leader became wary of my influence. With his trusted aide, they started to pressure me. However, it was too late. My foundation was already solid in the group."

    "Because of this, the group split into two. One of them followed the old leader, while the other followed me. However, the old leader didn't want to let this go. He blamed me for the discordance of the group."

    "In the end, he challenged me to a life and death duel. I accepted his challenge. However, I was just only talking. I didn't have any slight intention to fight against him."

    "I was planning to let the military captured him. I started to make a plan with the military to capture him secretly."

    "In the end, everything went as it was planned. The old leader and all of his aide was captured. And, I had made the impression that I managed to escape."

    "After that incident, everything went back to normal. Now, I have my own bandit groups and became the leader. As I have more power, I started to give some gifts to the military."

    "I presented them, several weak bandits. However, I occasionally gave a big shot to them. It was not that I didn't want to give them. But, to trap the big shots, I have to make a meticulous plan, so I will not be exposed."

    "One day, an invitation letter came to me. It was from one of the bigger bandit groups. This group was so big, and they were a direct subordinate of one of the big four."

    "I was so excited thinking that I was one step closer to capture these big shots. I was invited to this place."

    "As I am becoming more famous, I thought that they wanted to recruit me or cooperate with me. However, I was wrong."

    "When I arrived here, I was suspicious because of the unfriendly atmosphere. Moreover, when I arrived, my fellow spy mate who infiltrate the other group also present."

    "I knew there was something wrong. I tried to run away. However, it was too late. My fellow spy mate and I were captured. Then, they sent me to this jail."

    "I don't know how long I have been here. But, I guess that it was already over three months from the first time I was here."

    "During that time, the bandits tortured us and tried to get information from us. But, they could not get any information from us."

    "In the end, they started to bring one of us out of jail. However, my fellow mate never came back that day."

    "A week after, they brought another one of us, and that mate also never came back. This continued every week until I was left here alone."

    "I believed that all of my friends had already died. Now, I am just spending my time and wait for the execution."

    "Calculating by the past experience, my execution time should be near."

    "That is all about my story. I hate to admit it, but I have already given up and just waiting to be executed. So, before I died, give me a good story. Will you?" The man concluded his story.

    However, after the man gave such a long and sad story about his journey, he only met with another silence. The man tried to be patient and wait for Auron's story.

    However, after waiting for long enough, the man could not hold his patience anymore. He started to get irritated, "I had already told a long story about how I end up here. But, you only replied with your silence."

    "Such an ungrateful man. From your voice, it seems that you were still young. This is why I hate younger generations. They didn't have any respect at all." The man grumbled.

    "Okay, fine. Just go on with your silence. I hope you will get silent forever and never talk." The man swore to Auron.

    "I have wasted so much time to try to talk with you. Don't talk to me anymore. I will go to sleep again." The man went to sleep, complaining.

    The jail became silent once again. In darkness, Auron was thinking about how to escape from here. He also tried to organize his memories about the path to come here.

    Time was ticking slowly. A second became minute. One hour after the man ended his story and grumbled. A footstep was heard.

    Auron immediately woke up from his thought. Clang... the door of the underground prison was opened. Several people coming inside and arrived in front of Auron's cell.

    They opened Auron's cell and blindfolded Auron's eyes once again. Then, they quickly brought Auron out of his cell.

    They brought Auron outside the prison. With his eyes covered, Auron could hear the voice of the man cursing at him and wished him to die.

    One of the bandits who escorted Auron sneered, "It looked like, in such a short time, you have already made another enemy."
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