260 Fillia

    Blindfolded, Auron was escorted by several bandits to a big room. Just like before, they didn't directly go to the room. Instead, they take several detours and circled around the fortress.

    After 30 minutes of walking, they arrived in the room. The bandits immediately opened up Auron's eyes covers.

    The room was bright. So, when Auron's eyes covers were opened, he was dazzled by the bright room. His sight became blurry before it adapted to the light.

    When Auron regained his sight, he was inside a spacious room. The room was luxurious. It was more correct to call it a hotel's room instead of an ordinary room. Insides, the decorations were luxurious and expensive.

    Inside the room, Auron saw a woman was standing up facing the outside view through a window. Four bandit bodyguards were standing beside him.

    When Auron arrived inside the room, the woman turned back and saw Auron. "Is she the leader?" Auron thought when he saw the woman's face. The woman was in her forties, but she still looked pretty and had fair skin.

    The bandit who escorted Auron dragged him inside. They also forced Auron down and made him knelt on the floor. The woman started to walk. She was not in a hurry or slow.

    She walked at a moderate speed. However, her destination was not Auron. Instead, she went to the nearby fridge. She took out a bottle of wine from the refrigerator.

    From the first time she moved, the four bandit bodyguards already followed her behind closely. The woman took out a bottle of wine and handed it to one of the bodyguards. The bodyguard, who received the bottle, opened it for her and gave it back.

    Meanwhile, another bodyguard went forward and presented her with a wine glass. She poured out the wine to the wine glass. After the wine completely filled the glass, she exchanged the bottle in her hand with the wine glass.

    After that, with a glass of wine in her hand, she started to move to Auron. Over time, Auron only saw the woman's elegant movement. It was so weird that a woman this elegant would be connected to a bandit.

    The woman looked more like a noblewoman than a bandit's leader. The woman arrived in front of Auron. She took a sip of the wine and said to Auron with a kind voice, "Sorry, but we have to search you first."

    Then, she looked at the bandit besides Auron and said, "Can you guys please search this guy? Kindly, please."

    It was so weird to find such a woman here. Even when she wanted to do a body search, she politely told Auron.

    The bandits beside Auron did a body search to Auron. They already confiscated Auron's dagger and staff when the first time they capture Auron. So, now, they do more a thorough search. However, they didn't find anything.

    The bandits only found a badge. It was a badge that showed Auron's was a senior private. The bandits gave the badge to the woman. The woman looked at it and carefully sizing up Auron.

    "A senior private." The woman said.

    "You are so young, and you are already a senior private. Amazing!" The woman exclaimed.

    Actually, what the woman said was wrong. Although to achieve a senior private rank was not easy, there already many senior privates out there. Moreover, they were younger than Auron.

    The woman deliberately praised Auron. However, Auron didn't buy it. He only kept his silence and just looked in front of him like a mindless doll.

    The woman continued, "So, how can a senior private like you found our hideout? You are so amazing."

    Once again, her question met with Auron's silence. One of the woman bodyguards went forward and slapped Auron, "Quick! Answer her!"

    "No! Please don't do that." The woman scolded the bodyguard. However, rather than a scolding, it was more like a pretentious act.

    The woman faced Auron and said, "Sorry about that. Please forgive my bodyguard. He only did his job."

    The woman continued to ask Auron several more questions, "How can you find this place? Are you alone?"

    "Why are you so silent? I have no bad intention." The woman started to ask about Auron's silence.

    However, just like before, Auron didn't answer her. Then, the woman continued, "Oh, I know! I haven't introduced myself yet. My name is Fillia, I am the one who is in charge of this place."

    Her act was useless. Auron still kept his silence. Feeling ignored, Fillia started to get furious. She always acted elegantly and kind, but her tone raised, "Please answer my question, or I will have no choice but to hurt you. You know I don't want to do that."

    Fillia tried to ask several more questions like, "How many of you stationed around here?", "Do the military already know about this place," and so on. However, she didn't get the answer that she wanted.

    Fillia's patience began to run out. She moved closer to Auron and poured out the wine in her glass to Auron's head. Then, she smashed the empty glass to the area near Auron. She apologized, "Sorry, my hand slipped."

    "Looks like you are tired since you just arrived here a few hours ago. I will ask you again tomorrow. Please take some rest so you can answer my questions tomorrow. I hope that after your rest, you will answer my question. I mean no harm to you."

    Then, she looked at the bandits who escorted Auron here and said, "Gentlemen, please escort this guy back. Gently please!"

    The bandits blindfolded Auron once again and pulled Auron up. Then, they pushed Auron and 'gently' escort him back.

    When they arrived at Auron's cell, they didn't immediately opened Auron's eyes covers. But, they launched several punches and kicks to Auron's body. Fortunately, they only aimed at Auron's upper body. They deliberately didn't punch or kick at other places.

    After an hour of torturing Auron, they took off Auron's eyes covers and locked Auron's cell.
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