261 Escape Plan 1

    Auron crouched on the ground in pain. He held his stomach. However, this was just a game. Not long afterward, the pain gone.

    Auron knelt on the ground and sighed. He still thinking about how to escape. This was such an impossible task.

    Silence permeated the underground prison. Auron was thinking deeply while the only other prisoner was also silent. Auron didn't know what he was doing since it was too dark.

    Several minutes thinking of a way to escape, Auron could not find any. Slowly Auron began depressed. Did he really have to let go of this mage character?

    Such a fantastic 'cheat.' It was such a shame to lose it early in the game. Auron didn't want to give up. He continued to think of a way to escape. However, it was impossible.

    Auron didn't even know the layout of this place. He also didn't know how many bandits were here. The most important thing, he could not get out of this prison.

    Time continued to tick. Auron began to fell into despair. At that time, the door to the underground prison was opened. Three bandits went in, bringing a torch.

    Two of the bandits had a tray on their hands. First, they arrived in front of the other prisoner's cell and gave his portion of food. Then, the bandits continued on to Auron's cell.

    At Auron's cell, the bandit handed over the food tray to Auron. They didn't stay for long and directly leave after giving Auron food.

    However, before leaving, the bandit, who brought the torch, said to Auron, "You have to be grateful. Because of Lady Fillia's kindness, she decided to give you a luxurious dinner tonight. Enjoy it!"

    The three bandits then left the underground prison. As soon as the three bandits left, the other prisoner talked, "Oh... this is the legendary last supper. You are such an unfortunate young man to have to leave so soon."

    "It looked like I have to wait for you first." The man sighed and went into silence.

    Auron could not help but ask, "What do you mean by that?"

    But, this time, the man didn't reply to Auron. He was munching his bread and ignoring Auron. "Such a petty person," Auron thought in his mind.

    He didn't feel offended and continued asking just like what the man had wanted. After asking five more times, the man finally opened his mouth, "How was it feel to be ignored? I bet you didn't like it, right?"

    "You are so fortunate that I was such a kind person. Next time, don't do what you did again, okay?" The man reprimanded Auron.

    "For your question, I will be frank. You will be dead. All of my spy mates got the same treatment as you. They got a luxurious dinner one night. The next day, they never came back again."

    "Now, you got the same treatment. I bet you will never come back after tomorrow."

    "Quick! You should escape while you can." The man teased Auron. After the man said that, a quest was generated for Auron.

    [Escape or Executed!]

    Countdown before the execution time: 20 hours 23 minutes 50 seconds

    Description: Escape from the fortress before the execution time! If you cannot escape, then pray, there will be a natural disaster that will destroy the fortress.

    Hint: The other prisoner might have a way to help you escape.

    Quest Clear Conditions: Avoid being executed.

    Quest Clear Rewards: None.

    Quest Failure Punishment: Smiling Wizard will be permanently deleted.

    Auron gravely looked at the quest's description. There were no rewards for clearing this quest. However, he needed to finish this quest, or else the punishment would be grave.

    Auron's eyes became brighter when he saw there was a hint. However, when he saw the hint content, he frowned. He needed to ask that petty man.

    Although Auron didn't really like the man, but he swallowed his pride. This 'cheat' was so important to him. He didn't want to lose it. He would use every possible means to complete this quest.

    Auron began to start a small talk with the man. At first, the man was passively answering Auron's question. However, as their interaction increase, the man became more active in the conversation. Moreover, the man was actually a talkative person.

    "So, you have been here for that long? I bet you have a way to escape this prison?" Auron tried to find out.

    "Not just escaping this prison. I have a grand plan to escape this fortress." The man proudly answered.

    But, as soon as the man said that, he directly became dejected, "However, it was an impossible plan to execute. I am missing a crucial element. If not, how can I gave up to escape."

    "Why? What happened?" Auron asked.

    "There were too many bandits here. If there is no something big happening, then we will be captured again after we escape this prison. There has to be a big commotion, and it should be huge."

    Indeed, something big was not a common thing to happen. "How big it should be?" Auron could not help but ask.

    "It could not be only as big as a birthday celebration or your execution tomorrow. It had to be bigger! Like a war!"

    "If war is happening, then all of the bandits would be concentrated on the war. We could use the chance to escape."

    "However, it was impossible to create a war, right?" The man dejectedly asked Auron.

    A war was no something that easy to create. Moreover, both Auron and the man were in a remote place where only the bandits knew. Although the man knew where the fortress was, but he was inside the prison. He didn't have a way to inform the outside world about this fortress.

    Although the man could not inform his whereabout to the outside world, but it was not the case for Auron. "I might have the way to create the commotion you needed. How sure are you that your plan will going to work?"
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