263 Escape Plan 3

    "So, can you do it?" The man asked Auron.

    "Yes, I must!" Auron firmly answered.

    "But, can you tell me how we can get out from here?"

    "Not yet. When you really can do it, I will guide you. You need to follow me closely!" The man refused to tell Auron the detail of his plan.

    "Trust me! I will not lie to you!" The man tried to convince Auron.

    "I wanted to. But, I cannot if you could not prove it? What if you leave me alone as soon as I finish my task?"

    "I served the military for more than 20 years. How can you not believe me who had been protecting the country since you were still a kid."

    "Nope, I don't believe you. I cannot even verify your story before."

    "Then, how can I make you believe in me?"

    "Tell me about your plan!" Auron kept insisting on inquiring about the plan's detail.

    However, the man continued to refuse to tell Auron the detail about the plan, "No! What if I tell you my escape plan, and you exchanged it for your freedom."

    The two of them could not trust each other. Well, it was not a surprise. Auron and the man were just met here for the first time moreover because the prison was so dark that Auron and the man have not even seen each other's faces.

    The negotiation was in stalemate. Neither of Auron and the man wanted to back down. "Fine, then! If you refuse this cooperation, there is nothing I can do." The man closed the conversation.

    "You can wait for your execution tomorrow! I don't care anymore! Giving such a false hope!" The man grumbled.

    Auron knew that if he continued like this, he would lose his mage character. At least, he had to try the chance. Whether the man deceived him or not, he would think about it later.

    Gritted his teeth, Auron started the conversation again, "Okay! You win! I will try to look for a way to create the commotion!"

    "But don't you have to share a little bit detail about your plan? How about telling me how to escape from this underground prison?" Auron still didn't want to give up. He tried his last chance.

    The man went into silence. A few seconds later, he grumbled, "Fine! Fine! I still want to live if I have the chance. You have taken one step back. So, I will also take a step back."

    The man began to tell Auron how to escape from this underground prison, "To escape from this underground prison was not that difficult. I only need your cooperation."

    "When we will execute our plan, you will pretend to be in pain. I don't care what excuse you use as long as you act like you are experiencing a painful death."

    "The guards would enter this prison. I believe there should be three guards. At most, five guards will check your condition. They have to open your cell to check your condition. At that time, we need to kill them all and take the keys."

    "That is all that I can tell you. Simple, right?"

    Auron frowned, "Are you kidding me? I am shackled. I could not even use my spells to attack them, how can I kill the guards. Moreover, there are five of them!"

    "It looks like you played me. That is why I ask first. You want to haste my death. Fortunately, I ask you to tell me first." It was Auron's turn to grumble.

    "Hey! Hey! What are you angry at?"

    "Don't you get it? It is your idiotic plan!" Auron was furious.

    Auron wanted to kill that man now. However, before he could do that, a sound of keys unlocked was heard.

    Auron, who was furious, immediately shut his mouth and stopped all of his movement. If the bandits knew that they were discussing on how to escape, then they would be dead. All of their plan would be useless.

    Auron heard the sound of doors opening. Auron was very nervous. A few seconds later, Auron realized something. It was strange. There was no light.

    If the bandit were coming in, they would bring a torch with them. It would not be this dark. When Auron was thinking about it, he heard another clicking sound.

    It was the sound of Auron's cell door unlocked. Then, in the dark, he saw a man went inside his cell.

    "Who said that I need you to kill them! I will be the one who kills them! You need to be the lure."

    "Youngsters these days! They didn't have any respect for their elder. Now, they also have such a short-tempered." The man grumbled while he got out and locked back Auron's cell.

    He didn't wait for the shocked Auron before locking back Auron's cell. Then, he went back to his cell and also locked the cell again.

    "How could you open the cell? If you can open the cell, why didn't you run away?" The shocked Auron asked the man, confusedly.

    "This cell was an old model cell. Opening this cell was easy. However, it was not the case for the underground prison's door. It used a new and secure model. I could try to open it, but it was difficult."

    "Moreover, there will always be guards standing by the door. If they heard me trying to pick the lock, they would kill me immediately."

    "Besides, now I have you. It will be quicker to let you become the decoy, and I kill the guards. Then, we could easily use the guards' keys."

    "Also, I have said this before. Although I could escape the prison, if there is no big commotion happening in the fortress, then it would be nearly impossible for me to escape this fortress."

    "So, now you know about this. I have done my part to prove to you. Now, it was your turn. I will ask you one more time. Can you make a big commotion?"
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