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    "Wait up, let me try to remember it," Auron said to Alice.

    But, Alice stopped him, "No! You don't need to. If you make a mistake, I am afraid that you will trigger a trap or something worse."

    Alice's word woke Auron. Fortunately, he was not in a rush, so Alice could stop him. He looked at Alice and asked, "Then, what should we do? Should we come back? I believe you have verified what I had said."

    "Yes, but it is not enough. Halves of what you said had been verified. However, the other halves haven't"

    "I believe that my student had been kidnapped by the bandit. However, I still didn't know about the bandit's headquarter. Is this place really the bandit's headquarter or not?"

    "Moreover, if this is really the bandit's headquarter. At least, we need to find a way to go inside. Else, there would be no meaning for us to bring many soldiers here."

    "This woman! She was so strange. She still didn't believe this place was the bandit's headquarter, but she was afraid of the trap." Auron cursed inside his mind.

    However, he could not say it loudly. Instead, he asked, "Then, what should we do? Just let me try it. If it triggers the trap, then you knew what I am saying before is correct."

    "No!" This was the third time Alice said no. "If you trigger the trap, then the enemy would know that we are here. After all, they know that you had escaped. So, you must have to look for help!"

    "Oh, man!" Auron forgot that he made up a story. He could bravely try to open the door even though it will trigger a trap because the enemy would never know who triggered the trap. The enemies would only think that there was some monster who mistakenly hit the cliff and trigger the trap. Or, they could consider one of their subordinate carelessly made a mistake and trigger the trap.

    However, Auron had made up a story about how he escaped if he were positioned himself according to the story, then what Alice said was correct.

    "But, still, my friend didn't have that much time. I am afraid they already tortured him or even wanted to execute him." Auron acted according to the made-up story. He even spouted some nonsense like torture or execution.

    "No way, this is night time. Moreover, this still the first day he was captured. They could be torturing him, but they would not execute him this soon."

    "What should we do?" Alice was pondering hard.

    Auron was also thinking hard on how to urge Alice. When Alice and Auron were pondering on their own thought, Alice sensed something.

    She quickly grabbed Auron and dragged him behind the trees. She also closed Auron's mouth with her hand. Auron was shocked, so he was struggling a little before he saw Alice's face.

    When Auron saw Alice's serious face, he immediately know something was up. So he stopped struggling and calmed down.

    Alice, who saw Auron, had already calmed down, let go of Auron. But, she still hinted Auron to be quiet.

    A few minutes later, a group of ten bandits were coming. They were chatting excitedly. Most of them brought a bag of gold with them except the two bandits at the very end. Each of the two bandits who were at the back dragged a teenage girl with them.

    The teenage girls were struggling and crying. They tried to escape. However, the bandit's strength overwhelm them so they could not escape.

    As they arrived at the cliff, the leader among them went forward and tapped several places at the cliff. Just like before went Auron was chasing the bandit, the cliff shook, and a door slowly revealed.

    When the door already opened wide enough, all of the bandits went inside along with the two teenage girls. A few seconds later, the door slowly closed.

    Auron looked at Alice and said, "You have seen it, right? Come, let us get back quickly!"

    Auron was urging Alice to come back, but once more, Alice said no. Then, she went up to the cliff and put a mark beside the place where the bandit tapped. After doing that, she turned back, "Now, it is done. Let's go back!"

    Auron knew what Alice was doing. She put a mark, so the next time they were here, they could open the passageway.

    With that was done, Auron and Alice decided to head back. Heading back was easier than arrived here. Both Auron and Alice used [Return Scroll] and arrived immediately at Miderian.

    It was already past midnight when Auron and Alice arrived back at the military base. Alice didn't want to use his identity, so she accompanies Auron to the place where he reported the case.

    It was still the same staff who received Auron before. There were only a few citizens that reported a problem when night time. So, when Auron came inside, the staff immediately recognized Auron.

    "You again! I have said before, wait up until tomorrow!" The staff was mad.

    "This time, I brought a witness," Auron said.

    The staff looked at Alice and said, "It was useless to bring your old girlfriend here to pretend. I have seen countless people brought a fake witness."

    The staff actually didn't know about Alice's identity. She was only an operational staff. While the gossip about Alice's identity was famous in the military, but among the operational staff, it was not.

    If she knew Alice's identity, the staff would have shocked to death. Alice frowned when she heard what the staff had said. 'Old girlfriend,' these two words that prick Alice's nerves.

    Alice wanted to strangle the staff to death. However, she still tried to calm down and joined the conversation, "What this young man said was true! You had to escalate the report to your superior as soon as possible. I will take the responsibility if there is something wrong happened."
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